Grazing in the Grass

Welcome to Golnebo indeed! You're on this remote island in order to find a female King Kong for a blood transfusion or something (see the terrible 1986 movie "King Kong Lives" for more plot info... if you dare!). Incidentally, there are two English translations floating around. If the native in the first hut ends his sentence in an exclamation point, you've got the better translation. If he ends it with two periods, you've got the much worse translation, and you'll probably have no idea what's going on in this walkthrough (and in the game itself, for that matter).
Being stuck on a dangerous island unarmed is no fun, so the first thing you should do is find yourself a weapon. Head north until you reach a small pond (incidentally, this screen is probably the best for getting extra gold, since the frogs here regenerate after leaving the screen). West of the pond is a hut where you can buy a knife for 200G, so do so. You can't buy an axe here no matter how hard you try, so don't worry about it (if this hut tries to sell you Rocks, you've got the bad translation).
After buying the Knife, you might as well equip it by hitting F2 to bring up the menu, and selecting it and hitting the space bar. It's not any more powerful than the fist, but its range is greater and some enemies (like the Bigspider) are only vulnerable to it. Anyway, head north and to the west until you come across this rock and these Grassogres. You can get the next weapon, the Rod, by defeating exactly 16 Grassogres, but the problem is, you can only defeat them by rolling the rock ontop of them. There are 3 Grassogres on this screen and 6 on screen immediately to the left, for a total of 9. There are also Grassogres on the extreme northwest corner of the grasslands, but since they're so far, it's best to ignore them. So, defeat the 9 Grassogres, head back a few screens so they respawn, and defeat 7 more to receive the Rod.
Just to the west of the Grassogres is a Bigspider, which can be considered a boss of sorts. You can defeat it only if you have the Knife equipped. If so, just keep out of its reach and wail away on it until it's defeated. It drops the W. Key, which allows you into the Cellar in the northwest corner of this grassy area. There's nothing really important there, though, so it's not necessary to defeat the spider. The W. Key doesn't even appear in your inventory. Oh well, the experience is nice anyway.
There's not a whole lot more you can do in the grasslands now that's necessary. You can fight the Grassworm if you want, but it only leaves a tip behind, so it's not necessary. You can also defeat some Bucklers (you can only attack them from behind), and they might drop 2 MP a piece (you may have also noticed the Grassogres had a chance of giving you 1 MP when you defeated them). One thing you should do is find the screen with the Pigworms and Ratts. Every time you defeat the three Ratts, they will drop the Herb, a handy little item that restores 10 HP if you use it. It may be worth your while to get an Herb, walk away a few screens so the Ratts respawn, and repeat the process to stockpile some Herbs in case of an emergency.
After you've stocked up some Herbs and have the Rod, you're probably ready to take on the Clubman. He's found in the screen just south of where you purchased the Knife. Make sure you have the Rod equipped, and you should be able to stay just out of his reach and bash away at him. After he's defeated, he will drop a new weapon, the Stones, and more importantly, two new paths will open up for you to explore... how exciting!

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