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Persona 2:

Characters: 0%

Personae: 40%

Demons: 30%

Contact: 20%

Magic: 85%

Shopping: 0%

Walkthrough: 5%


Dungeon Guide

Lots of the dungeons in Persona are really "dungeons" as such - they're more on the order of malls, high schools, and swanky cruise ships. But they're demon-haunted just the same! Here are some tips on getting through 'em.

Seven Sisters High School
Mount Mifune trail
Mifune Sanitarium
Sky Museum
Club Zodiac
Aoba Park
The Sewers (Nate's route only)
The Science Lab (Nate's route only)
Sumaru TV Studio (Ellen's route only)
Smile Mall
Aoba Park again
The Factory
S.S. Nichirinmaru
Undersea Ruins
Mount Iwato Caves
Subway Tunnel
Ameno Torifune
Sumaru Castle
Monado Mandala