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Consumable Items Key items

Consumable Items

Item Buy Sell Description
Alarum 200 100 Resurrects an ally
Amrita ? 1400 Restores your HP and MP
Black Bag ? 30 Bag of offensive spells
Clothing Bag ? 40 Bag of various spells
Flight Stone ? 420 To escape from a fight
Green Bag ? 6 Bag of healing spells
Harvest Seed ? 9 Fruit restores 5 HP
Horn Water ? 210 Restores 100 MP
Life Leaf ? 2100 Increases your HP by 20
Magic Leaf ? 3500 Increases your MP by 10
Medical Herb 20 6 Restores 50 HP
Mystery Bag ? 50 Bag with unknown effects
Nasty Water ? 19 Restores 15 MP
Nuad Herb ? 350 Restores 200 HP
Panacaea ? 90 Cures abnormal status
Purifier ? 500 Cure Pollution status
Red Bag ? 3 Bag of basic spells
Rem Herb ? 50 Restores 100 HP
Spirits ? 100 Increases abilities
Tasty Water ? 9 Restores 30 MP
White Bag ? 10 Bag of offensive spells

Key Items

Item Description
Aqua Stone Mermaids' Lago Stone
Chaos Stone Humans' Lago Stone
Dannan Stone Dannans' Lago Stone
Diving Parts Submarine parts
FalseCorpSeed Fruit from the Tree
Garm Stone Key to the Temple of Mayur
Heg's Ocarina Calls the Hegs
Holy Grail Holy Grail Receptacle
HolyTreeSeed Seed of the Tree
Key to Babel Key to Babel's warehouses
Key to Ruins Key to the Bio-tanks
Magma Stone To cross the magma
Memento Form of Riza's Mother
Mother Energy Energy of Vilshan's PCs
Ogre Stone Giants' Lago Stone
Revive Herb Wards away death
Saura Stone Reptiles' Lago Stone
Stabalizer Calms the sandstorms
Vilshan Key Key of the Vilshan
Warp Energy For the Warp of Vilshan

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