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Chapter 1 - Retrieve Lumina from Spiral Tower

The start of Brave Fencer Musashi takes place in "Beginning Forest", a long winded trail filled with old ruins, river flows, and soldiers. After Musashi is done talking, head up the path while keeping an eye out for Red Soldiers waiting to push logs at you. After getting passed the fallen trees, you will see two Bee Plants by the river. Either toss it into the water or destroy it with your sword. After destroying them, cross the water and kill the Red Soldier with fusion.
Be careful at the next part, as three blue soldiers are guarding the areas with their guns. Grab one of them and toss him at the other guards and bee plant. After they are dead, collect the coins and the energy if you need it. Jump over the rocks, but be careful, for three soldiers are going to roll lumber at you. Jump over it and climb the hill, where you see two Blue Soldiers hiding behind boulders. Kill them off or go ahead and assimilate one for the Gunshot ability. Run through the next section carefully, as more timber is being dropped from the side.
Continue on until you reach a dead end, where Musashi suggest you use gunshot on the logs on the other side of the river. More soldiers are up ahead, so kill them off by tossing one of them at the group of three. After that travel up so more to reach a strange headless statue, which you must destroy with your sword to continue to the next part of the dungeon.
After walking off screen, you reach Spiral Tower, or what left of it. Follow Musashi advice about the statues and destroy them to find a switch. Step on it, and then continue to do the same thing on the other statues, while avoiding the attacks of the giant statue head.
After all the switches are activated, the tower will rise from the lake center. Climb the tower while avoiding rolling wheels and large spike logs. Be careful when climbing near the top, as it gets harder to see the traps coming at you. Once you reach the top of the steps, the traps will stop, allowing you to enter the tower.
Once inside the tower Musashi will mention something about getting rid of the fire to reveal the way. The solution is the giant bell at the top of the tower, which you have to climb while avoiding Sphere Bats and more soldiers.
While climbing the inside, avoid any gunfire from the blue soldiers climbing the rope. After a while you reach the top of the tower, but make sure you still have gunshot, so you can shoot down the bell, allowing you to reach the top of the tower.
The top of the tower is tricky, as you have a large amount of red soldiers, but can't reach Lumina without something standing on the switch. Trick one of the goons to chase after you, which you can either throw Fusion at him to stun it, or make a quick haste for the sword.
After grabbing it, prepare to run like heck, as the giant statue head will be coming down at you. While running down the tower, Musashi will shout for you to jump three times, which you should do. After landing on the ground, you will be begin chase.
Ignore the soldiers while dodging the two boulders that are coming up, followed by the log bridge, which you must jump over. After the bridge, you will run into some timber, which you must jump, followed by a boulder and some more timber. Once you pass them, you will enter a hilly section, which I suggest you stay on the path. After the hill, Musashi will yell jump, which means you must make it over the river or you will die. After the river, some more lumber and a couple boulders stands in your way before making through the gate.
After the chase, you finally think that it time to relaxed, until you see Rootrick. After learning how to spin attack, you will be forced to fight the Steam Knight, which you can find out how to kill him here. After beating the boss, you will be done with Chapter 1, allowing you access to the town and other parts of the world.

Continue to Somnolent Forest

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