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Same as the Pants, but with badges instead!

HP Up Hammer/Hand/Jump: Gain some HP when you attack with a SOLO hammer/hand/jump attack
Power-D: Raises counter attack power
BP Auto Gain: Randomly gain BP in battle
Shroom Force: Raises power based on number of Mushrooms in inventory
Lucky Attack: Critical Attack rate up
Item Grab: Raises chances of enemies dropping items
POW-Up: Boosts power in battle
Spiny Jump Killer: Allows to jump on spiked enemies

Name Found Stats Ability Cost
Bean Badge Given to you +6 BP, +8 Power N/A N/A
Bean B Badge Beanbean +6 BP, +10 Power N/A 78
Beauty Badge Beanbean +28 Power N/A 200
Bowser Fang Dropped by Roy +50 BP Power-D N/A
Bowser Fist Dropped by Morton +10 Power POW-Up Yes
Brilliant Badge Beanbean +45 Power N/A 350
Bros Badge Beanbean +8 BP, +25 Power N/A 150
Bros Rock Beanstone Sidequest +20 BP, +20 Power N/A N/A
Castle Badge Beanbean +10 Power N/A 75
Charity Badge Beanbean +15 Power N/A 140
Chuckola Badge Dropped by Gold Beanie +28 Power N/A N/A
General Badge Beanbean +15 BP, +45 Power N/A 350
Grab Badge Fungitown +45 Power Item Grab 400
Hand Aura Dropped by Starfish +20 Power HP-Up Hand N/A
High End Badge Beanbean Fields +12 BP POW-Up N/A
Lucky Bros Dropped by Trunkle +26 Power Lucky Attack N/A
Lucky Ribbon Dropped by Hermie +22 BP Lucky Attack N/A
Mari-Lui Badge Fungitown +20 Power BP-Auto Gain 190
Miracle Badge Beanbean +22 Power HP-Up Jump 120
Muscle Badge Fungitown +25 Power Power D 220
Mush Badge Fungitown +20 Power Shroom Force 160
Mush Badge A Fungitown +40 Power Shroom Force 300
Mush Badge AA Fungitown +45 Power Shroom Force 480
Oho Jee Symbol Dropped by Oho Jee +28 Power HP-Up Hand N/A
Ohoracle Badge Beanbean +22 Power HP-Up Hand 130
Oh-Pah Badge Beanbean +35 Power Power D 280
Pea Badge Beanbean +2 BP, +12 Power N/A 90
Piranha Swing Dropped by Piranha Bean +25 Power HP-Up Hammer N/A
Power Badge Beanbean +20 Power Power D 160
Salvage Badge Beanbean +40 Power Item Grab 320
Sarge Badge Beanbean +15 BP POW-Up 300
School Emblem Dropped by Mecha Chomp +18 Power N/A N/A
Sledge Heart Dropped by Birdo +25 Power HP-Up Hammer N/A
Soulful Bros Hermie Sidequest +40 BP BP Auto Gain N/A
Spike Badge Dropped by Pestnut and Gold Beanie +8 Power Spiny Killer Jump N/A
Spiny Badge A Dropped by Mom Piranha +22 Power Spiny Killer Jump N/A
Spiny Badge AA Fungitown +50 Power Spiny Killer Jump 280
Steady Badge Dropped by Virus +12 BP, +25 Power N/A N/A
Tank Badge Beanbean +55 Power HP-Up Jump 400
Wonder Badge Beanbean +22 Power Lucky Attack 140

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