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Net Crisis
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The Final Battle


This is ControlArea, the final area and there are viruses here, so watch out. However, it's pretty linear, but remember, you can't save. Be careful...
Duo will force MegaMan to fight his DarkSoul. Even though MgaMDS...MegaManDS has every chip that you have in your folder, after the battle your HP will be refilled, so don't worry about getting hit a few times.
And now, it's time to get annihilated!
Let's examine Duo's attacks. This is his beam. Don't stand in the middle of course, but it spreads out onto the outer panels also, to dodge this, just move onto the next panel as it approaches you. The side beams "appear" on the next panel, they don't actually travel there. So, if you can time it correctly, you shouldn't get hurt.
His fist smash will hit 2x2 panels, just stand accordingly.
The missiles come out and travel in a straight line. However, these can be shot down with MegaMan's Buster shots. So, just shoot at them while dodging whatever attack Duo's about to unleash.
His fist attack will first hit the back 3x2 panels, then the front 3x2 panels. So to dodge the first one, you must stand somewhere on the front three panels. Then immediately go to the pack three panels to dodge the second fist.
The floating mines travel in a zigzag path, and these can also be destroyed, but you're better off using a chip that may hit Duo and the mine at the same time.
I believe this is his last attack, the fist barrage. You'll just have to dodge these. The good thing about MegaMan games is that there's ALWAYS a way to dodge an attack.
After you defeat Duo, enjoy the ending...
Oh no, you're not done yet. Honestly, this game sucks this way. You're only 1/3 the way through. To get all the Soul Unisons and to fight Forte, you must play the game two more times. A hard mode and a super had mode. It's up to you... If you want to play some more, just select 'Continue' and select 'Start Game 2.'

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