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Basics and Controls


These are basic things you might want to know about the game, such as stats, the menu and other basic stuff.

I'll always include Sidequests in the walkthrough as soon as they become available. For the menu, at the top in the middle displays your coins. Just to the right of that is a little watch that displays your game time. The two passports display the HP, BP and Level of each brother. After a few into the game you'll have a picture taken for the passport. The icons on the left represent Items, Equipment, Bros Info and Beanbean Map. Bros info is the status screen, displaying all the info you could want on our heroes. Since the stats go just a tad different than usual, I'll cover them here.

Stat Info
LV Characters Level
HP Characters Hit Points
BP Characters Bro Points. Used for double team attacks
POW Attack Power. Higher the stat, harder the hit
DEF Defense. Higher the stat, less damage you take
Speed Speed. Higher the stat, quicker your attack turn comes
Stache Easier to get critical hits and also gets you better discounts/overcharges from shops
EXP Total EXP gained by character
Next EXP needed to level up

Controls - On the field
Button Action
A Preforms action for character in front
B Preforms action for character in back
L Changes action of back character
R Changes action of front character
Select Opens suitcase (Menu)
Start Changes lead character
D-Pad Moves around

Controls - Battle Screen

Button Action
A Selects action for Mario. Also used to dodge and counter attack. Push at the right time for high damage
B Selects action for Luigi. Also used to dodge and counter attack. Push at the right time for high damage
L Changes Bros Attack difficuty
R Same as L
Select None
Start None
D-Pad Toggles actions, brings up menus, cancels selections

Controls - On the Menus

Button Action
A Confirms, toggles names(map)
B Cancel/Exit
L Switches Bros in Bros Info
R Same as L
Select Exits the menu (only from main menu screen)
Start None
D-Pad Moves cursor on the menu

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