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Chapter 1 Bosses

Name: Steam Knight HP: 200 (x 3) for body, 100 for front legs, 175 for back legs
The Steam Knight has three attack cycles, each ending with him being thrown out the room. The first cycle begins in the palace, with him throwing a fire attack that you can counter with Lumina Spin that you learned when Rootrick was present. The other attack is his ball and chain throw, which you can avoid by running under him or dodging it. To beat this cycle, wait for the stream to dispel around the legs (or you will be hurt) and strike at them. After damaging the leg for 100 hp, it will be destroyed, he will be temporary stunned, allowing you to damage him in his chest (around where the cloth seal is at). After knocking half his hps, he will attack again, which you then repeat these steps on the other leg.

Once you take off 200 hps, the second cycle will begin in the courtyard. His attack pattern changes by gaining the ability to toss pillars at you. Just repeat the same steps to the legs, which are slightly tougher this round.

The final cycle takes place in town, which the Steam Knight regains his 200 hps for his body. The ball and chain returns, but he now attempts to crush you with is legs, which you can dodge by judging the shadows. After he lands on the ground, he will be valuable for the moment, so strike at him. Repeat these steps and the powerful robot will soon fall for good.

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