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Welcome to my Heroes of Might and Magic III shrine. I'm striving to make this the best source of Heroes of Might and Magic III information on the net, so... watch this space for further developments.

Announcement:If anyone reads this (Yeah, right) and has experince in the campaigns of Heroes of Might and Magic 3, I would be happy if you could help me. Doing the Walktrhoguh leaves me cold, but I'd like it done as soon as possible. So I would like to ask anyone who would like to do email me about it. Weiila's walktrhough is the standard, and I expect proper English (No "1337"-speak, for example) and good grammar. Thank you.

Current Update
November 13, 2004: Well, I'm back as maintainer. Wheeeee. And now, I'm also adding the expansions to the shrine. Therefore you will see links, text and other things in different colors. It's quite simple: White is basic text and stuff that is in Restoration of Erathia, and therefore in the expansions. Green is Armageddon's Blade, which applies to both expansions, but not the main game if you only have that. Yellow is Shadow of Death, which means that it is that expansion exculsively.

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