I designed this walkthrough so that it would be easy for everyone to follow. I divided the walkthrough into 18 sections.

Navigation is easy as pie. Maybe even easier, I don't know how easy pie is supposed to be. ^_^ Pick a section from here and start reading. If you want to go to the next or previous walkthrough section, just click one of the Links at the bottom. (Get it? Link? HTML? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Now you don't even need to click your browser's back button, my navigation system is that easy. But wait, it gets easier. You can also use the navigation box on the left side to instantly jump to any walkthrough section you want, or to get back to the main shrine.

One last note: this walkthrough doesn't cover every single piece of heart, secret seashell, and photo that you can collect. I do mention any items that can only be collected at a specific point in the game (this mainly applies to photos), as well as items that don't take much effort to get. For the ones I don't mention, there are location lists for all of these items. They explain more fully how to collect all the heart pieces, seashells, and photos. Use them.

  1. The Mysterious Forest (it's a little bit mysterious)
  2. Level 1: Tail Cave
  3. Dognapped!
  4. Level 2: Bottle Grotto
  5. Quest for the Golden Leaves
  6. Level 3: Key Cavern
  7. A Date with Marin
  8. Level 4: Angler's Tunnel
  9. The Lonely Ghost
  10. Level 5: Catfish's Maw
  11. Secrets in the Living Ruins
  12. Level 6: Face Shrine
  13. The Amazing Flying Rooster
  14. Level 7: Eagle's Tower
  15. Tying Up Some Loose Ends
  16. Level 8: Turtle Rock
  17. The Psychadelic Color Dungeon
  18. Showdown in the Egg