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Antz Colony

If you have never played Breath of Fire 3 or 4, that's probably the first time you hear about the Antz Colony. Some people also call it the Fairy Colony, but for a matter of consistency, I'll just use the former term. That being said, I was totally clueless about this whole thing myself, so you'll find here a very detailed explanation on how it all works. It is also nicely explained in the game, in case you don't feel like reading this entire page (that'd be YOUR loss, though >:E).

How? What? Why?
(Not necessarily answered in this order)

You can only access the Colony after meeting the Fairy in the CorpLab Entrance. She'll give you the Fairy Drops, an item that allows you to access the Colony at all time, assuming all the enemies in the room are defeated. The main point of the thing is to use antz (not ants) to build a huge underground city, with jobs and shops to get more money. This will be an important source of income, as long as you'll keep killing enemies in the game. Nothing will change in the Colony if you don't actually do anything in-game. In any case, use it because you've probably noticed that zennys are hard to come by... Even by doing the minimum, you'll get satisfying financial results, so there's really no reason to ignore the Colony.

What To Do First?

On your first visit there, you'll probably talk to the Fairy before doing anything else, right? Good. She'll then propose you a variety of actions to take, as illustrated here, but with a better quality. I suggest you read the Information section. This is where you'll learn how the colony works. You'll need to recruit antz first to make it grow, but you didn't need the chug down a 24-pack of beer to know that, eh? Three or two antz are usually hanging around the "Hiring" area close to the Fairy, so talk to them to start making your own crew. Note that each time you'll kill a monster while playing the game, you'll have to pay each of them the amount of money written on their Info chart (that will be done automatically, though).

Orders? Stats?
(AKA "Can Antz Really Have Good Taste?")

Antz stats are not ultimately important at the beginning and therefore, you shouldn't refuse to hire any of them even if you think they seem weak and/or stupid. Once you've hired a couple of workers, that's pretty obvious you have to give them orders if you want to get things started. Let's take a look at the Orders screen (shown on the left):

When you hire new antz, they'll be waiting in the FREE area to receive your orders. You can grab them (by the neck only) and form up to 3 teams, cleverly represented by red, blue and green flags, in the TEAM area. You will be given the choice to send each team out to explore the vast map of the Colony. This is a fairly simple step, as you'll see when playing, so no more explanation is needed about this topic.

Before going any further, let's take a closer look at a random ant's stats to explain all there is to know about them. For example, Merlyn, located to your right, has big muscles, but nothing in the head and fairly poor taste. Consequently, he would only be good at jobs requiring strength and/or endurance. Let's note that he'll also cost you 8 zennys each time you'll kill an enemy. Jobs and appropriate antz's stats are specified in the Jobs Section of this page.

Map of the Colony

Click on the room on the map you want to get more information about the corresponding job. Or! You can click on one of the links below:

Bank + Cafeteria + Concert Hall + Excavation + Explorers + Kokon-Horay + Laboratory + Main Room + Market + Review Board + Stockhouse + The Daily + Training Center

(Note that the Stockhouse isn't actually on the map since there are only 9 rooms for 10 jobs.)


As already stated, there's a total of 10 jobs in the Colony, excluding Excavating. You can choose which ones you prefer and set up as many of them as there are rooms. Silly, but I hadn't noticed I could change my Cafeteria into a second Bank when I started playing. :P



The Bank is where you can save money and watch it grow. You can "invest" in 3 types of accounts: checking, savings and foreign (they won't all be there the first time you'll visit the bank, though, it will take some time). I have personally never bothered with this, which means that even if you don't use the bank's features, you'll still be able to make tons of money.

Type Description + What to do with those
Checking This is just like a normal bank account. You can leave money in there and it will grow based on a certain interest rate. Obviously, you will get more money in the end if you leave a large amount...
Savings You need to leave a certain amount of money (100 or 500z), then go on a gorey rampage to kill a fixed number of enemies. Just so you know, this set number of monsters is your account #.
Foreign Accounts Foreign accounts are just like buying/selling stock options. You can buy either Dals or Mils. You buy them when the market's low and sell them when it's high. As simple as that. You just need to be careful and check the market often.



