Even in the desolate island of Golnebo, Mitchel's never completely alone. The island is populated by unseen natives who reside in the numerous huts that are scattered throughout the landscape.

There are two types of huts: Information Huts and Shop Huts. Also, sometimes when enemies are defeated, they drop little Nudie Men that leave tips much like natives in huts, and their info can also be found on this page.

Information Huts

As the name suggests, these huts merely give Mitchel information about Golnebo and his quest. The alphanumeric locations refer to the screen the hut is found on, according to this map.

Location Information Old Translation
Mountains (E-12) Welcome to Golnebo! So you must find Lady Kong? The legend says she's hidden in the island. You'll have to solve some enigmas... Ask natives and they will help you. Take care! Welcome to Golnebo.. So, you're looking for Kong. The legend says he's hidden in the island. You'll have to solve some riddles... Ask natives and they will help you. Good luck!
Mountains (E-11) Crush Grassogre with rock. Grassogres have the Rod.
Grassland (C-9) Bigspider ate the key for sorcerer's cellar. Use a Knife to kill BigSpider. Buy it in the shop.
Grassland (B-9) Kong loves Dorian Fruit. Kill it to access the cabin.
Sorcerer's Cellar (A-8) Sword kills Whitefire. Rock kills Grassogre.
Mountains (H-11) Kong's legend says Red F. Man ate Kong's Claw. Ask for more information about Kong's Claw at the cellars. Use Ruby to enter G. Temple. To its east there's a path. Find Water and Bow once you get Revolver's Key.
Beach (G-12) Soldiers went to the beach and never returned. Maybe Red F. Man ate them! They had a strange device... a talking machine! Kill Thickskins to get Vortex. The White Scroll paralyses using MP. Whitefires have the Bag. Sword kills Whitefire.
Forest (A-12) Temusa splits rocks. Boomerang kills them.
Forest (A-9) Our Chief has Dorian Fruit. (Says "Ki Ki Ku Ki" if you don't have Book) Authorized Passport. Go on. (Says "Passport!" if you don't have the Passport)
East of Marsh (H-7) Makapora Spell kills The Nasty. Mudarmor protects The Nasty.
East of Marsh (H-7) Please, save our leader!! Kong's Roar has been stolen. The stuff's into the Bag. Mudarmor's death arrives.
Grassland Cellar (E-8) Kong's Claw can neutralize all curses. You can speed up every 1000 Exp Pnts.....
Grassland Cellar (C-8) Kong's legend says you need the Yellow Stones to kill the Big Flower at the cave. Don't forget it!! Come back later with the Light. You have to collect all the items. They are indispensable...
Grassland Cellar (A-9) It's the holy door of pray. You need Kong's Fang to open the door. Try to cover yourself and the fence will open to access the Sculpt.
Marsh (E-7) Twinmires protect red rock. Kill Twinmires with Sculpt.
Beach (I-6) Kemura island is ahead. People living there know Kong's legend. Use the Harpoon with the Vortex, and F. Man won't come back.
Beach (I-9) One of the soldiers left an unknown machine. Wear the Mask in front of the edge.
Grassland Cellar (C-8) You need Kong's Tear to fill up the cave's gap. Yellow Crystal opens the secret path.

Shop Huts

Shop Huts are huts in which you can get an item or service... sometimes for free, sometimes for a price. The alphanumeric locations refer to the screen the hut is found on, according to this map.

Item/Service Price Location
Knife 200 Gold Mountains (E-10)
Letter (If you refuse the Letter, you lose all your MP) Free Mountains (G-11)
Boiled Bug (Does Nothing)
Warthog Meat (Restores a variable amount of HP)
Boiled Bug = 50 Gold
Warthog Meat = 100 Gold
Mountains (G-11)
Rest (Restores all HP and 20 MP) 150 Gold Mountains (G-11)
Temusa Spell Free Mountains (H-10)
Leech Sashimi (Does Nothing)
Boiled Mountain Worm (Restores a variable amount of HP)
Leech Sashimi = 50 Gold
Boiled Mountain Worm = 100 Gold
Forest (D-12)
Sandals 100 Gold + Papyrus Forest (D-12)
Book 200 Gold Forest (D-12)
Opens Gate (You need the Book) 1 Meat Forest (A-8)
Bug Bite (Life slowly decreases until you use an Herb) Free North of Forest (A-6)
Rest (Restores all HP) 1 Meat North of the Forest (B-6)
Iron Key 1 Meat North of the Forest (B-6)
Opens Gate 5 Herbs North of Forest (B-7)
Dorian Fruit Free North of the Forest (B-7)
Rest (Restores all HP and 20 MP) 1 Pair of Sandals East of the Marsh (H-7)
Kong's Fang Free East of the Marsh (H-8)
Makapora Spell Free Marsh Cellar (C-7)
Salty Slug (Reduces HP by half)
Sealouse Miso (Does nothing)
Salty Slug = 10 Gold
Sealouse Miso = 50 Gold
Beach (I-6)
Kong's Eye Letter Beach (J-9)
Radio Free Beach (J-12)
Fixes Radio 350 Gold North of Ruins (H-3)

Nudie Men

Just like the huts, the island's nudie men give tips. These shy naturalists only appear when certain enemies are defeated. The alphanumeric locations refer to the screen the hut is found on, according to this map.

Location Information Old Translation
Defeat Grassworm (Grassland (B-8)) Rod kills Clubman. Rod kills Clubman..
Defeat Centipede 3 times (Mountains (F-12)) The shoemaker lives in the Forest. Kill the Gryzzly. Get the shoes.
Defeat Centipede 3 times (Mountains (F-10)) Wear Sandals at the Marsh. Kill RedSpider with the Claw.
Defeat Grizzly (Forest (C-11)) Boomerang hits FireTotem. Twinmire keeps Revolver
Defeat 5 Bowlers (Forest (C-12)) Kill the Crows. Shoes for Water.
Defeat Mireworm (Marsh (G-7)) Lamera weakens Mudarmor. Kill Mudarmor with Stones.
Defeat 2 Crows (East of Ruins (I-5)) Use Lakuna's Orb to get Kong's Roar. Kill F. Man with no need of MP.
Defeat Mr Ruins (Ruins (G-6)) Kong's Roar's hidden in Temple. Someone lonely keeps a secret.
Defeat 6 Clingmen (North of Ruins (F-3)) Only Kong's strength can move yellow rock. Half way access only going with King Kong.