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The Star Forge: The End

A word of warning, you will not be able to return to the Ebon Hawk after passing through the first set of doors, therefore it is in your best interest to have who you want with you from the start. Also make sure you are equipped with the best equipment, your sabers upgraded as you wish, and that any of those that you will not include in your party have any good items that you may wish to use stripped from them. Force point regen comes especially handy here for Consulars because of the extremely prolonged fights, so you may want to consider changing your saber crystals before exiting the ship. Anyways once you are ready, exit the Ebon Hawk and start your final assault on the Star Forge.

The first deck is relatively straight forward. Shortly after arriving on the Star forge a group of Dark Jedi will appear and attack, though you will have four jedi as allies. After they are removed if you chose the Dark Side in the Temple and subsequentially had Zaalbar kill Mission and then included him in your party here, he'll go mad once you approach the doors and attack. Fun times! Anyways, once Zaalbar is finally dead proceed forward to witness another cutscene. Eliminate the droids that Malak sics on you and then take either path at the fork. When you approach the door, it will explode stunning the person who opened the door. To prevent the stun effect have someone who is immune to mind effects lead.

Continue forward, destroying the droids that are hiding behind each set of doors. Where both the east and west paths converge are three Dark Jedi who are looking forward to some violence. Fulfill their deathwish and then proceed to the exit to the next level at the far east or far west end of the map. Both exits are guarded by two dark jedi each, and neither is any different from the other, so choose at will.

This next deck is also straight forward. Proceed forward and you will be attacked with a seemingly never-ending flow of dark-jedi, sith apprentices, and sith heavy troopers. Their numbers, however, are not unlimited. One tactic would be to wait in a single location and wait out the steady influx of enemies, or you could very well just run forward to the exit. Either way you choose you'll want to conserve force points (especially as a consular), so you may want to debilitate them and let a large group pile up before casting your nukes (Force storm or force wave).

Before you exit this level, make sure you hit the computer room in the East. The computer there grants the best robes available in the game. You can also disable the turrets, which opens the door to the next level (As long as there are any active turrets, the doors won't open). The robes cost 25 computer spikes so I hope you listened to my advice and brought a whole bunch along. Anyways, once done with that there's nothing for you here, so equip your snazzy new robes and proceed to the next level. If you have cleared all the mooks on this level, you may wish to take a moment to rest to recuperate your diminishing force point pool.

The first portion of the command deck is basically the same as the last, though the layout is more linear. As last time Swarms of dark jedi and sith troopers will try to stop you, but really they don't have a chance, so I don't know why they even bother. Actually, to be more accurate, only 4 to 5 enemies attack you at once, but the steady flow of them makes the battles last a long time.

Anyways, as last time take them out while conserving your force points and proceed forward, until you get blocked by a group of dark jedi who have sealed the door shut. Take them out, and save. This next portion will depend on which side you chose on the Unknown planet.

If you chose the Light side, then Bastila will be here. You'll have to face her alone, as your companions will be put in stasis. If you are having problems, try casting stasis or choke on her, and then taking her down (insanity DOES NOT WORK!). It's best if you cast it early, since she sometimes casts force immunity, making it difficult to get it to connect later on. Anyways, reduce her health down a total of three times, and she'll finally give up and asks you to kill her. To convince her to return to the light, you'll have to pass a certain dialog check that is outlined at the bottom of this page. Basically just go for the light side answers all the time, and you'll be able to save her, not that it matters since she won't join your party anyways (bah, useless wench!).

On the other hand if you chose the Dark side, there will be three dark jedi here. Although they are a bit more powerful than the dark jedi that you've been facing so far, they shouldn't cause you too much trouble. Their high saves may cause consulars a bit a trouble, but melee builds should mow through them without pause. After this, you'll have to leave Bastila behind and thus both sides converge (at least from a gameplay point a view, not from a plot perspective)

In this next room are six terminals and one bin next to each terminal. Prepare for battle again and approach the doors up ahead. Malak turns on all of the droid making machines in the room and runs away yet again. Now, the droids will respawn indefinitely, so you need to go to each terminal and either disable it (8 spikes or less) or have it work making droid allies (16 spikes or less). If you bought a large number of extra spikes as I suggested, this is where they come in handy. Ignore the droids and run from terminal to terminal. If they surround you, you may want to destroy one or two and then run away again.

