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Persona 2:

Characters: 0%

Personae: 40%

Demons: 30%

Contact: 20%

Magic: 85%

Shopping: 0%

Walkthrough: 5%


Hidden Personae

Hidden personae fall into four main groups: those triggered by dialogue events, those that are rare mutations from other personae, those that require a special "Material Card" for summoning, and Fools.

Dialogue Triggers
Rare Mutations
Cards from
Rare Demons

Cards as

Cards as
Casino Prizes

Cards as
Return Items

Junnosuke Kuroda
Maia Custom
Maihime Amano
Tatsunoshin Suou

Pallas Athena

Fuuma Kotarou
Fuuma Kotaru
Junnosuke Kuroda
Sarutobi Sasuke
Tenjiku Tokubei
Tobi Katou

The most complicated to acquire are the three ancestral personae. Getting them involves a subquest that spans much of the length of the game, with steps that are very easy to miss. You have to do the whole thing to get all three ancestors on your team, but if you skip Step 1 you can still get Suou and Aimano, and if you skip Step 4 you can still get Kuroda and Suou. Here's how the whole thing goes:
    1. Donate 10,000 Yen to the Kuroda shrine on the Mt. Mifune trail. This step is necessary only to get Kuroda.
    2. After getting either Nate or Ellen in your party, visit Kismet Publishing and talk to Mizuno in her office. When she asks you a question, tell her "No."
    3. After completing the Torifune dungeon, go back to Mizuno's office and talk to Jun's father Kashihara. He'll tell you a rumor about the origins of the New World Order in feudal Japan. Spread the rumor.
    4. Find Setsu Nishitani for the Shiraishi lady. Setsu is the old woman at the Araya Shrine. After getting your reward, talk to Setsu again, and she'll tell you a rumor about the girlfriend of the guy in Kashihara's rumor. Spread the rumor. This step is necessary only to get Aimano.
    5. In Sumaru Castle, Amano's mummy is in the Room of Princess on the 3rd floor. Talk to her.
    6. Suou's mummy is in the Room of Warrior on the 7th floor, and if you donated to Kuroda's shrine earlier on, his ghost will also be hanging around. Talk to them.
    7. Summon your personae in the Velvet Room. Phew!
Dialogue Triggers
Tarot Cards
Maia Custom Level 31 Moon
After defeating Joker-Ulala at GOLD Gym, Maya must defend Ulala when her ex-boyfriend calls her a cruel person. The correct dialogue choice is "Shut up! You're wrong about her!"

Nothing will happen immediately, but this choice gives Maia the potential to eventually mutate into Maia Custom by ending battles with fusion spells.
Maihime Amano Level 54 Moon Complete the steps of the ancestral personae subquest above, including the rumor from the old lady at Araya Shrine.
216 Moon
Junnosuke Kuroda Level 55 Fool
Complete the steps of the ancestral personae subquest above, including filling the shrine on the Mt. Mifune trail. Acquire Fool cards as detailed below.
4 Fool
Tatsunoshin Suou Level 58 Sun Complete the steps of the ancestral personae subquest above, skipping Kuroda's shrine and the old lady's rumor if you wish. 174 Sun
Hastur Level 62 Tower In 2x Slash there's a teenaged girl who tells your fortune based on your birth month. The fortunes are meaningless, but if you tell her that you were born in the month of "HASTURCOMEFORTH," her demeanor changes completely and she starts muttering obscure threats.

A while later, visit Kismet Publishing and check Maya's desk. She'll have a package waiting: the material card "King in Yellow," which can be used to summon Hastur.
258 Tower
Lugh Level 72 Emperor After summoning Il-Dana with his material card, forge a contract with the demon Mananan in Torifune, Sumaru Castle, or the 7th area of the Bomb Shelter. Ask Mananan for information until he tells you that the persona Il-Dana is really Lugh in disguise. Il-Dana can then mutate into Lugh.

Rare Mutations
Normally, when a persona gains the "modification ability" mutation by using a fusion spell as the final move in combat, it will mutate into a Minor Arcana card according to its level. However, there are four persona which have a small (12.5%) chance of mutating into another form unique to them. But this chance can be increased to 100% by having another another persona of similar level mutate into the common Minor Arcana mutation first - that way, since you can't have two of the same persona at once, you're certain to get the rarer form. As always when mutating, you should also have a Poltergeist summoned. Otherwise, there is a small chance that a Poltergeist will be the result of any mutation.

The nicest thing about the rare mutations is that, once you have one, you can summon it again at any time for ordinary tarot cards - even after restarting the game for a second time.

Mutates From
Common Mutation
Tarot Cards
Mot Level 74 Death Seth Dagda 296 Death
Pallas Athena Level 74 Justice Scathach
Sarasvati 222 Justice
Michael Level 83 Judgement Amurdad Futsu no Mitama 332 Judgement
Shokuin Level 88 World Wong Long Dagda 352 World

Cards from Rare Demons
To summon these personae you must first encounter a demon of their type and defeat it in battle to win its material card. The encounter rate for these demons is extremely low, and it can take many hours of pacing a dungeon hallway to get them to appear. One trick to make this go faster is to cast the spell Estoma before you go hunting. This will make lower-level enemies avoid you, so the only thing you will encounter is the higher-level rare demon (this trick only works if your highest-level character is of a lower level than the demon you want to meet). You can combine the "Devil's Capote" item with the Estoma spell to speed the process still more.

