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Name Atk Ammo Special Robot Affects
AGUNI-CP1 12 13 - HP+50, Qui+10, Wil+10
AGUNI-MBX 36 20 - HP+100, Qui+16, Wil+16, Vit+16
AGUNI-SSP 9 15 - HP+25, Qui+5, Wil+5, Vit+5
Beam Cannon 20 6 Hits all enemies in a line HP+80, Wil+15, Vit+15
Behemoth Rifle 47 7 - HP+200, Qui+10, Wil+10, Vit+10
Big Missile 44 4 Never misses HP+150, Str+20, Wil+20
Bolt Thrower 33 3 Hits all enemies in a spray from the user HP+125, Wil+20, Vit+20
Broken Rifle 1 - - HP+5, Qui+1, Wil+1
DOBBY Bazooka 10 3 Randomly attacks all enemies HP+60, Str+8, Wil+8, Vit+8
Duel Gun 55 1 - HP+50, Qui+20, Wil+20, Vit+20
Eagle Gun 28 6 - HP+75, Qui+13, Wil+13
Easy Rifle 13 8 - HP+25, Qui+5, Wil+5, Vit+5
Flame Thrower 33 3 Hits all enemies in a spray from the user HP+125, Wil+20, Vit+20
Ghost Cannon 5 12 Very effective on undead, Pushes target HP+100, Wil+20, Psy+10
Grain Cannon 45 8 - HP+150, Qui+10, Wil+30, Vit+10
Hand Blaster 15 10 Hits all enemies in a line OR paralyzes all enemies OR attacks one target HP+40, Qui+7, Wil+7
HEAT Bazooka 55 2 Misses. ALOT. HP+200, Wil+30
HG-Cannon 60 5 - HP+250, Qui+30, Wil+30
Hyper Blaster 50 7 Hits all enemies in a line HP+175, Qui+25, Wil+25
Hyperion Bazooka 85 2 Circular area of damage HP+250, Wil+40
Ion Cannon 27 10 - HP+100, Qui+15, Wil+15
Junk Bazooka 10 1 - HP+20, Str+5, Wil+5
Killer Rifle 25 5 - HP+50, Qui+10, Wil+25
Laser Carbine 25 10 Hits all enemies in a line HP+90, Qui+13, Wil+13
Lethal Gun 60 5 - HP+150, Qui+20, Wil+20, Vit+20
Light Bazooka 20 4 - HP+70, Wil+15
Light Rifle 88 1 Psy+20 ?
Light Vulcan 15 60 Hits all enemies in a spray from the user HP+70, Qui+8, Wil+8, Vit+8
Lightning Cannon 20 6 Hits all enemies in a line HP+80, Wil+15, Vit+15
Living Rifle 42 4 Wil+9 Str+13, Qui+13, Int+13, Wil+13, Psy+13, Vit+13
Machine Vulcan 30 40 Hits all enemies in a spray from the user HP+150, Qui+18, Wil+18, Vit+18
Missile Pod 12 8 Never misses HP+90, Str+15, Wil+15
Sniper Rifle 31 6 - HP+75, Qui+13, Wil+13
Sonic Cannon 25 16 - HP+150, Qui+20, Wil+20
Super Missile 70 3 Never misses HP+225, Str+25, Wil+25
Troop Rifle 22 8 - HP+50, Qui+10, Wil+10, Vit+10
Water Cannon 20 - Pushes target HP+70, Wil+10, Vit+10
Zen Gun 45 16 Psy+20 HP+150, Qui+20, Wil+20, Psy+20


Name Atk Special Robot Affects
Ashura 70 Str+7, Qui+7, Int+7, Wil+7, Psy+7, Vit+7, Cha+7- Regular Attack cost 3 WP, Ashura Revenge counter occasionally triggers HP+150, Str+30, Vit+30
Broad Sword 11 - HP+35, Str+7
Ceramic Sword 22 - HP+70, Str+13
Comet Blade 55 Katana, Can cast MillionDollars HP+250, Str+25, Qui+25
Dragon Sword 72 - HP+250, Str+30
Fiend Rod 13 Can cast Final Strike HP+30, Str+6, Wil+6, Psy+6
Gilrandy 42 Can cast Final Strike; Str+10, Qui+10, Int+10, Wil+10, Psy+10, Vit+10, Cha+10 Str+9, Qui+9, Int+9, Wil+9, Psy+9, Vit+9, Cha+9
Golden Lion 75 - HP+200, Str+25, Psy+25
Jackal Sword 33 Can cast Dirty Fang HP+50, Str+16, Psy+16
Katana 34 Katana HP+65, Str+13, Qui+13
Knife 7 - HP+20, Str+4, Qui+4, Wil+4
Kukri Blade 15 Katana HP+25, Str+5, Qui+5
Kusanagi 66 Regular attack costs 2 WP HP+250, Str+25, Qui+25
Laser Knife 15 - HP+40, Str+10, Qui+10, Wil+10
Lordstar 51 Can cast Braveheart HP+200, Str+20, Qui+20, Wil+20
Obsidian 64 - HP+200, Str+25, Qui+25
Osc-Sword 30 - HP+60, Str+15, Wil+15
Rune Sword 50 Can cast Victory Rune HP+100, Str+20, Psy+20
Samurai Sword 19 Katana HP+50, Str+10, Qui+10
Shadow Dagger 9 Psy+3, Can cast Shadow Hold HP+30, Str+6, Qui+6, Psy+6
Silver Moon 69 Katana HP+200, Str+25, Qui+25
Silver Spread 22 Psy+22 Str+5, Qui+5, Int+5, Wil+5, Psy+5, Vit+5, Cha+5
Splash Sword 49 Can cast Element Dissolve HP+100, Str+20, Psy+20
Twiggy Rod 52 Can cast Final Strike HP+80, Str+16, Qui+16
Twin Dragon 41 Katana HP+90, Str+18, Qui+18
Twin Sword 20 - HP+80, Str+10, Wil+10
Zero Sword 60 - HP+100, Str+20, Qui+20