Once all of the terminals are deactivated or become your allies, then the door to the next area will open, and you can destroy the remaining enemy droids at your leisure. If you didn't bring any extra computer spikes, then worry not, for there is still away to get past this area. First, you'lll have to go around destroying droids. For each droid you destroy a computer spike will be created in the corresponding bin. This means that if you don't have any ranks in computer use, you'll have to destroy at least 48 droids! So hopefully you brought at least a few spikes, or have a few ranks in computer use. In any case once they are gone SAVE YOUR GAME!

Now for the final confrontation. Make sure you're ready for a fierce battle and go forward to confront Malak. This guy can be very very tough. Consulars will most likely have a harder time than melee builds. First, whenever you get far away, he has a nasty tendancy of casting Force Breach on you, making all of your preparations disappear, except for stims and energy shields that is. Second his extremely high saves, along with the fact that he often casts force immunity makes it very difficult to have force powers effect him. Two things can help. First, Force Breach can remove his resistance, and Plague can help lower his saves. This may allow you to cast powers such as Kill, which can really help make the battle move along.

If you cannot lower his resistance or saves, then you can just run far enough away and cast throw lightsaber at him. While this only does around 31 damage on average, at least he gets no save, nor can he resist it. Melee builds can just hack him down. Adhesive grenades are key for consulars. Malak just stands there helpless as you pummel him from a distance. If you chuck one grenade every three or four force powers cast on him, you'll be able to keep him immobile as long as your grenades last. Just don't get caught in the blast radius yourself your you can be in for a world of hurt. I don't recommend using other grenades, as they don't do very much damage. Thermal detonators actually free Malak from the effects of the adhesive grenade, so I don't recommend using them.

In any case once you've gotten his health down far enough, he'll run off AGAIN. He really does love to run away doesn't he? He'll then explain that the floating jedi around here are all there to provide him with a source of extra health. Well suck, that means we have to go through that battle another EIGHT TIMES! Or maybe not.

Word of advice, whenever he runs off to refill his health, during this time you can go into your inventory and use as many items as you want without the one item per round restriction. So now would be a good time to heal up. Anyways, after listening to his shpiel, you'll have two ways of dealing with this moron. First is to run around and "use up" the captive jedi.

The following is a list of force powers that work:

  • Disable Droid
  • Destroy Droid
  • Throw Lightsaber
  • Advanced Throw Lightsaber
  • Force Breach
  • Choke
  • Kill
  • Force Lightning
  • Force Storm
  • Drain Life
  • Death Field
Every jedi that you "liberate" refills your force points fully (light-sided and neutral force powers), while every jedi that becomes charred and lifeless (dark-sided force powers) grants nothing unless you use Drain Life or Death Field, in which case it refills both force points and vitality fully.

The other way of dealing with him is to just keep whacking away, while he runs away every so often to refill his rapidly diminishing health. This is not recommended if you're having problems dealing with Malak, though it is fun to watch him squirm. In any case when after the last Captive Jedi is used up, he can finally be defeated. Just use the same tactics you did the first time and he should go down eventually. Congratulations! You've won the game. Watch the ending cutscenes and enjoy the credits.

Synopsis of the Star Forge

Overall: Medium. Depends on build. Well built melee builds have little problem, easy even. The Dual blaster wielder didn't have too many problems, so long as she used adhesive grenades to plant the enemy in place, though to be honest it wasn't as easy as the melee builds.

Consulars can have loads of problems depending. Adhesive grenades really help here. The light sided consular had the least problems, as Stasis would slow Malak down even if he saved against it, allowing him to be hit more easily with Adhesive grenades to plant him in place. The Dark consular had the most problems as she didn't have throw lightsaber, so damaging him consistantly was difficult. Using a combination of Plague and Kill helped, since Kill does some damage even if Malak saved. If lucky he'll fail his save and you can take down HALF of his health in a single shot making it the best bet.

Enjoy the Endings!

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