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Net Crisis
Battle Preparations
The Final Battle

The Final Battle

When you get inside, talk to the guy standing in the center. He'll give Lan the DadsNote KeyItem. Head up the stairs on your right, and enter the first doorway you see. Lan will discover that Dr. Regal is part of Nebula. He'll jack in LaserMan, so now it's time to jack in MegaMan. Definitely save after you regain control of MegaMan.
You have entered, MeteorComp1. Every so often, Lan will get sucked up by the gravitational pull. You'll have to spam the 'A' button to get out of it. If you're one of the few using an emulator, there are autofire buttons. Woohoo!
Also, you have to step on each dotted block in order. The block with one dot comes first, then the block with two dots, and so on. Take a look at the maps I've supplied you with, you'll have a better understanding of what I mean if you take a look.
From the beginning, keep going forward and cross the one dotted panel. After the panel, go up, a little bit to the left, and then go up and make a right. You should hit a BMD containing a Geddon1 W BattleChip. Then go back left, and down. This time, head across the two dotted panel on your right. After crossing the panel, keep going until you hit a fork. Go up there and cross the moving panel. From here on, return to the point before you crossed the two dotted panel.
This time, take the moving panel to the left and then go up. Grab the BMD for a HP Memry PowerUp. Just head down and cross the three dotted panel. If you done this correctly, a portal should open up. But, before you head to it, go straight down for another BMD containing HiCannon D BattleChip. Just go a bit up and head all the way to the right and enter the portal.
When you arrive in MeteorComp2, make a left at the fork and keep going. There's a BMD containing a WideBlde K BattleChip. Then make a right and keep going. When you see the three dotted panel, make a left and simply follow the path. There's a BMD containing a RegUP3 PowerUp. Go down and cross the one dotted panel. Follow the moving panel on the right and cross the two dotted panel. Beside the one dotted panel is a moving panel going down. Take that down, follow the moving panel to the right again, but head down this time. All the way down for a BMD with 1800 Zennys.
Back up a little, make a left, and follow it all the way back to where the first BMD was. This time, instead of passing the third dotted panel, you'll cross it. The annoying thing here is that you have to keep returning back to that one fork. After crossing the panel, head back to that same path with the first BMD. This time, you'll take the first right, rather than the second right path. Cross the four dotted panel to open up the portal.
Go inside it to enter MeteorComp3. First, head all the way to the left and past the first right. Take the next right with the three moving panels. Go all the way up and make a left for a BMD with a Counter2 L BattleChip. Go down and cross two sections of moving platforms. You should see the one dot panel, so cross it. Head to the left and then grab the BMD containing 1 BugFrags. Head back a little, and cross the two dotted panel. This time, head all the way back to the one dotted panel, but cross one moving panel, and go down.
You need to hit the three dotted panel and it will require a lot of circling around. So head down, cross two moving panels, then go up. After crossing the panel you'll have to circle around again. Instead of going up to the three dotted panel, you'll want to go down this time. At the far bottom is BMD containing a HP+100 Program. After grabbing it, head all the way to the right and cross those three moving panels. Keep going, and you should see the four dotted panel. Cross it, and just head back up. Enter the portal.
Oh, did you think we were done? Nope, this is MeteorComp4. First head up and make a right at the second fork. Grab the BMD for a FullEnrg SubChip. Head back a little and go up, and make a right at the second fork again. This time, just follow it straight up to the one dotted panel. Cross it and make two rights. Follow this path to a BMD containing a Attack+1 Program. Head all the way back to the two dotted panel, you should of seen it in the beginning. Cross it and then make a left. Make two rights and grab the BMD containing a VarSwrd V BattleChip. And then head to the top left for a BMD containing a Recov120 F BattleChip. Go back and make a left. Take the moving platform back down and head to the spot right before the two dotted platform.
When you're behind the two dotted panel, make a right, and head up. Cross the three dotted panel and then head up. Make a right at the second fork. Follow this path all the way to the four dotted panel. Cross it, then make a left. Go straight onto the moving panel. Make a right and then another right at the second fork. Cross the five dotted platform.
Save before you past this point, because it's time for a battle.
Sadly, we're unable to pick the latter. Battle routine, set! Execute!! After you defeat LaserMan, before you enter the portal, you're given a chance to say 'No.' Say 'No' and save. From here, you've given a chance to go back and do what you need to do before going on. Maybe you want to get all the Navi chips before you move on. It's your choice. After you enter the portal, you can't leave.


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