Absolutely nothing cool happens in the Cafeteria, but if it's popular, you'll make oodles of zennys. This is recommended for beginners (although non-beginners can use it too). That's also where you'll learn that ants actually make "kii...kiki...kikiki.." sounds.

Concert Hall


So, they say music soothes the savage ant, eh? Yeah right. This is a pretty nifty room, though. If you put antz with high taste in charge of it, you'll get a complete playlist in no time and cash will come in. To learn more about the Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Original Soundtrack, check out the Soundtrack page.



Excavation is the first job you'll undertake and once everything will have been dug out (rooms and treasures), it will become useless. You want antz with high HP for this job, but since you don't always have a wide choice of crew members, making exceptions won't be dramatic. You can form 3 teams to dig through dirt and assign them different spots. The antlions that are cleverly hidden through the map (as in not) are mean creatures who'll try to destroy your antz, so don't run happily into them if your crew is half-dead. It won't happen, though, and your antz will most likely never have any trouble to tear down to shreds the antlions that are theoretically much, much bigger than them.



Explorer antz are the toughest of the lot. They scour dangerous dungeons for varied items, but some of them never return. The items you receive are more or less interesting most of the time. It's definitely not a necessity. You won't miss much if you don't pay attention to this job.


Not a job, but this dungeon is too important not to have its own page.



This is definitely one of the first shops you need to build. Smart Antz research jobs and items in there in order to develop new kinds of shops (and items... yeah, I know, a little redundant). Apparently, no more than eight different items can be obtained from the laboratory. Here are the list and links leading to the appropriate pages for their description.

Items Developped
Name Type
Gold XP Special Item
Junk Special Item
Mirage Blast Nina's skill
MIrage Bomb Nina's skill
Present Lin's skill
Slapper Nina's weapon
Stuffed Toy Special Item
Tracker Special Item

Main Room

Yeah, this isn't a job, but in case you're confused and don't know what this room is, this is where:

  • You come from and where you can leave the Colony;
  • The Fairy is standing flying, waiting for you, or giving you more information about how the Colony works;
  • You can hire new Antz;
  • You can check the board for important news. I lied, mwahaha. They're not important news.



This is where Antz set up shops: Skill shop, Ryu shop, Nina shop and Lin shop. Their wares change over time, depending of your in-game progress and talent, so check back often. Take a look at the table below for a list of everything you can find there:

Skill Shop Ryu Shop Nina Shop Lin Shop
Shield Skills Buy Armor Buy Armor Buy Armor Buy
Shield Boost 240 Impact Gear (+3) 4680 Impact Check (+3) 3900 Impactproof (+2) 3960
Weapon Boost 240 Chobham Plate 36000 Divine Coat (+1) 52800 Quick Garter (+6) 6240
--- --- Protect Suit (+1) 66000 --- --- Save Queen (+1) 59400
Ryu's Skills Buy Shields Buy Shields Buy Shields Buy
Cutspace 240 Bari Shell 5000 Bari Ring 5000 Bari Ribbon (+1) 5500
Hex 240 Bari Guard 15000 Platinum Arc 9000 Bari Bangle 15000
Skullsplit 240 --- --- Bari Loop 15000 --- ---
Nina's Skills Buy Weapons Buy Weapons Buy Weapons Buy
Divine 240 Strong Sword (+8) 2700 Antenna (+5) 1800 Flame Blaster (+2) 3840
Fireblast 240 Ruby Maser (+2) 3600 DeluxAntenna 6800 ThunderRifle (+3) 4160
Iceblast 240 Plasma Maser (+3) 3900 Demonscythe 20000 Ice Cannon (+4) 4480
Lightning 240 Sapphire Maser (+4) 4200 Holy Heart 20000 Lightwave 9000
Slow 240 Legend Blade (+1) 88000 Wizard Wand (+1) 88000 Grenade (+1) 12980

Review Board


This is finally the place where antz can review YOU about how much you suck, or not, at playing Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter! And you can even win prizes! Wow. The antz suggest you a variety of challenges based on the following elements: D-Ratio, Times Cleared, Play Time, Times Saved, Battles, Foes Defeated and Nugget record. Hopefully, you won't have to go through all the trouble of doing all the silly stuff they ask to know what mysterious prizes await you. I did it all for you since I'm so nice (+ tips on how to beat those challenges).

