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Dialogue Choices on Taris Part 1

Upper City

+2 : [You] Tell me what's going on or I'll end all your problems... permanently!
+2 : [Dia] Then you're going to learn the same lesson I taught Holdan: I'm not as helpless as I look! (When you say you will kill her for the bounty.)
+4 : [You] Keep your reward, Dia. Helping you was thanks enough.

Zelka Forn
+2 : [You] Is there anything I can do to help?
+2 : [You] I don't take orders from you. Either Zelka pays up, or I tell the Sith.
+2 : [You] Not my problem, doc. Hand over some credits or explain all this to the Sith!
+4 : [Zelka] Hmmm.... let me see... yes, this is it! A cure for the rakghoul disease! With this sample I can make enough serum for everyone! (When you give him the serum)
+2 : [You] Keep your reward, Zelka. You need it more than I do.
+2 : [You] You better come up with something extra or I'll put a smoking blaster hole right between your eyes!

Hassled Merchant
+2 : [You] Leave this man alone or you'll have to deal with me!
+4 : [You] Here's 100 credits. Take them.
+2 : [You] Hand over all your credits if you want to live!

+2 : [You][Persuade] Hey, guys, we can all be friends here. Let me buy you a drink.
+2 : [You] If you're trying to pick a fight, you've got one!

Persecuted Ithorian
+2 : [You] Just because he's different doesn't give you the right to attack him!
+4 : [You] You look hurt. Here, I've got a medpac. Let me help you.

Janice Nall
+2 : [You][Persuade] Maybe I'll just start telling people not to shop here. You'll be ruined!
+4 : [Janice][Success] Hey, I don't want trouble with Davik. Look, take the droid, he's yours. But the next time Davik wants me to do some custom work, he's out of luck! (When you take T3M4 from her via threats)

Alien Under Interrogation
+2 : [Alien] But... but... no! I won't die like this! (Talk to him in a Sith Disguise, say you get to kill him yourself, and Carth must not intervene)

+2 : [You] Give me the credits and I won't tell Davik you're hiding here.
+6 : [Largo] You'd give 200 credits to a stranger just to help them out?! I... I don't believe it! Thank you! (Give Largo 200 Credits to help him out)
+2 : [You] Maybe I should just kill you and collect the bounty.

Sith Interrogation
+2 : [You] I won't let you kill a defenseless prisoner!

+2 : [You] I'm ready! (For a death-match with Bendak)
+2 : [You] Pay up, you overgrown slug, or I'll tell people you went back on our deal! Your reputation will be ruined! (After winning the death-match vs Bendak)

Lower City

+4 : [Holdan] Don't worry - I'll stick to my end of the bargain. I'll go tell Zax right now that the bounty is off the table. (After persuading him to remove Dia's Bounty)

+2 : [Zax] Here's the credits. Davik will be very pleased when he see this. Very pleased, indeed. Now, what else do you need? (When you give him the serum)

+2 : [You] I have a permacrete detonator right here. Go on... take it.


Outcast Beggars
+2 : [You] You poor wretches. Here's 20 credits to buy some food and clothing.

+2 : [Hendar] I can't thank you enough for saving me, up-worlder. If I had anything but these rags on my back it would be yours. But we have nothing. (After saving Hendar, talk to Hester. No Light side points for talking to Hendar)

Infected Outcasts
+2 : [You] Here, take this rakghoul serum. I have enough for both of you.
+2 : [You] I think I'll kill you so you don't infect anyone else!

Republic Soldier
+2 : [You] Here, take this serum. It will cure you.

+6 : [Rukil] You have done a great thing, up-worlder - a selfless act that will bring great joy to all the people of this village! I must take this to Gendar right away! (After giving him the Journals)

+2 : [Rukil] False prophet! Deceiver! You have betrayed me! You have sold the hope of the entire village to the selfish and damnable Igear! (When you give him the Journals)

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