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Item List

Name - The name of the item.
Type - What type of item it is. It's type reflects its power: Treasure, Minor, Major, and Relic. Items are sorted by type and then name. N/A means that it has no set type.
Effect - The effect of equipping this item. All items assume that it is equipped and not in the heroes' backpack.
Image - A picture of the item. Pardon any crappy image editing., I spent six hours getting 125 freaking images. All images were taken out of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Map Editor.

You may equip 1 Weapon, 1 Shield, 1 Helmet, 1 Armor, 1 Pair of Shoes, 2 Rings/Gloves, 1 Amulet, 1 Cloak, and 4 Miscellaneous, for a total of 13 items.
Note that in Shadow of Death, heroes are allowed one more Miscellaneous slot, for a total of 14 items.
Click on the type of artifact to quickly navigate to them. You can check out the Holy Grail here, and Combination Items here.

Weapons (Equipped on the right hand)
NameTypeEffect Image
Centaur Axe TreasureRaises Attack by 2.
Blackshard of the Dead KnightMinorRaises Attack by 3.
Red Dragon Flame Tongue MinorRaises Attack and Defense by 2.
Greater Gnoll's FlailMinorRaises Attack by 4.
Ogre's Club of HavocMajorRaises Attack by 5.
Sword of HellfireMajorRaises Attack by 6.
Titan's GladiusRelicRaises Attack by 12 and Lowers Defense by 3.
Sword of JudgementRelicRaises all Primary Skills by 5.
Armageddon's BladeRelicRaises Attack, Defense, and Knowledge by +3. Raises Power by +6.
Adds Expert Armageddon to the hero's spellbook and grants immunity to Armageddon.

Shields (Equipped on the left hand)
NameTypeEffect Image
Shield of the Dwarven LordsTreasureRaises Defense by 2.
Buckler of the Gnoll KingMinorRaises Defense by 4.
Shield of the Yawning DeadMinorRaises Defense by 3.
Dragon Scale Shield MajorRaises Attack and Defense by 3.
Shield of the DamnedMajorRaises Defense by 6.
Targ of the Rampaging OgreMajorRaises Defense by 5.
Lion's Shield of CourageRelicRaises all Primary Skills by 4.
Sentinel's ShieldRelicRaises Defense by 12 and lowers Attack by 3.

Helmets (Equipped on the head)
NameTypeEffect Image
Helm of the Alabaster UnicornTreasureRaises Knowledge by 1.
Skull HelmetTreasureRaises Knowledge by 2.
Helm of ChaosMinorRaises Knowledge by 3.
Crown of the Supreme MagiMinorRaises Knowledge by 4.
Hellstorm HelmetMajorRaises Knowledge by 5.
Thunder Helmet RelicRaises Knowledge by 10 and lowers Power by 2.
Crown of DragontoothRelicRaises Knowledge and Power by 4.
Helmet of Heavenly EnlightenmentRelicRaises all Primary Skills by 6.
Sea Captain's HatRelicRaises sea movement, protects from whirlpools, and may cast Summon Boat and Destroy Boat.
Spellbinder's HatRelicMay cast all level 5 spells.

Armor (Equipped on the torso)
NameTypeEffect Image
Breastplate of Petrified WoodTreasureRaises Power by 1.
Armor of Wonder MinorRaises all Primary Skills by 1.
Rib CageMinorRaises Power by 2.
Scales of the Greater BasiliskMinorRaises Power by 3.
Breastplate of BrimstoneMajorRaises Power by 5.
Tunic of the Cyclops KingMajorRaises Power by 4.
Dragon Scale ArmorRelicRaises Attack and Defense by 4.
Titan's CuirassRelicRaises Power by 10 and lowers Knowledge by 2.

Shoes (Equipped on the feet)
NameTypeEffect Image
Dragonbone GreavesTreasureRaises Knowledge and Power by 1.
Boots of SpeedMinorRaises movement rate over land.
Dead Man's BootsMajorRaises Necromancy skill by 15%.
Boots of LevitationRelicAllows hero to walk on water.
Boots of PolarityRelicRaises magic resistance by 15%.
Sandals of the SaintRelicRaises all Primary Skills by 2.

Rings/Gloves (Equipped on the hands)
NameTypeEffect Image
Quiet Eye of the Dragon TreasureRaises Attack and Defense by 1.
Ring of ConjuringTreasureRaises spell duration by 2.
Ring of VitalityTreasureRaises health of a hero's units by 1.
Still Eye of the Dragon TreausreRaises Luck and Morale by 1.
Equestrian GlovesMinorRaises movement rate over land.
Ring of LifeMinorRaises health of a hero's units by 1.
Diplomat's Ring MajorLowers the cost of surrendering.
Eversmoking Ring of SulfurMajorIncreases Sulfur production by 1.
Ring of Infinite GemsMajorIncreases Gem production by 1.
Ring of the WayfarerMajorRaises combat speed of all units by 2.

