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Boss Dragons

MEKA Dragon

Transformation given at defeat: LIZARD-MAN

The MEKA Dragon shoots fireballs each time it is struck by Wonder Boy.  When the dragon is defeated, a curse is placed on Wonder Boy and he must begin his adventure to find his human form.

When the MEKA Dragon stops moving, strike its head with your sword and back away quickly.  The dragon will shoot fire downward toward Wonder Boy.  Repeat this process until it is defeated.  Make sure you dodge the blue spirit until you can get as much gold as possible.

MUMMY Dragon

Transformation given at defeat: MOUSE-MAN

A dragon that became a mummy in the pyramid. The Mummy Dragon shoots clovers at Wonder Boy after he stops his charge.

When the MUMMY Dragon charges at Wonder Boy while close to the bottom of the screen, jump/breath fire into its face, three times.  Duck as the dragon flies overhead.  Stay under the dragon until it finishes breathing clovers at you.  Repeat this process until it is defeated.  Make sure you dodge the blue spirit until you can get as much gold as possible.


Transformation given at defeat: PIRANHA-MAN

Lives on the top floor of the jungle tower. The Zombie Dragon shoots green sludge out of its maw at Wonder Boy and then goes back into the ground for a few moments.

The Zombie Dragon will begin moving back and forth along the floor where he cannot be harmed.  Just keep hopping over him until he surfaces.  Once the dragon rises up, immediately jump and strike his head with your sword.  If you are even a moment too late, he will spew sludge at you.  If you are able to get under the spew, you may be able to strike its head before it moves back under the ground.  Repeat this process until the dragon is dead.  Make sure you dodge the blue spirit until you can get as much gold as possible.


Transformation given at defeat: LION-MAN

A pirate once changed his appearance with black magic, and now he lives as a dragon in a sunken ship deep beneath the ocean waves.  The Captain Dragon throws hooks at Wonder Boy and then lunges at him.

The Captain Dragon begins by bouncing at you and he throws hooks that bounce on the floor in a wide arc.  Try to stay under the ark and then back up a little bit.  The dragon will bounce right in front of you and just jump straight up.  Jump up and strike at his head.  He will then bounce away and throw another set of hooks.  Repeat until the dragon is defeated.  The dragon spirit afterward will throw money bags out, so make sure you dodge away from it and grab all the bags you can.  It adds up to about 1,000 gold pieces!


Transformation given at defeat: HAWK-MAN

Lives deep inside a cave in a Japanese castle.  The Daimyo Dragon uses its sword to throw spheres of lightning at Wonder Boy.

The Daimyo Dragon is one of the stronger dragons in the game.  It doesn't help that his castle is just as difficult.  Make sure you have at least 1 medicine and half of your hearts left.  Use the Muramasa Sword, Prince Armor, and Master Shield with the LION-MAN form.  There are a couple of strategies here.  You can kamakaze yourself and just run at him, jump and slash at his face.  Luckily his defense power seems to be much lower than previous dragons.  Another way is to wait for him to come all the way over to the left side of the screen and just continuously jump and slash at his face all the way back to the right.  Watch out for the lightning...  Once he is defeated, the spirit will toss a couple money bags and coins.


Transformation given at defeat: HU-MAN

You must defeat it to obtain the Salamander Cross and change back to human form.  The Vampire Dragon flies around the room and shoots fireballs from its midsection.

BEFORE you enter the door to the final dragon's room, make sure you equip the HADES ARMOR because it will fill your health all the way as many times as it takes to kill the dragon.  Enter and the Vampire Dragon will begin to descend down from the ceiling while shooting fireballs.  A good strategy is to stay on the ground and do a light jump while slashing at the dragon's midsection as it approaches you.  The dragon will fly around some more, but just wait on the floor until it descends again and repeat the process.  You can fly around if you want, but the dragon is way too fast to do as much damage as you can by just being patient on the ground.  Once you kill the dragon, the Salamander Cross will descend from the ceiling.  Walk over to it and enjoy the ending!