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Quest For Glory has a built-in debug mode. To activate it, type the following phrase anywhere in the game:
razzle dazzle root beer

After that, you can make use of a number of key combinations with ALT to see debug information:

ALT+C: Changes view mode to one that accentuates background.
ALT+E: Displays debug info about your facing and position.
ALT+M: Displays memory information.
ALT+P: Changes view mode to one that accentuates sprites.
ALT+S: Displays debug info about all sprites currently on the screen.
ALT+V: Changes view mode back to normal, cancelling the effects of ALT+C and ALT+P.

However, aside from these fairly useless codes, the following can be used to cheat your way through the game:

ALT+B: Sets your amount of Silvers to any value you want. The maximum possible value is 9911.
ALT+X: Sets your experience to 1900, gives you all magic spells, and sets the value of all your stats and skills to 80.

ALT+I: Get any item you want! Here are the ID numbers you have to enter to get the item of your choice:

ID Item ID Item ID Item ID Item
1 Silver Coin 12 Vegetable 23 Lock Pick 34 Potion of Healing
2 Gold Coin 13 Glowing Gem 24 Thief's Tool Kit 35 Potion of Magic Power
3 Food Ration 14 Alabaster Vase 25 Thief's Guild License 36 Vigor Potion
4 Mandrake Root 15 Candelabra 26 Empty Flask 37 aa (dummy item)
5 Large Brass Key 16 Music Box 27 Handful of Green Fur 38 Dispel Potion
6 Broadsword 17 Silver Candlestick 28 Flask of Fairy Dust 39 Flask of Undead Unguent
7 Dagger 18 String of Pearls 29 Flask of Water 40 Hand Mirror
8 Leather Armor 19 Gold Ring 30 Mushroom 41 Magic Acorn
9 Shield 20 Spirea Seed 31 Cheetaur Claw    
10 Piece of Paper 21 Small Rock 32 Troll Beard    
11 Small Apple 22 Beautiful Flower 33 Chainmail Armor    

ALT+K: Set your stats/skills to whatever value you want! Although you can pick a higher amount, it's best not to set them any higher than the natural maximum, 100. Especially if you want to export your character for use in Quest For Glory II later on: things will get messed up if any of your stat/skill values are higher than 100. Here are the ID numbers:

ID Stat/Skill ID Stat/Skill ID Stat/Skill ID Stat/Skill
0 Stength 7 Dodge 14 Health 21 Zap spell
1 Intelligence 8 Stealth 15 Stamina 22 Calm spell
2 Agility 9 Pick Locks 16 MP 23 Flame Dart spell
3 Vitality 10 Throwing 17 Open spell 24 Fetch spell
4 Luck 11 Climbing 18 Detect Magic spell    
5 Weapon Use 12 Magic 19 Trigger spell    
6 Parry 13 Experience 20 Dazzle spell    

ALT+T: Teleport to another location! Here's a list of the major locations you can teleport to:

ID Item ID Item ID Item ID Item
10 Erana's Peace 32 Mage's Maze 60 Meep's Peep 88 Troll Lair
13 Outside Kobold's Cave 37 Castle Gates 64 Graveyard 89 Brigand's Cave
14 Inside Kobold's Cave 38 Castle Grounds(left) 65 Spielburg Gates 91 Brigand Ambush
15 Kobold's Inner Chamber 39 Castle Grounds(middle) 67 Trapped Fox 93 Outside Brigand Fortress
16 Seed-Spitting Plants 40 Castle Grounds(right) 70 Fairy Ring 94 Inside Brigand Fortress
21 Inside Baba Yaga's Hut 41 Castle Entrance 73 Archery Range 95 Brigand's Cafeteria
22 Outside Baba Yaga's Hut 45 Goblin Hideout 76 Dryad 96 Brigand Warlock's Room
28 Zauberberg 53 Centaur's Farm 82 Outside 'Enry's 'Ouse 97 Brigand Leader's Room
29 Zauberberg summit 54 Outside Healer's Hut 83 Inside 'Enry's 'Ouse    
30 Erasmus' House 55 Inside Healer's Hut 84 Brigand's Secret Passage    
31 Top Floor of Erasmus' House 58 Brauggi the Frost Giant 87 Spiegelsee    

Warning: Entering an ID # that isn't listed here will either send you to an unimportant location in the Forest or make the game crash in one way or another. Also note that when you teleport to another location (or leave the screen you're on by normal means, for that matter), the debug mode will be turned off, and you'll have to enter the code again if you want to use more cheats later.