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Dantooine: The First Clues to the Past

This is the most boring planet by far. Until you gain your Jedi class you cannot even leave the compound. The only things to do here is to play Pazaak, go shopping for items, and loot 1 footlocker with junk items. Most likely you won't have enough money to buy the better stuff being sold here. Don't worry as you will have ample opportunity later on to buy all of this equipment.

Just go ahead and follow Bastila to the Jedi Council and talk to them. In general lying will net you dark side points here, though there are exceptions. See the Dantooine Dialog Alignment page for more details. There are no light side points to be gained at this time. Continue talking, see another FMV, and choose your party.

Go back to the Jedi Council for another chat and another cut-scene. After the cut-scene finish your conversation with Zhar. When you are ready you can take the Tests. These tests are all extremely easy and pose no real challenge so don't worry. The first is to recite the Jedi Code. You can talk to Vrook, Vandar, or Belaya to have them tell you what it is, or I can just give you the answers right here: emotion->peace, ignorance->knowledge, passion->serenity, chaos->harmony, death->The Force.

Once you recite this to Zhar you'll gain 200 XP (your final chance to level up before gaining your Jedi Level), and you'll start your second test which is to go over and talk to Dorak. He will give you a crystal and you will get your first level in a Jedi class of your choosing (FINALLY!). Your choices in the question and answer portion of the dialog don't matter as you end up choosing what you want anyways. Now finally any levels you have been saving can be spent. Go head and level up after which you need to talk to Zhar again. After constructing your lightsaber you'll gain another 200 XP and will be given your final task, which is to cleanse the taint in the Grove. You can finally leave the compound and explore at your leisure. While you can complete several side quests at this point usually I wait until I get Bastila back in the party but you can do as you wish.

You can buy Maps from Adum Larp as well as other goods if you so wish, but you probably don't have enough money to buy the good stuff. As you go south Kath hounds will automatically attack you. Wipe them out and go to the east exit on this map killing any Kath Hounds you see along the way, and then continue south the Matale Grounds. Wipe out some more Kath Hounds and continue south again to the grove. To the east and then south of this area is the tainted grove where you will face Juhani. She will cast stasis on both of your companions and then proceed to attack you. Take her down to about 1/4 of her total hit points and then she will stop attacking and talk to you. You have now have two ways of dealing with her.

  1. You can immediately kill her, netting you dark side points. It is possible to kill her without gaining any dark side points if you wish. Just end the conversation with her without provoking her, then talk to her again and tell her that you have decided to slay her. Killing her will prevent her from joining your party later on (duh) but it will open up a small side quest with Belaya. Once you kill her be sure to loot her corpse for a lightsaber. Also note that the Erlam crystal becomes inaccessible once you kill Juhani (which is rather useless as a crystal). You gain a bonus of 800 XP for ending her pathetic life.

  2. Convincing her to return to the light side is a bit more of a hassle. You can either try to persuade her multiple times until she returns, but it is not really necessary as you can just choose the dialog options that reflect the Jedi code as these will convince her just as well. Even if you choose incorrectly you can continue to talk to her so long as you don't provoke her into attacking. You gain a bonus of 1200 XP for saving her.

Once you have "removed the taint", go back to the Jedi enclave and talk to Zhar. You will finally be accepted into the Jedi Order as Padawan. You'll gain 800 more XP and be given a Jedi Robe as well. Go ahead and talk to Vandar to be told to investigate the nearby ruins. Another side quest involving the Sandral-Matale feud opens up at this point. Proceed out of the enclave and to the ruins to the east. Make sure Bastila's in your party and enter the ruins.

Go forward to the next room where an ancient droid will try to talk to you in the language of the Builders, followed by the language of the Sand people neither of which you can understand at this point. Finally it talks to you in the language of the Selkath which you do understand. Talk to it for important information about the Builders and the Star Forge and 300 XP.

You will be given two tests that must be passed in order to access the Star Map in these ruins. Go to either the east or west rooms for your first test. Both tests are nearly identical where you must defeat the guardian droid in the room, after which you need to use the computer. If you are having problems defeating the guardian droids, have Bastila or your main Jedi use their disable droid line of force powers. Also as the droids have 15 / energy resistance, which means that unless you do 16 points or more of energy damage, you aren't even hurting the droid, so using melee weapons is better than using lightsabers. Also if you have any ion grenades left this is the time to use them. You'll get a bonus of 400 XP the first time you defeat each Guardian Droid.

Once you've dealt with the guardian droids, use the computer terminals, and choose the following options to make them give you the tests: talk to it, enter your datapad, and talk to it again. You will then be given a question to answer depending on which terminal you use. The answers should be self-explanatory but just in case some have trouble here are the answers.

  • Life giving planets: Oceanic, Grassland, Arboreal
  • Death giving planets: Desert, Volcanic, Barren

After passing both tests go back to the central room and open the door to the south. Here you will receive your first star map along with 700 XP. Return to the Jedi Enclave and talk to the council. Lie for dark side points if you wish, but either way they will find out about it. At this point you are given the greatest freedom to visit any of the planets you wish. I usually go to either Tatooine or Kashyyyk first as there are two more recruitable characters on each of those planets. Also they are a bit easier than the other two as well, but you may go to any planet you wish. For those that have access to the Yavin Station, I would suggest that you go there first and sell any excess obsolete weapons, armor, and items as the store there will give you the best deal when selling items.

