There are two types of items: Weapons (Shot1) and Items (Shot2).

Items need to be equipped via the menu that can be accessed by pressing F2. Weapons are used by pressing the Space Bar, and Items are used with the Shift Key.

The alphanumeric codes given refer to the specific screen on the map. Read it like you would a Battleship grid.

Weapons (Shot1)

St, Y.Stn, Boomer and F.Ball are projectile weapons that have a limited number of uses. All other weapons are melee weapons with infinite uses. If no weapon is equipped, Mitchel will attack by punching, which is as powerful as a weapon, but it extremely short-ranged.

Name Picture Location Comments
Defeat 16 Bowlers (G-9, H-9) Only effective against Grizzlies
Dropped by Boomerang enemies (A-10, B-12) Thrown like a projectile and returns after thrown, if caught, inventory doesn't decrease; Needed to defeat Firetotems
Defeat Red F.Man (H-12) More powerful than most weapons; Needed to defeat Redspider
Defeat 16 Firetotems (A-12, B-12) Longer range than Rod
Defeat 10 Cavemen (B-5) Thrown like a projectile; Hits multiple times
Defeat The Nasty (F-7) Only affective against B.F.Man and D.F.Man; Can be used with the Whirl Spell without decreasing MP
Buy from a hut for 200 Gold (E-10) Needed to defeat Bigspider
Defeat 16 Grassogres (A-8, C-9, D-9) Needed to defeat Clubman
Dropped by Clubman (E-11), Centipede (F-10, F-12), and Dungroll (A-7) Thrown like a projectile; Is needed to defeat Mudarmor
Dummied out (Cannot be found in the game, except through hacking) Extremely powerful
Found under the Tombstone near Grassworm (B-8) Powerful, but can only be used underground; Needed to defeat Whitefires
Dropped by Cavernbig (D-3) Thrown like a projectile; Is needed to defeat Bigflower

Items (Shot2)

Items in italics don't actually appear in your Shot2 inventory, but are still obtainable and functional. Sandals appear below your Shot2 inventory, and are equippable by selecting them.

Name Picture Location Use
Dropped by Revolver (A-5) Needed to receive the Whis from the Temple (E-6)
Found in a Grasslands Cellar (you need Kong's Fang) (A-9) Needed to defeat Twinmires (C-6, C-5)
Purchased for 200G in a hut in the forest (D-12) Allows you to unlock a gate near the forest, if you also have a Meat (A-8)
Received from a hut after giving 5 Herbs (B-7) Needed to summon Lady Kong (B-1)
If you have the Letter from the Mountain Hut (G-11), you receive this from the Beach Hut (J-9) Allows you to see in dark areas
Dropped when you defeat 3 Ratts (C-8) or 16 Sealice (G-12, I-6, J-9, I-9, J-12) Restores 10 HP; Cures poison from bug bite; 5 are needed to receive the Doria
Found in a hut near the marsh (H-810) Needed to open a gate protecting the Amulet in a Grassland Cellar (A-9)
Received in exchange for Meat in a hut near the Dorian Fruit (B-6); Dropped by BigGuard in Marsh Cellar (C-7); Dropped by Savage in Temple (E-6) Unlocks a gate
Found in the Beach Cellar (I-9) Reveals Roar and Power in the Temple Summit (G-6)
Dropped by Whitefires in the Mountain Cellar (G-9) Needed to defeat Mudarmor (E-7)
Found in a hut in the mountains (G-11) Needed to receive the Eye from a beach hut (J-9)
Found in the Marsh Cellar (C-7) Destroys The Nasty and Badpriest (Costs 10 MP)
Dropped by Falcobats (B-10, C-10), Grizzly (A-11), and Badpriest (E-2) Restores 10 HP; Needed to bribe some natives near where you receive Doria
Found in the dark area of the Mountain Cellar (G-9) Temporarily freezes on-screen enemies (Costs 5 MP)
Dropped by Redspider (E-9); Found in Mountain Cellar (G-9) Needed (along with 150G) to make Sandals at a forest hut (D-12)
Found in the Temple Summit, if you have the Lakuna Orb (G-6) Reveals the hidden entrance to the Temple (E-6)
Found in a beach tent (J-12) After being fixed at a hut (H-3), you can use it to summon a helicopter after finding Lady Kong (H-3)
Found in the Temple Summit, if you have the Lakuna Orb (G-6) Clears a path in the Cavern (B-3)
Made at a forest hut in exchange for Papyr and 150G (D-12) When equipped, you can walk through the Marsh without slowing down
Found in a hidden room in the Temple (E-6) Needed to create a bridge across a chasm (C-2)
Found in a hut in the mountains (H-10) Shatters Tombstones (Costs 3 MP)
Dropped by Bigspider (B-9) Needed to enter Sorcerer's Cellar (A-8)
Dropped after defeating 5 Thickskins (F-9) Makes you do a powerful spinning attack with equipped melee weapon (Costs 1 MP; Costs 0 MP with Harpoon)
Found in the bottom floor of the temple if you have the A.Key (E-6) Used to remove a gray rock blocking a path in the Marsh (C-5)