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Jade Holders


Our fighter hero. An accident (or perhaps destiny?) threw a jade into his right eye, blinding him but giving him powers. As the pupil of Taurus (a famous swordsman), he fights in tournaments and goes on quests to improve his strength in order to save the world from destruction in sixteen days!


Our mage hero. He collects relics and uses magic. After he learns about the impending destruction of the world, he decides to lend a hand. He one of the strongest, if not the strongest, magic-user in the game, so enscribe your mantras well.


Our cleric heroine. She is good-hearted, and intents to purify the world from all the pollution and muck that makes it miserable now. Help her succeed and you get to look at crisp, fresh scenes!


Not really a jade holder, but he'd probably try to steal 'em! Thief/engineer to the core, he apparently hinders you in Sion and Surlent's scenarios, but if you play Riza's scenario you get a totally different view of him. Too bad you don't use him that often.

Characters Affiliated with Sion


Daughter of the owner of Ermian's Manor. She joins up with Sion very early in the game. She is kind of like a thief class, with high agility and the ability to use mantras. Seems to hit on Sion sometimes.


We first meet him in the Tower of the Giants. A monk-type character, who is strong in both physical attack and mantras. Since his sprite is actually an indication of his HP, use him to soak hits by buying him good defensive equipment.


King of the Danans, and the commander of an ark. Enough classical allusions yet? Anyway, he's a bowman, and can use magic as well, but isn't too great in physical attacks. Keep him back and well-healed.

Characters Affiliated with Surlent


Surlent and Legin form the dynamic duo, or something. Good for backup for Surlent. Concentrating on his physical attack/defense aspect to balance out surlent would probably be a good idea, but he's also a decent caster.


A mage who studied with Surlent under the same master. He, however, develops a ninja syndrome, giving him high physical attack than Surlent, at least. Still a very good caster, though.


Our genius prodigy child. Get rescued by Surlent, and having nothing better to do, joins his party. Good caster and uses bows to attack. Keep him healed so he doesn't, you know, die.

Characters Affiliated with Riza


Most likely a Japanese misspelling of "Carlyle"? Anyway, he uses guns, so can't be too good in melee. Keep him back and healed, 'cause he has pretty good attack power.


The prince of reptiles, with the quest of reviving reptilian rudras. And at last, we have a good melee fighter for Riza's party. He and Lolo come in a pair, but his physical attack power makes it worth your while to buy those expensive claws for him.


A mermaid who helps Riza. Sort of a come and go character. She wields a trident, but would be better off as a pure magic caster.

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