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Picture Name HP Abilites Location Info
Bee Plant 50 Perfume Beginning Forest, Meandering Forest Immobile plant creature isn't too tough, unless you get too close and get jabbed by him. Easily beat with your sword or tossed away.
Blue Soldier 80 Gunshot Beginning Forest, Twinpeak Mountain Slighty tougher then the Red Soldier by the fact he can shoot bullets at you. Either absorbed him with Fusion or toss him at other monsters.
Green Soldier 70 Javelin Somnolent Forest, Twinpeak Mountain, Meandering Forest Very similar to the Red Soldier, except he has a lance and can take some more damage before dying.
Hopper 40 Hop Somnolent Forest, Upper Mine Not too bad of a monster for the fact he will not attack until you get close, and the fact you can absorb him to gain the hop ability, allowing you to reach high cliffs and cross over thorns with eases.
King Maneater 0 Satiate Twinpeak Mountain This super sized Maneater can't be moved from it spot or be killed. So instead you must Shrink ability you gain from the Magician to crush it under your feet.
Maneater 0 Satiate Twinpeak Mountain, Somnolent Forest Annoying monster that can't be killed with your sword, so instead you must either absorb it, or knock it away.
Magician 70 Shrink Twinpeak Mountain, Somnolent Forest, Meandering Forest Annoying monster who can't do much damage, but will attempt to shrink you, making the fight against other monsters very differcult. Kill him with ease, as it can teleport away after attacking it.
Red Soldier 60 Fence Beginning Forest, Somnolent Forest, Twinpeak Mountain Run of the mill monster, who charges after you if the spot you. Easily killed with your sword or a toss at the other monsters.
Sphere Bat 5 None Spiral Tower, Restaurant Basement, Mine, Upper Mine Annoying little bats that like to hover around Musashi, usually hitting him as he jumping. They will also gather in groups to rush at him, which you can jump or kill easily.

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