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Dantooine: Side Quests

Mandalorian Raiders

You cannot avoid receiving this quest as Jon will talk to you when you try to pass him. His daughter was killed by Mandalorian Raiders and asks for you help in avenging her death. Get some dark side points by either asking for a reward or by saying you're going to slaughter the Mandalorians. No light side points this time. To complete this quest you must first defeat three Mandalorian raider camps.

The first one is located in the east portion of the Matale Grounds, the second south of the center of the Grove, and the third in the central portion of the Sandral Grounds. All of these groups should be rather easy to defeat. Use grenades and energy shields if you having trouble. The Duros are weak so you might want to eliminate them quickly before hitting the Mandalorians. Make sure you loot all of the dead Mandalorian corpses as they generally have good equipment. The first group you eliminate will give you a 50 XP bonus.

Once all three groups are eliminated go back to where you found the second group, in the south central portion of the Grove. There you will meet Sherruk, the leader of the Mandalorians who has even killed several Jedi. Nearing their camp triggers a conversation, so scoundrels will be out of luck here. If you are having problems grenades and energy shields can help. If you have Force whirlwind, use that on Sherruk as that can keep him incapacitated. Defeating Sherruk will net you a 200 XP Bonus. Loot the corpses once they are down for some great loot and return to Jon for your reward of 1000 Credits and 250 XP. If you demand more money you can gain some dark side points, while refusing any reward will give you light side points, and you still get to keep the 1000 credits he gives you.

Elise and her missing droid

To get this quest talk to Elise. She tells you her companion is missing, and by mistake reveals that her companion is her droid. The Droid is located near the mouth of the Crystal Caves in the Sandral Grounds. Save the droid from the Kath Hounds and talk to it. It will say that it ran away because Elise was far too obsessed with it. There are three ways you can deal with this situation.
You can either:
  1. Tell the robot to return to Elise for 300 XP. Talk to Elise for some XP after which they go off for another 200 XP.
  2. Destroy the robot to help Elise out for 200 XP. Go back and tell her the droid has been destroyed to see her run off in distress for 150 XP (you get XP for making lonely old women cry?). Find her in the guest rooms of the Jedi Enclave with her new boyfriend. Talk to her and she apologizes for her earlier actions and thanks you for another 150 XP.
  3. Destroy the robot and tell him that you'll trick Elise to come out into the wilderness herself for 300 XP. You get dark side points both when you tell the droid your plan and when you trick Elise. Tricking her will net you another 150 XP.
You can actually do a mix and match of options 2 and 3, by telling the droid your evil plan, and then telling Elise that the droid is destroyed, or the other way by telling the droid you will destroy it for her sake, and afterwards deceive Elise that the droid is still alive. Either case you will only have the one time you gain dark side points. It is better if choose one and stick with it unless you want the extra XP. In that case the best option is to tell off the droid, get the DSP then tell Elise that you destroyed the droid and then talk to her again in the Enclave. This will net you an extra 100 XP, though you get a few less DSP.

Sandral-Matale Feud

This quest is received automatically after becoming Padawan and talking to Vandar. Alan Matale will come in and demand that you search the Sandral residence for Shen Matale, who has recently disappeared. Afterwards go to the Matale Estate and talk to Alan Matale for 150 XP. He will offer you a bribe. Asking for 2000 credits will get you dark side points, but again no light side options here. To the east of here will be a group of three Kath Hounds around a dead settler's remains, which happens to be Casus. Loot the corpse to get a diary. Now go to the Sandral Estate and tell him that Casus is dead. Enter the Estate where Alan will ask you about his son's death. Giving or selling him the diary will net you 500 XP. For conversation choices that affect alignment click here.

You can actually tell off Rahasia for dark side points, and apologize to her later for light side points, but usually this is a bad idea. You can gain far more dark side points by completing this quest, and choosing even one light side point action means you gain a large amount seeing how dark you should be at this point. In the same way if you want the light side point for apologizing to her, you must make a dark sided choice to be able to do so, meaning that you loose far more light sided points than you gain, so in either case this is something you should avoid. Apparently there is a bug in the Xbox version, which allowed you to apologize as many times as you wish, netting you an unlimited amount of Light side points, but with the newest PC version it doesn't work.

