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Zeal Coins

Basics & Tips

     Read this section carefully, you may find some interesting stuff.


  • The game uses a Score system, but don't worry about it, it isn't needed at all.
  • You have several lifes in the game, if you die and you have a life you'll resurrect.
  • As in Zelda your life meter is divided in different pips, each one called Zeal Coin, and they have up to two hits.
  • You can't buy anything at the start of the game, don't worry about it.
  • If you try to step into deep waters without the Swimming Gear you'll lose one Zeal Coin.
  • One of the two space sheriffs, Garo, is always located at the east of the town, waiting in his UFO, he usually has tips on which is your next destination.

Towns & Dungeons:

  • After you finish each dungeon talk with everyone in the town, you'll learn a lot of new things, and you'll be able to get some new items.
  • There are some special treasures in dungeons, their only purpose is to give you more points, and so getting an extra life at the end.
  • The dungeons are timed, deppending on the time you get a rank at the end.


  • Learn your enemies moves, they tend to stop attacking after a determined time, so dodge the enemies attacks using the B Button and attack when you can.
  • The items droped by enemies vary while you advances through the game.
  • During the game you only have two weapons, the Gun and the Punch, but while the story advances you'll get several different weapons droped by enemies which have a limited ammo.

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