Challenge Name Description Comments and/or Tips Prize
Chicken Runner Retreat from battle 9 times in a row. I don't think tips are needed for this one, right? I will say this, though: as in most RPG, running away from battle makes you lose money and you don't want that in this game. Make sure to put all your money in the bank before attempting this challenge. C'mere! (Lin's skill)
Combo Master Use a combo 9 times in a row. If you're really observant, you should've noticed by now that each weapon is allowed a maximum of 9 skills. All you need to do is find one that has no locked slots (such as Ryu's Dragon Blade or Legend Blade), find a monster with a lot of HP (maybe a boss), boost your AP to at least 180 so you can use all 9 skills in a row (10x3 + 20x3 + 30x3 = 180) and hit it. Auto Rifle (+9)
Goo Slayer Defeat 9 Goo creatures. Considering the huge amount of Goos you encounter throughout the game, this one should do itself without you even thinking about it. For the Goos locations, check the Bestiary page. 30000z
Technician Win 9 battles in a row without taking damage. This is easier to do once you've cleared the game. Start a new one and you'll kick the asses of the first weak monsters you'll encounter. Bladesmack (Ryu's skill)
Duke Hunter Defeat 9 Duke creatures. This is pretty much like the Goo Slayer one. For the Duke dudes locations, take a look at the Bestiary page. 1000 party XP
1-Round Warrior Defeat all foes in 1 turn 9 times in a row. Bah, just like the Technician challenge, it can be done easily after you've cleared the game once. Kidding! (Lin's skill)
Tri-Buster Defeat 9 three-headed monsters. The only problem with this challenge is that you need to find a place where there will be enough 3-headed monsters. In Center 3F South, there are many Rafflesias, Trilizards and Cerberus, so you might have to wait until this point to complete it. Angel Coat (+6)
Hard Puncher By yourself, deal 999+ damage in one turn. This means only one of your characters have to do it. Celtis (+9)
Robocrusher Defeat 9 Machine creatures in a row. Go to Power One. Enough said. There are plenty of mechs there. Chobham Plate



Antz raise Nuggets there. Why? Because you can buy one cheap and raise it for big profits! ...Now, I'd like to take a moment to explain you that it's not nice to buy and raise defenseless animals for the sole purpose of becoming rich. And eating them ...Mmmm, nuggets. Anyway, you can feed your nugget a variety of foods to produce different effects as listed below:

Food Cost Effect
Weeds 0 Oh come on, weeds! It produces no effects.
Hay 20 Very minor increase in size/flavour.
Brown Rice 60 Minor increase in size.
Fatgrass 60 Minor increase in flavour.
Tofu Grass 100 Minor increase in size/flavour. I doubt tofu gives any flavour at all, but maybe that's just me.
Vita Vine 100 Good increase in size.
Yumyum Root 100 Good increase in flavour.
X-Soda 200 Good increase in size/flavour.

There's nothing much to say about the art of raising nuggets. You first have to buy one when the market's low, so you might need to come back often to the Colony to check on that. The higher it is ranked, the more expensive it will be, but you can supposedly make more profit if you buy a higher-ranked one. Once you've started feeding it, you will need to come back often to the Colony to follow its growth. Many hours of joy and happiness, much more easier to raise than a teenager. Make sure to read the board in the Main Room to know when your nugget is mature. When it is, your next task will be to follow the market and sell it when it will be high. Just be careful not to wait too long, though, because nuggets are like hamsters; they die fast. Have fun.

The Daily

Desk Ant Designer Ant Writer Ant

This is where the newspaper The Daily is printed. All you need to do to increase the circulation is hiring a top-class fancy staff with stats ass described above. You might have to spend a bit of time on training antz properly for that job.

Training Center


Take antz to the Training Center and watch them grow. You can tell each ant to work specifically on guts (HP), smarts or taste. In no time (almost), you'll get antz that are big, strong, smart and tasteful! When everything on the map has been uncovered, this is usually the first place you want to send your antz to so they can train for specific jobs.

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