Anyways agree to do as Rahasia asks for 300 XP, leave the estate, and enter by the side door. You will battle several droids here but they are all pushovers so there is no need to worry. Use the stun droid line of force powers to make this estate a piece of cake. The key to Shen's holding cell is in the repair room. His room is in the north east area, so go there and either use the key, unlock the door, or bash you way in to find Shen. Talk to him for 150 XP and to be told he won't leave without Rahasia. Go west to Rahasia's room, and convince her to leave for 300 XP. Now you can talk to Shen, but be aware that once you do, you can never enter the Sandral estate ever again, so do everything you want to do here, such as looting all of the lockers, and such before talking to him. Once you are ready, cast one of the Force valor line of powers to increase your chances in persuading the families. Talk to Shen to be taken outside automatically. Again click here to see the light and dark options available to you. To summarize:

  • LSP option available for all dialog paths, which is the "No reward is necessary." line.
  • Most XP, Best case scenario (also the hardest): You convince both fathers to allow their children to wed: 900 XP and 500 Credits. No dark side point opportunities. Dialog path as follows: "calm down", either of the first two options, Persuade x2 both must be successful. The first persuade is hard, the second, easy.
  • Most Credits: You convince the lovers to break up: 450 XP and 1000 credits. Neutral or, 2 medium DSP opportunities and 2 low DSP opportunities, but you must fail 1 lie to get all 4. This is the best neutral option, and can even be done by light sided Jedi by skipping all of the bad choices. Dialog path for dark side as follows: "Shoot each other", "only way to end it is with blood", either of the options that isn't "Ahlan killed Casus", "[Lie] Rahasia doesn't love you" (need to fail for more DSP), "[Lie] She was just using you". Neutral path is as follows: "Don't make me intervene", from here on all dialogue choices should be fairly obvious. Just don't tell them to stay together, and they will separate. Easy.
  • Most DSP: Cause the families to kill each other off: 600 XP and NO Credits +XP for killing the droids. 6 medium DSP opportunities, and 2 low DSP opportunities. Dialog path as follows: "Shoot each other", "only way to end it is with blood", "Ahlan killed Casus", finally "Kill them all!" or "Don't let him get away with that!". Talk to all of the Jedi Council for more DSP.
  • Worst for DSP, XP and Credits: You cannot convince them either way, and the two lovers run off: 600 XP and NO Credits. No DSP opportunities. Don't do this. This is the default failure result.
Light sided Jedi can do both the most XP route or the most Credits route, while Dark Jedi can do the most Credits route, or the most DSP route. Which path you choose is ultimately up to you, but I would suggest the most XP route for Light Jedi, and the most credits route for Dark Jedi.

Murdered Settler

To gain this quest approach Bolook on the bridge near the west end of the Grove area. He will automatically ask you for your help in solving a murder. This is a one time chance so accept. If you give up at any time you will gain no experience, while if you render the incorrect judgment you will gain a lesser amount of XP. Obviously any answers that do not have any proof to back them up are incorrect.

First off question both Rickard and Handon about what happened. Rickard is lying about the sun being in his eyes so tell Bolook that. Next question the droid about their relationships with Calder. Confront both of the suspects again. Talk to Bolook again, but this time since both men have a reason to hate Calder you can choose either one you want. The only real difference is a minor change in the dialog but nothing important. Next Ask both men about the weapon. It is Handon's, but talk to the droid afterwards to find out that it wasn't stolen. Tell Bolook that it was Handon's and that he had lied about it being stolen. Finally Talk to the droid about the blood sample. Talk to Bolook again, and this time it really doesn't matter which you choose since inevitably Bolook searches Handon either way.

The correct answer of course is that they are both guilty. Incorrectly concluding that one or the other is guilty will only net you 470 XP. Tell Bolook that both are guilty and why and you'll gain 1310 XP for reaching this conclusion. If you want dark side points instead have Bolook conclude that Handon is guilty then say that both are guilty, but don't support that claim with any evidence (you'll only get 570 XP for this), and then tell Rickard that he can go for 100 Credits. While you don't get any credits it does net you some dark side points. Usually dark side points are more common than XP so I usually stick with the most XP.

Crystal Caves

This isn't much of a side-quest, more of a spelunking expedition. There is a cave on the far east side of the Sandral grounds that you can enter. Pilfer the crystals to upgrade your lightsaber, or sell them (especially the color crystals) for some quick and easy cash.

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