Amulets (Equipped on the neck)
NameTypeEffect Image
Amulet of the UndertakerTreasureRaises Necromancy skill by 5%.
Collar of ConjuringTreasureRaises spell duration by 1.
Necklace of SwiftnessTreasureRaises combat speed of all units by 1.
Pendant of DeathTreasureGrants immunity to Destroy Undead.
Pendant of DispassionTreasureGrants immunity to Berserk.
Pendant of Free WillTreasureGrants Immunity to Hypnotize.
Pendant of HolinessTreasureGrants immunity to Curse.
Pendant of LifeTreasureGrants immunity to Death Ripple.
Pendant of Total RecallTreasureGrants immunity to Forgetfulness.
Garniture of InterferenceMajorRaises magic resistance by 5%.
Necklace of DragonteethMajorRaises Knowledge and Power by 3.
Necklace of Ocean GuidanceMajorRaises movement rate by boat.
Pendant of AgitationMajorGrants immunity to Lightning.
Pendant of CourageMajorRaises Luck and Morale by 3.
Pendant of Second SightMajorGrants immunity to Blind.
Statesman's MedalMajorLowers the cost of surrendering.
Celestial Necklace of BlissRelicRaises all Primary Skills by 3.

Cloaks (Equipped on the shoulders)
NameTypeEffect Image
Cape of ConjuringTreasureRaises spell duration by 3.
Dragon Wing TabardMinorRaises Knowledge and Power by 2.
Vampire's CowlMinorRaises Necromancy skill by 10%.
Ambassador's SashMajorLowers the cost of surrendering.
Cape of VelocityMajorRaises combat speed of all units by 3.
Everflowing Crystal CloakMajorIncreases Crystal production by 1.
Recanter's CloakMajorPrevents casting of ANY level 3-5 spells in combat.
Surcoat of Counterpoise MajorRaises magic resistance by 10%.

Miscellaneous (Equipped on the left side boxes)
NameTypeEffect Image
Badge of CourageTreasureRaises Morale by 1.
Bird of PerceptionTreasureRaises Eagle Eye skill by 5%.
Bow of Elven CherrywoodTreasureRaises Archery skill by 5%.
Cards of ProphecyTreasureRaises Luck by 1.
Charm of ManaTreasureRaises spell point recovery by 1.
Clover of FortuneTreasureRaises Luck by 1.
Crest of ValorTreasureRaises Morale by 1.
Glyph of GallantryTreasureRaises Morale by 1.
Hourglass of the Evil HourTreasureNegates all Luck bonuses during combat.
Ladybird of LuckTreasureRaises Luck by 1.
Legs of LegionTreasureIncreases growth of 2nd level units by 5 if in a town.
Mystic Orb of ManaTreasureRaises spell point recovery by 3.
SpeculumTreasureRaises scouting radius by 1.
Spirit of OppressionTreasureNegates all Morale bonuses during combat.
SpyglassTreasureRaises scouting radius by 1.
Stoic WatchmanTreasureRaises Eagle Eye skill by 10%.
Talisman of ManaTreasureRaises spell point recovery by 2.
Bowstring of the Unicorn's ManeMinorRaises Archery skill by 10%.
Emblem of CognizanceMinorRaises Eagle Eye skill by 15%.
Inexhaustable Cart of LumberMinorIncreases Wood production by 1.
Inexhaustable Cart of OreMinorIncreases Ore production by 1.
Loins of LegionMinorIncreases growth of 3rd level units by 4 if in a town.
Torso of LegionMinorIncreases growth of 4th level units by 3 if in a town.
Angel Feather ArrowsMajorRaises Archery skill by 15%.
Arms of LegionMajorIncreases growth of 5th level units by 2 if in a town.
Golden BowMajorRanged attacks have no penalty for distance or walls.
Endless Bag of Gold MajorIncreases income by 750.
Endless Purse of GoldMajorIncreases income by 500.
Everpouring Vial of MercuryMajorIncreases Mercury production by 1.
Head of LegionMajorIncreases growth of 6th level units by 1 if in a town.
Orb of Driving RainMajorRaises Water spell damage by 50%.
Orb of Silt MajorRaises Earth spell damage by 50%.
Orb of Tempstuous FireMajorRaises Fire spell damage by 50%.
Orb of the FirmanentMajorRaises Air spell damage by 50%.
Shackles of WarMajorSurrender or retreat from combat is impossible.
Sphere of PermanenceMajorGrants immunity to Dispel.
Vial of LifebloodMajorRaises health of a hero's units by 1.
Angel Wings RelicAllows hero to fly.
Endless Sack of GoldRelicIncreases income by 1000.
Orb of InhibitionRelicAny spellcasting is impossible in combat.
Orb of VulnerabilityRelicNegates natural magic resistace of units.
Tome of Air MagicRelicMay cast all Air spells.
Tome of Earth MagicRelicMay cast all Earth spells.
Tome of Fire MagicRelicMay cast all Fire spells.
Tome of Water MagicRelicMay cast all Water spells.
Vial of Dragon's BloodRelicRaises Attack and Defense of all Dragons hero controls by +5.
Pandora's BoxN/AAnything and everything. Always a surprise.
Spell ScrollN/AContains one spell which the hero may cast normally.

