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Mantras probably are one of the most original magic systems I've ever seen in all my gaming life. Basically, it's a "make-your-own-spell" system, in which you have to "enscribe" (write) your own combination of prefixes, elements and suffixes, to make your own devasting spells. You can also put in random letters, but you're much less likely to get a good spell that way, or the one you want. Random letters mostly result in void spells with ridiculously high amounts of MP cost.

There is an example of how a properly enscribed "Mantra" works:

The Mantra presented above is a spell I just made up, who involves two prefixes (On and Vu), an element (Ig, which means "Fire"), and a suffix (Rex). The prefixes and suffixes modify damage, hit, MP cost, and the element modifies the attribute of the magic spell. All spells work this way, except...

The "Pra" element, which works in a different way. Instead of being a 1MP costing spell, it's a 7MP costing spell, which has multitargetting. So, if you add the modifiers presented below, they'll modify "Pra" in a different way than other elements (They will start on a base of 7MP with multitargetting).

This section of the shrine will give you tips, a list of prefixes and a list of suffixes to create your own Mantras. To enscribe a Mantra that is already done for you, check the Special Mantra table presented below. (You can also add prefixes and suffixes to these Special Mantras) A good thing to keep in mind when enscribing Mantras is that you have 32 slots for mantras. You want to get at least one spell for each element in, maybe even two or three for the more common elements like Fire or Water. Never have more than four or five spells per element though, because having two spells that do almost the same thing is useless. The best thing to do is probably to have a multitargeting spell, a powerful high-MP spell, and a weaker low-MP spell for each element. There are exceptions for elements like Light, in which you can have Resurrect in addition to healing and attacking, and there are even special spells that affect status or let you run away from battle. The most important thing, however, when enscribing Mantras is ensuring that you have diversity in your spells. Also, you may want to change your spells every so often as you level up because of your increase in MP. (You can go for more powerful spells).

(All of the damage values have been tested with a level 5 Surlent.)


Element Enscribing Code Opposite element
Fire Ig Water
Water Aqu Fire
Wind Teo Thunder
Thunder Tou Wind
Light Soa Dark
Dark Sere Light
Void Nihi N/A
Earth Pra N/A
Heal Lef N/A

Special Mantra

Category Mantra MP Damage Effect
HP Drain, One Absorb 6 N/A Drains HP
Light, Attack, One Angel 5 168 N/A
Healing, One Animus 8 N/A Resurrection
Status modifying, One Banish 13 N/A Increases physical defense
Status modifying, One Barrier 8 N/A Increases magical defense
Fire, Attack, One Blast 11 281 N/A
Healing, One Cure 2 N/A Heals a little bit of HP to a party member
Wind, Attack, All Cyclone 19 198 N/A
Lethal, One Death 8 N/A Tries to kill the enemy via magical death
Wind, Attack, One Diyaus 11 281 N/A
Dark, Attack, One Doom 5 168 N/A
Suicide annihilator, All Errnte 24 N/A Massive damage to all enemies. Instant death to the caster
Status modifying, One Espirina 10 N/A Spirit increase
Suicide restorator, All Expia 20 N/A All allies are recovered to full health. Instant death to the caster
Fire, Attack, All Fulldampotey 24 298 N/A
Unknown magic Inpulse 8 N/A Casts a random spell
Water, Attack, All Kingcoast 24 298 N/A
Light, Attack, One Kira 11 281 N/A
Wind, Float, One Kuri 3 13 Grants float status
Status blocking, One Lefini 6 N/A Blocks anormal status
Healing, All Megami 8 N/A Strong healing for all the party
Dark, Attack, Global Merton 20 240 N/A
Void, Attack, All Meteo 11 127 N/A
Lighting, Attack, One Nanikueteyus 31 600 N/A
Escape, All Peace 3 N/A Flee from combat
Auto-Restore, One Phoenix 16 N/A Auto-ressurection with 25% HP
Void, Attack, All Podemnu 20 208 N/A
Status modifying, All Powerup 13 N/A Attack increase
Status modifying, All Protect 13 N/A Magical defense increase
MP Drain, One Pulmora 1 N/A Drains MP
Light, Attack, One Rudra 11 264 N/A
Status blocking, All Rumeha 8 N/A Blocks anormal status
Status modifying, All Safeall 15 N/A Physical defense increase
Status modifying, All Sion 17 N/A Spirit increase
Status modifying, One Soft 7 N/A Decreases physical defense
Resurrection, One Soul 8 N/A Ressurects with 20% HP
Status modifying, One Spirit 20 N/A Causes "Madness" status
Status modifying, All Speedna 10 N/A Speed increase
Status modifying, All Suna 10 N/A Spirit increase
Status modifying, One Thirdeye 23 N/A Attacks cannot fail (Accuracy increase)
Water, Attack, All Tsunami 19 208 N/A
Status modifying, One Virus 7 N/A Spirit decrease
Light, Attack, All Warkipereu 24 310 N/A
Status modifying, One Weak 7 N/A Attack decrease