The material cards for the rare demon personae appear only once in the game, so if you return them, they're gone for good.

Where to find them
Material Card Tarot Cards
Shaka Level 29 Hierophant Kasugayama High Bomb Shelter Area 2, accessible any time after "Yuiga Dokuson" 87
Nata Level 38 Justice Aoba Park (either visit)
"Paopei" 114
Izanami Level 51 Priestess Kasugayama High Bomb Shelter Area 5, accessible any time after "Path to Hades"
Odin Level 65 Emperor Kasugayama High Bomb Shelter Area 6, accessible any time after "Runic Monument" 195
Rangda Level 69 Magician Sumaru Castle, more likely to appear on higher floors "Dancing Mask" 276
Vairocana Level 73 Sun Kasugayama High Bomb Shelter Area 7 (accessible after
"1000 Lotus Petals"
Gaia Level 78 Empress The "World of Conviction" in Monado Mandala.
"Cradle of Creation"
Alice Level 80 Lovers Kasugayama High Bomb Shelter Area 7 (accessible after "Champion"
Azazel Level 90 Hanged Man
Final area of the EX-Dungeon, which can't be accessed until you complete the game twice.

This demon is a little different from the others. You win Azazel's card not by defeating him, but by encountering him three times, each time with a different Hanged Man persona equipped: Shax, Barbatos, and Adramelech. Each of these personae will initiate a persona talk with Azazel, and after the third of these encounters he willingly gives you his material card.
"Black Goat"

Cards from Treasure Chests
These ones are pretty easy: just be sure to check all the crannies of each dungeon, and you'll pick them all up in the course of a game. The only problem is that if you miss one, you can't go back. And, as with the rare demons, these personae are gone for good if you ever return them.

Where to find them
Material Card Tarot Cards
Level 18 Star
"Rainbow Ribbon"

Il-Dana Level 46 Sun

"Dul-Dauna's Oar" 138 Sun
Level 61 Hanged Man
Mount Iwato "Bronze Ring" 244 Hanged Man
Astria Level 62 Star Mount Iwato
248 Star
Level 63 Moon
Mount Iwato "Silver Bow"
252 Moon
Hyperion Level 63 Justice Mount Iwato "Ancient Sun"
189 Justice
Suzaku Level 63 Temperance Floor B6 of the Ameno Torifune "Scarlet Wings"
252 Temperance
Skuld Level 66 Fortune
Floor B6 of the Ameno Torifune
"Urdrbrunn" 264 Fortune
Alfred Level 75 Hierophant area 2-C of the EX-Dungeon "Amber Glasses"
225 Hierophant
Gabriel Level 76 Judgement area 2-A of the EX-Dungeon "Lily"
304 Judgement

Cards as Return Items
These material cards are gained by first summoning an ordinary persona, levelling that persona up to rank 8, and then returning it to the Velvet Room: the return item will be the material card needed to summon a new persona.

Who to return for the card
Material Card Tarot Cards
Level 38 World
Rank 8 Gullinbursti
152 World
Fuuma Kotarou Level 65 Fool Rank 8 Tobi Katou.
See also the Fool section.
"Book of the Fuuma" 5 Fool
Nannar Level 73 Moon
Rank 8 Tsukuyomi
"Moon of Ullr"
292 Moon
Siva Level 85 Chariot
Rank 8 Skanda "Maximum Tempest"
340 Chariot
Vishnu Level 86 Emperor Rank 8 Lakshmi "Avatarah"
258 Emperor

Cards as Casino Prizes
These cards are there to be bought at the prize desk of the Mu Continent casino. The only trouble is they cost a fortune - the cheapest of them, at 10,000 casino chips, costs the equivalent of a million Yen, while the most expensive will run you a cool five million. But by scrimping on equipment, you'll probably be able to afford the cards by the time you're of high enough level to use them. When these personae are returned in the Velvet Room, their cards are restocked in the casino, so you could theoretically summon them more than once in the same game.

Price in casino coins
Material Card Tarot Cards
Level 47 Death
"Styx" 188 Death
Level 59 Justice
"Chess Piece"
177 Justice
Level 61 Empress
"Necklace of Heads"
183 Empress


"Eye Patch"



Fool tarots are some of the rarest cards in the game. One way to gain them is to complete all the map-making tasks for Salam: he will give you 1, 2, and 3 fool cards for mapping the last three dungeons, so you will end the game with 6 Fool cards gained relatively painlessly. But this is not enough to summon all the Fool personas: if you want data on everybody, you'll need to get 15 cards. And that means a lot of work and luck.

Here's how it goes: you must have a contact conversation in which you get yellow reactions alternating with red reactions: Yellow - Red - Yellow - Red - Yellow. Most likely, this will just get you normal cards. However, there's a 1 in 32 chance that the demon will, instead of giving you cards, ask you if you are stupid.

The correct response is to admit that yes, you are a little bit stupid. The demon will then give you a single Fool card.

Additional Conditions
Tarot Cards
Sarutobi Sasuke Level 20 Fool none
1 Fool
Tenjiku Tokubei Level 35 Fool
none 2 Fool
Tobi Katou Level 50 Fool none 3 Fool
Junnosuke Kuroda
Level 55 Fool Fill the donation box on the Mifune Trail and complete the ancestral persona subquest.
4 Fool
Fuuma Kotarou Level 65 Fool Return a rank 8 Tobi Katou for a "Book of Fuuma" material card.
5 Fool