The Holy Grail
The ULTIMATE of all items, you can take this to a town to gain a special building that raises income by 5000 a day, raises monster production by 50% a week, and additional bonuses depending on town type. It is buried, and can only be found by digging. Unfortunately, digging requires ALL of your movement points, thus a hero may only dig if that hero has not moved. To find the exact location of the Grail, you must visit obelisks all over the map. Once you visit all of them, you get a rather nice "X marks the spot" map. It won't have any landmarks like towns or monsters on it, but is accurate enough where you may figure out the area you must search. Once you have it, take it to the town of your choice and visit the Town Hall(City Hall, Capitol, whatever), and voila! One unique building. Happy hunting!

Combination Artifacts

Combination Items are found exculsively in Shadow of Death. To get a Combination Artifact, you must first collect the requesite set of items. Once you have them equipped, you can right-click any one of the items to assemble it. The Combination Artifact will then provide additional bonuses, along with (usually) the bonuses of the original artifacts. The original bonuses will be listed in italics. However, if you equip it, it will lock all of the item slots the other artifacts would use (Thus the Admiral's Hat would lock the Head and Neck slots, as if you had the Sea Captain's Hat and Necklace of Ocean Guidance equipped.) However, it counts as a single item in your backpack. You can disassemble a Combination Artifact by right-clicking on it.
NameRequired ItemsEffectImage
Angelic AllianceHelm of Heavenly Enlightenment
Necklace of Celestial Bliss
Sword of Judgement
Armor of Wonder
Sandals of the Saint
Lion's Shield of Courage
+21 to all Primary Skills.
Allows you to mix Good and Neutral creatures without penalty to Morale.
Auto-casts Prayer at the beginning of each battle.
Cloak of the Undead KingAmulet of the Undertaker
Vampire's Cowl
Dead Man's Boots
Raises Necromancy Skill by 40%
Raises 30% of creatures slain in a successful battle as Skeletons, if hero does not have the Necromancy Skill.
If the hero has the Necromancy skill, then the bonus is applied to that skill, as well as more powerful undead raised, as determined by the level of skill:
Elixir of LifeRing of Life
Vial of Life Blood
Ring of Vitality
+3 to Health of Hero's units.
Hero's creatures gain a 25% bonus to Health.
All creatures gain regeneration.
Does not work on undead or nonliving creatures.
Armor of the DamnedSkull Helment
Blackshard of the Death Knight
Rib Cage
Shield of the Yawning Dead
+3 Attack, Defense and Knowledge, +2 Power.
The spells Curse, Disrupting Ray, Misfortune, Slow and Weakness are automatically cast on all enemy creatures at the start of combat.
Statue of LegionLegs of Legion
Loins of Legion
Arms of Legion
Torso of Legion
Head of Legion
Increases a town's weekly creature production by: 5 for 2nd Level; 4 for 3rd Level; 3 for 4th Level; 2 for 5th Level; and 1 for 6th Level.
Increases a town's creature production by 50%, based on if the town has a Castle (if it does not have one).
Power of the Dragon FatherCrown of Dragontooth
Necklace of Dragonteeth
Dragon Wing Tabard
Red Dragon Flame Tongue
Dragon Scale Shield
Quiet Eye of the Dragon
Still Eye of the Dragon
Dragonbone Greaves
Dragon Scale Armor
+10 to all Primary Skills.
+1 Morale, +1 Luck.

+6 to all Primary Skills (for a total of +16).
Hero's units gain immunity to all spells under Level 5.
Titan's ThunderThunder Helmet
Titan's Gladius
Titan's Curaiss
Sentinel's Shield
+9 Attack and Defense, +8 Power and Knowledge.
Grants use of the Titan's Lightning Bolt spell.
Grants a spellbook if hero does not possess one.
Admiral's HatSea Captain's Hat
Necklace of Ocean Guidance
Raises sea movement, protects from whirlpools, and may cast Summon Boat and Destroy Boat.
Removes Boarding and Unboarding movement penalties for ships.
Bow of the SharpshooterBow of Elven Cherrywoord
Bowstring of Unicorn's Mane
Angel Feather Arrows
Raises Archery by 30%.
Removes all distance, obstacle and melee penalties from ranged units.
Bow of the SharpshooterBow of Elven Cherrywoord
Bowstring of Unicorn's Mane
Angel Feather Arrows
Raises Archery by 30%.
Removes all distance, obstacle and melee penalties from ranged units.
Wizard's WellMystic Orb of Mana
Tailisman of Mana
Charm of Mana
Raises spell point recovery by 6 (Obsolete).
Restores all spell points each day.
Ring of the MagiCollar of Conjuring
Cape of Conguring
Ring of Conjuring
Raises spell duration by 6.
Raises spell duration by 50.
CornucopiaEverflowing Cloak of Crystal
Everpouring Vial of Mercury
Eversmoking Ring of Sulfur
Ring of Infinite Gems
+1 daily production of Crystal, Mercury, Sulfur and Gems.
+4 daily production of Crystal, Mercury, Sulfur and Gems (for a total of +5 each).

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