Prefix MP Added Damage Added Effect Rating Notes
Cont 2 56 N/A 20% The damage isn't bad for the MP cost, but this isn't worth of a 4-letter prefix.
Hor 4 88 N/A 30% There are WAY better prefixes than this one.
Kaa 126 N/A 85% Best 3-letter prefix. If you don't like the "On-Vu" combo, I suggest using this one.
Ki 6 119 N/A 80% Great for combinations, I don't recommend to use it alone, though.
Luc 3 103 N/A 60% Decent 3-letter prefix, I recommend using "On-Vu", though.
Meta 6 124 N/A 40% This sucks, just use "Kaa" or "On-Vu" instead.
O 6 55 Multitargetting 70% Combo this with some cheap prefixes or suffixes to create decent multitargetting spells.
On 3 81 N/A 90% This is one of the best prefixes to use at startup, it's cheap, and does good damage. I recommend to combo it with "Vu".
Te -6 N/A N/A 100% Subtracts 6 MP from any mantra, but it also reduces its effectiveness
Vu 2 66 N/A 90% Good to have at startup, excellent cost for pretty neat damage. I suggest to combo this with "On".
War 1 82 N/A 85% Adds a nice amount of damage for only 1 MP. It's 3 letters long, though.
You 2 57 N/A 50% Horrible 3-letter prefix, use "Kaa" instead.


Suffix MP Added Damage Added Effect Rating Notes
Bird 12 275 N/A N/A TOU doesn't work with this one, other than that, it's a pretty neat suffix.
Ga 3 79 N/A N/A This sucks. Use "Kaa" or "On" instead.
God 12 311 N/A N/A A must-have, most damaging suffix in all the game.
Ius 21 221 Multitargetting N/A Okay, this one consumes a worthload of MP, but also has multitargetting, worth of giving it a shot at late game.
Lus 2 66 N/A N/A Does the same damage than "Vu", but has three letters, worth of giving it a shot at startup.
Mel 3 59 Multitargetting N/A Good sufffix to use to get multitargetting, use either this or "na" for your multitargetting mantras.
Na 4 35 Multitargetting N/A It's only 2 letters long, and adds multitargetting for only 4 MP.
Nas 12 53 Multitargetting N/A Ew... just... ew.
Reem 9 N/A Resistance vs. Element (50%) N/A Get this one with all the elements, it's a very useful and cheap mantra.
Rex 5 144 N/A N/A Must-have. Excellent damage for 5 MP.
Teum 11 259 N/A N/A Another must-have. Pretty useful towards the end of the game.
Tio 8 203 N/A N/A This would be a cool suffix, but it doesn't combine well with other modifiers.
Tome 3 94 N/A N/A Good spell to have at startup, it's very cheap and does good damage, It has 4 letters, though.

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