Also now that you have access to all various planets, if you've been talking to your companions, their quests should start becoming available soon. Try talking to them in the Ebon Hawk, quicksaving, and then quickloading to see if they have anything more to say, as they often they do. Important note: Before getting your fourth star map (including the one on Dantooine) please Read the first paragraph of the Leviathan Walkthrough.

Synopsis of Dantooine

Dual Wielding Soldier Guardian: Soldier 5 / Guardian 7, Easy. All enemies go down in one or two rounds, except for the guardian droids in the ruins. Continue to use the Prototype vibroblade in your main hand if you have it fully upgraded, especially if you have melee weapon specialization, and you don't have lightsaber specialization, as it will outperform normal lightsabers until you get the Sigil crystal. If you didn't invest in the persuade skill, getting the best ending for the family feud quest is impossible.

Assassin Guardian: Scoundrel 7 / Guardian 5, Easy. When starting Dantooine, the high AC of some of the enemies in this area (relative to your low level that is), makes it difficult for this guy to hit enemies accurately. More often than not he will miss even when doing sneak attacks. However once you gain a level or two, and once you get Bastila back in your party, thing get much easier. Have Bastila cast Knight valor, which will raise his attributes by 3, which in turn increases his attack bonus by 2. At this level +2 can often spell the difference between a nice sneak attack or a whiff. As he climbs in levels, he will miss less often, and as a result do spectacular damage.

Stalwart Sentinel: Level Soldier 8 / Sentinel 4, Very Easy. While starting Dantooine with only 2 Jedi levels hurts your force abilities when you start off, that is the only downside to this sentinel. Her average damage is quite high, and her defense is the highest of all of the characters! Combined with the fact that she should have improved toughness at this point means she has natural damage reduction making battles even easier. Equip her with Brejik's belt and armband and she hardly gets hurt. Definitely the best at surviving of any of the characters at this point in the game. She can stand being completely swarmed without being hardly damaged at all.

Counselor of Light: Scout 5 / Consular 7, Medium easy. His lower FP count and lack of powerful offensive powers makes him more of a backup character on Dantooine, with most of the damage being dealt by your companions. Stasis and Force Whirlwind stop the enemy in their tracks and keep him useful but he won't be the main damage dealer for a while. That said, this Jedi will easily take out any droids that are encountered. Whenever he runs out of FP either wait for it to refill, or transit back to the Ebon Hawk, as without his force powers the hounds here can pack a punch. Once Bastila joins the party things become easier, and you won't have to heal or wait for FP to rejuvenate as often.

The Grey Master Scout 2 / Consular 10, Easy. Upon gaining his Jedi levels, he goes from a wimpy weakling to a powerhouse. Since he has many more levels of consular than any other character, coupled with the fact that he has a much more varied selection of force powers including the Kill and Force Lightning line of force powers, he is a complete killing machine. Area effect force powers really help with crowd control. The only downside to this character is the fact that you burn through his FP pool very quickly so you will probably find yourself transiting to and from the Ebon Hawk quite often.

The True Sith: Scoundrel 5 / Consular 7, Easy. Similar to the Gray Consular, she is a powerhouse. Her lower Jedi Level means she has less versatility, but what she does have she can use to great effect. Since she can reach Dark Side Mastery while on Dantooine, her FP count is nearly that of grey consular, while her Dark side status means that she uses far less FP when casting her dark powers. This means she can last 75% longer than the grey consular when casting her powers, meaning she needs to take fewer rest stops. Her one weakness of not being able to buff party members is covered once Bastila rejoins the party. While Force Lightning isn't as powerful as Destroy Droid at this point, it is still sufficiently powerful to make mincemeat of the Guard Droids in the ruins.

Dual Blaster Wielding Scoundrel-Jedi: Scoundrel 8 / Consular 4, Medium. This character is a unique and fun build which I would recommend that everyone try at least once. She starts out with only a few force powers, so I give her Knight Speed and Wound for her first two levels. Don't use Wound on groups, rather flank them like you did on Taris, with a melee attacker used as a decoy. Zaalbar and Canderous are both good candidates. Wound is useful when going against Juhani, and also on Horned Kath Hounds. Once you get Bastila, make her your tank, and have another tank along side her. The Droids in the ancient ruins are a pain, so I usually have Bastila constantly cast disable droid, while a second tank (usually Zalbaar) attacks with a melee weapon. Your main character won't be doing very much damage against the droid even with sneak attack damage. This should allow you to survive Dantooine. For this character I suggest you immediately go to Korriban afterwards just to buy Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol sold there. You don't have to finish Korriban first.

Overall: Easy. Now that your main character finally has levels in his or her Jedi class things become progress much quicker. None of my characters died once all 14 times I played through Dantoonine. The normal Kath Hounds are a joke, and even the Hornded Kath Hounds aren't much of a challenge. The only thing that is remotely difficult would be the droids in the Ancient Ruins, but since you have Bastila who should have access to Disable droid at this time, they become rather easy. It's just a matter of chipping away at their health, or blasting it away as the case may be.

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