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Note: You can't learn spells if your Magic stat is 0.

Spell MP How to learn it Effect
Calm 4 Cast Open at Erana's Peace Briefly pacify enemies. Don't use in close combat!
Dazzle 3 Beat Erasmus at Mage's Maze Briefly paralyze enemies.
Detect Magic 2 Ask the green Meep about magic Detect sources of magic in the area.
Fetch 5 Buy from Zara's Magic Shop Collect objects from afar.
Flame Dart 5 Buy from Zara's Magic Shop Throw a small bolt of fire.
Open 2 Buy from Zara's Magic Shop Open and/or unlock things from afar.
Trigger 3 Ask 'Enry the 'Ermit about magic Trigger other spells; reveal hidden objects.
Zap 3 Magic Users start with it; others can't learn it* Your next physical attack will do more damage.

* Note: If you finish the game with a magic-using Fighter or Thief and load your saved data in Quest For Glory 2, you will get the Zap spell.