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There are a few different types of doors that Wonder Boy will encounter in his travels.  Here are their definitions.

Door with Window: Contains Shops where Wonder Boy may buy equipment.

Regular Door: Some rooms with treasure chests or hospitals have this kind of door. Some doors lead to unexpected destinations.

Door with green lock: Cannot be opened without a key. Once opened, the key is no longer needed.

Door with red lock: Cannot be opened without a key. Even when opened, cannot be reopened without a key.

Special Blocks

Certain blocks give Wonder Boy specific abilities and may contain or lead him to treasures.

Jump Block: A block with an arrow. When you jump on top of this block, you are sprung high into the air.

Mouse Block: Checker-patterned block. The Mouse-Man can walk on the walls and ceilings made of these blocks.

Destructible Block:
Can be destroyed with the Thunder Saber.