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Alma's Trials

Mythos Path
The bridge is still broken, but Chief Ord said you could go through some ruins. You'll find them in the hole that Demi Galba busted through. Go back to the altar where you fought the boss, and head into the opening.
When you enter, you'll see a giant hole in the ground. You can avoid it and head north, but you'll save yourself a couple of seconds by just jumping in. At the bottom is a chest containing a Honey and some Gilchas, which are bug like creatures. Get used to them, they're just about all you'll see in this place.
In the next room, you'll see a upward staircase and a door downstairs to the north. The staircase just brings you back to the beginning of the dungeon. Kill or avoid the Gilchas, and head north through the door. It's probably not a bad idea to try taking out some Gilchas to get some experience, either. They give you more exp than what you've fought so far, and often drop Titonuts.
You'll come across a big door with a blue emblem in the center. Ironically, your sword is also blue, go figure.
Examine the door, and Adol takes care of the rest. The door magically opens, and you can proceed.
Once you enter the door, you find yourself in a passage with another similar door, only with a red emblem in the center. A man with a halbard is examining this door.
He seems pretty surprised that anyone else is down here. Almost upset, even. Definitely surprised, though.
And what do you do when you're surprised? Why challenge them to a duel. Now you get to fight Geis, and his halberd. If you're at least level 10, this battle shouldn't be too much of a problem, but keep some healing items equipped just in case.
For someone who was just fighting you, he doesn't seem to mind giving you some advise. He's right, though. Head southeast in the room where you fight Geis, and you're on a straight path to the exit, no more forks in your path, just more Gilchas. Plenty more Gilchas. If you haven't figured it out yet, the downward thrust is a good way to eliminate them.

On to Port Rimorge and Canaan Island

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