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VGA/EGA version differences

The VGA version of Quest for Glory isn't really all that different from the EGA version in terms of actual gameplay. Of course, the graphics are way better in the VGA version. Then there's the biggest difference, the interface. In the VGA version, it's mouse-based, eliminating the need to type in your actions. I personally much prefer the freedom of the EGA version's parser interface, but to each his own. In any case, it should not be too difficult to translate the text commands mentioned in the walkthrough into icon commands. Instead of 'ask about', you'll need to click the 'mouth' icon on a person. Instead of 'get <item>', you'll need to click the 'hand' icon on the item, and so forth.

Other differences I've noticed are:

* There are ambient forest sounds in the VGA version;
* The interior of the Troll Cave and its treasure has been taken out of the VGA version;
* The beggar in Spielburg has a name (Sam) in the VGA version, and has some additional dialogue referring to Quest for Glory V;
* Defeating the Weapon Master is a much more difficult task in the VGA version;
* The VGA version has a few more hidden easter eggs than the EGA version;
* The VGA version seems to suffer from graphical glitches in some areas, such as the Centaur's farm and the Brigand Fortress Gate.