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Picture Name Info
Musashi The legendary "Brave Fencer Musashi" turns out to be a little kid with spunk. Thankfully he has all the skills of a legendary hero, too bad he has the mouth of a little kid to boot.
Princess Fillet The valley girl like princess is currently ruling the Allucaneet while her parents are on vacation. But things get bad when the Thistquencher Empire decides to attack her kingdom. Without much choice, she is forced to summon the legendary hero to save the kingdom from dister.
Steward Ribson The old "geezer" is current running the show in the kingdom after Princess Fillet is kidnapped. He also gives Musashi a list of all the staff at the castle who were imprisoned througout the world, which after you save them, he will allow you to speak with them.
Jon Once imprisoned in the middle of town for hiding the secret location of a treasure, he now explodes the region for you, providing hints and such. But is Jon really the man you think he is...
Lt Rootrick The not all there Rootrick is always send out to attack Musashi, which he often fails. But there more to his connection to the empire then it seems...

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