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Bro Attacks

Bro Attacks


The good stuff. Dual attacks (Chrono Trigger anyone?) where the legendary brothers team up for the greater good of the world. Most Bro attacks go along with the skills they learn for the field. One jump attack for each, one hammer attack for each and one hand attack for each. Each brother also has a 4th attack that can be found in the Hammerhead Bros cave. Each bro attack has three levels. Level 1 is in slow motion with button indicators. Level 2 is normal speed with button indicators and level 3 is normal speed without button indicators. The higher level used, the less BP it takes and the more damage it does. Once you get your timing down, bashing out level 3 attacks shouldn't be a problem at all. My personal favorites are Swing Bros for Mario and Knockback Bros for Luigi. The trick with Swing Bros is to hit and hold A when Luigi jumps at you. You'll spin him around and there will be a target on the monster(s). When they start spinning really fast, let go of A when the target on the desired enemy is flashing. For Fire Bros, it says "Ax" and "Bx" because you start by hitting A as much as you can and Mario will throw fireballs at Luigi, which you bounce to the enemy with B. For Cyclone Bros, press B and then hit A as much as you can.

Name BP Buttons Info
Splash Bros 4, 4, 3 A, B, A Jump high and drop!
Swing Bros 6, 6, 4 Hold A Swing Luigi around!
Chooper Bros 5, 5, 3 A, B, A Dunk Luigi and attack!
Fire Bros 6, 6, 3 Ax, Bx Attack with fireballs!

Name BP Buttons Info
Bounce Bros 4, 4, 3 B, A, B Jump off Mario!
Knockback Bros 5, 5, 3 B, B, A Fire Mario to attack!
Cyclone Bros 8, 8, 4 B, Ax A twin-spin attack!
Thunder Bros 6, 6, 4 B, B, B Attack with thunder!

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