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Most of the monsters you will meet in the game come in the red, green and blue color scheme.  The red enemies are weaker, green get stronger and blue is strongest in that enemy class.  The green and blue colored enemies also may have extra abilities over their weaker red counterparts.  All monsters will give rewards for their defeat (i.e. gold, medicine or weapon items) unless otherwise noted in the description.

Name Image Description
Air Giant

The Air Giant comes down from the sky, flying in a couple circles and eventually goes back up.  They repeat this process over and over.  The green and blue versions will throw fireballs after they have been damaged and move back up into the sky to attack once again.


Cyclops walk along from one side of an area to the other and can also jump over obstacles.  As with the Air Giants, if you strike the green or the red cyclop versions, beware of the fireballs they throw.  Try to move in quick for further attacks.

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirits only appear after one of the legendary dragons have been defeated.  They don't damage Wonder Boy, but they change him into a new form.  Try to collect all the money before letting yourself succomb to this enemy.  You'll have to do alot less gold collecting that way.  You cannot defeat these creatures, only avoid them until the money is gone.
Faerie Zombie

Faerie Zombies aren't very powerful creatures and thus do not yield any reward for their defeat.  They just walk from one end of an area to another, usually in groups of 2 or three.  One sword swing should do the trick.

Falling Block

Falling Blocks are invincible.  Luckily they don't chase after you.  All you have to do is dodge them when they fall from the ceiling.
Fire Ant-Lion

Fire Ant-Lions are usually found in pits while throwing fireballs high into the air to disturb Wonder Boy's progress.  Usually a tornado or other weapon items can take care of them if your sword cannot reach.  The green and the blue do significantly more damage when they come into contact with Wonder Boy.

Fire Flower

The shorter Fire Flowers do exactly the same thing as the taller ones: spit fireballs at Wonder Boy.  The fire balls go in a directly horizontal direction and can be stopped by a shield or fire from Lizard-Man.  One sword strike will do the trick.  If you are Lizard-Man, you will have to duck down and shoot fire at the shorter Fire Flowers.

Fire Octopus

A Fire Octopus will jump up spit fast moving fireballs at Wonder Boy.  If they are on a higher or lower ledge than you, time your jump so they aren't able to hit you.  The green and blue versions are a little more frantic in their fireball shootings and movements.

Fire Stone

Fire Stones act exactly like the Fire Flower, except that they cannot be killed.  Fortunately, you can block the fireballs with your shield.  You will just have to time your jumps to get on with your journey.

These are the most boring creatures out of all the monsters.  They do nothing but sit in one spot, impeding your progress.  Fuzzballs can sure take a beating too.  Just hop over them and you will not be harmed.  They yield no reward if you do decide to kill them.
Giant Bat

You may remember these nasty creatures from Wonder Boy in Monster Land.  Giant Bats aren't particularly dangerous unless they are grouped together.  They swoop down to attack and fly back up to the ceiling to regroup.  Just let them swoop down to you and you can quickly kill them with one or two swords strikes.

Giant Cobra

The Giant Cobra is the first enemy you will meet in the game.  Generally, they will just stand there and get hit as you approach and swing your sword, but the green and blue versions will jump at you more frequently.  Not very tough creatures.  Just point and stab.

Giant Fish

Giant Fish are fast movers.  They are especially dangerous when there are two or more grouped together because your movement is hampered in water.  Try to focus on one at a time.  One stab should do it, but placing that stab is going to be tough sometimes.  The blue and green fish are a little stronger and faster, but have the same movements.

Giant Toad

Giant Toads can be a hassle sometimes because of how high they jump when you encounter them.  The green and blue versions are quite a bit stronger and take a couple of hits before they go down.  They also jump around quite a bit more.  Stay patient and anticipate where they will land, then strike just as they come down.


Goblins run back and forth shooting small arrows at you.  Fortunately you can block them with your shield, unless you are Lizard-man or Mouse-man.  When you attack them, try not to jump too much.  Just approach them quickly.  The blue and green version are just stronger and take more life away when they hit you.

Hovering Smog

Hovering Smog can be quite annoying throughout the game.  These enemies hover over you while tossing down fireballs.  The red hovering smog's fireballs will disappear as soon as they hit the ground.  The green and blue hovering smog's fireballs will sometimes stick on the ground and chase you down.  The blue and green smog also go MUCH faster flying around as they attempt to drop their fireballs on your head!  Just dodge them and get to the next area quickly.

Master Skeleton

Master Skeletons are fairly quick as they walk back and forth on the ground.  As you approach them they get frantic and may start jumping back and forth over your head.  Just be patient and time their jumps, then strike with the sword.  These guys are a little stronger and quicker than the standard skeletons.
Master Skull

Master Skulls start out attached to the rest of the skeleton, but you will see that they detach and dive at you as you pass under them.  The Master Skulls are more powerful than the standard skulls because they toss 3 fireballs out as they come up from the dive.  The best strategy is to just to get going to the next area because there are usually many other enemies attacking at the same time, so you can't kill them easily.  If you have to, jump and swing your sword.

Deadly Ninjas will throw a chinese star at you even before you see them.  Just block it with your shield and you will see the ninja doing flips through the air at you.  Anticipate where they will land and quickly stab them with your sword just as they are landing.  Ninjas are pretty quick with their recovery so make sure you have finished them off before you stop attacking.  The blue and green ninjas take a couple more hits than the red one and they also tend to attack in groups, which usually proves quite dangerous.


Ropers don't move at all, but they send arcing fireballs into the air to their left or right.  Just run in right after one of the fireballs hits the ground and give them a piece of your sword.  If you are Lizard-Man, you will have to duck and breath your fire at them.  The green and blue versions spit fireballs more frequently.


The Samurai are difficult to hit because they quickly backpedal when you swing your sword.  You will have to get VERY close to them before you attack.  Watch out for the green and blue versions because they send fireballs at you after their backpedal.  The green samurai will send one fireball that you can usually duck under if you follow them as they backpedal, but the blue ones send three fireballs that most likely will hit you.  Try to force yourself at them as quickly as possible so they do the least amount of damage.


The Shadow-Man monsters are hiding in the ground/floor waiting for you to approach or walk away.  Once you are a few paces away, they will spring up and shoot a fireball at you.  The fireballs go horizontally across the screen and can be stopped with a shield.  Be quick and one swing of the sword at this enemy should do the trick.  Watch out if you have to hop onto a small ledge with this creature.  Hop onto it while swinging your sword.


The crab like creatures run around back and forth on the ground.  They are easy to kill with a sword, but if you are using Lizard-Man, you will need to duck and shoot fire at them.


Skeletons are fairly quick as they walk back and forth on the ground.  As you approach them they get frantic and may start jumping back and forth over your head.  Just be patient and time their jumps, then strike with the sword.

Skulls start out attached to the rest of the skeleton, but you will see that they detach and dive at you as you pass under them.  Wait for their dive, sidestep and stab them with your sword.

Sparks stick to objects and move all around that object, the ground and even the ceiling.  Their movements are easy to predict and you can use your sword to defeat them.  The green and blue ones take a couple of hits, so swing your sword quickly a few times to finish them off.

Wandering Bone

Wandering Bone is usually accompanied by the skull or master skull.  If you kill one, they do not yield any reward without their head attached.  Fortunately, they are easily killed with one stab of the sword.
Will O'Wisp

Will O'Wisps are very small creatures that will follow you slowly and attack.  They are only dangerous if they are other creatures around to distract you.  One or two sword swings should do the trick.