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This Walkthrough is by Cless Alvein, and may not be distributed without the permission of the owner.

This scenario is about a young mage, Surlent, who is helping Dr. Muench, to investigate the Rudra of the reptiles, and then starts explaining you about the Rudras, and his theory about how Rudras come to destroy the races. Then, he sends you, and your comrade Legin, to search for the Holy Grail at Enemia's manor.
When you arrive at Enemia's Manor, you notice two thieves have sneaked into it and stolen the holy grail. You are told to give chase, but after a while, they manage to escape.
After the grail is stolen, you're told to inform Dr. Muench about the incident, he is the Town of Oriab, so you have to go there. First of all, go to the house on the northwest corner and take the purifier, then, go to the Inn's second floor and talk to Dr. Muench
He will tell you that there exist other two receptacles capable of replacing the Holy Grail, but that he lacks the knowledge of where they are, so, he sends you and Legin to Thor Volcano, to talk with the prophet Solon, your mentor.
Now, you have to find a way to reach the volcano, but feel free to explore the twon first. Buy as much tasty waters as you can, they are cheap and useful. When you finish exploring the town, go to the northern house, and tak to Dr. Castagia, he will lend you his boat so you can go to the volcano.
Head east along the bridges. When the path spilts go south and get the medical herb. Then go back east, then take the south door and go around through the next door. Cross the magma (you can walk though it), you will reach the room where Solon is.
Speak with Solon, he will remember an old prophecy, concerning the Lago Stones and the end of mankind, after that, he will give you information about the three receptacles, and that one of them is at the Horn Cave, where you are supposed to go and search it, aided by Sork, who joins your party. Now head back to town, and the first day will pass

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