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Net Crisis
Battle Preparations
The Final Battle

Net Crisis

Lan will get a rundown on the current situation. As soon as you regain control, Lan will get an e-mail and receive the HotelBnr KeyItem. Head inside and follow the ramp. Immediately examine the giant astronaut for a RegUP3 PowerUp. So, just head up the stairs and enter the room on the far left. So, Lan will have to launch MegaMan in a laser to destroy the asteroid. I guess they don't need to drill a hole and drop a nuke down...I wish...
Before that, there will be a little emergency. Before you leave, talk to Dr. Hikari. Lan will receive the BlueMoon B or RedSun R Battlechip. Then talk to Dr. Regal for the Transmtr KeyItem. Leave NAXA and head down the steps. Just follow the path to exit the area.
First, we're headed to Sharo and straight tot he SpaceCtr. Jack into the computer by the left side of the entrance. Take the left path and grab the BMD for a Speed+1 Program. Then follow the path into the warp. Because MegaMan doesn't have the P-Code to open the cube, talk to the green navi. Say, "No," to the navi so MegaMan can receive the SharoCD KeyItem. From here, just head straight to the entrance of Sharo Area. By the entrance, there's a comms device. Examine it to battle against one MettEX virus and two WallaEX viruses. After that, jack out.
Head to NetFrica and jack into the NupopoComp. Follow the straightforward path to NetFricaArea. Just head to the entrance of this area also. Examine the comm device for a battle against two MagTectEX viruses and a VolGearEX virus. Jack out and head to YumLand. Head to the next area and just go straight. There's a scientist selling SubChips. I'd stock up on some Untrap SubChips and maybe an Unlocker SubChip. Now, head to the left side, where there's a little kid looking at the statues. Jack into the statues.
First, go in the counter-clockwise direction and grab the BMD containing a SpinWhit PowerUp. Keep going counter-clockwise until you reach the opposite end. There's a purple heal navi there that will sell MegaMan the YumLandC KeyItem for 6000 Zennys. Now, just follow the path back to the warp to YumLand Area (if you haven't noticed, this area is identical to the NupopoComp). Again, head to the entrance of YumLandArea. Examine the device to battle against two Kilby viruses and a ShrimpyEX virus. Don't jack out just yet. There's another comm device by the entrance to ACDC Area2. Examine that comm device for a battle against two MelodyEX viruses and a KilbyEX virus. Lan should get a phonecall if you've successfully dismantled all the devices. The criminal is in Park Area1.
But first, MegaMan needs to talk to an official. So from YumLand Area, head to Netopia Area. Go towards Sharo Area, but before you go up the ramp, talk to the navi there. MegaMan will receive the TownKyDt KeyItem. From Netopia Area, just head straight to Town Area2. You should remember how to get there, if not, just follow the maps. When you get here, go to the lower level. Remember that alternate gate that you couldn't open before? Well, MegaMan now has the key to the gate.
You are now in the other portion of Town Area4 In here, go left a little and follow the forward ramp. Immediately take the left ramp, and then go up to the fork, make a left, and go up again. Take the last right platform and follow the path slightly. You see a PMD (remember when I told you to buy an Unlocker SubChip). Open the PMD with an Unlocker Subchip for a WindRack A BattleChip. Then take the right ramp and head all the way to the top. Push at the wall to find a secret path.
Follow the secret path to a purple heal navi. Talk to him so MegaMan can receive a GunSol2 G BattleChip. Because you can't walk back to the spot where the PMD was because of the ramps, you'll have to follow them back to the beginning. After you're back at the entrance, just do what you did earlier to get back to the PMD spot. At the PMD spot, head up instead. Follow the path to the next area.
This is Undernet1 and you've probably been here before. This is just a side path of the actual area so it's pretty straightforward. Follow it to Undernet2. It's pretty linear here too, so just head to Park Area1. When you get there, head left. Grab the BMD for a AntiSwrd N BattleChip. Now take the other path. There should be a purple heal navi at the very end (and you probably saw him already). He will initiate a battle against one WallaEX virus, one GaiaEX virus, and one HealNavi. After the battle, the heal navi self destructs.
That's right, they're finished...but wait, MegaMan's been saved by his buddies. Jack out and head back home, we're going to do a little preparing. However, you can skip the next part if you feel like you don't need to. If you want to skip it, just head back to NAXA.

Battle Preparations

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