This section contains terms from the in-game dictionary featured in Star Ocean 3 (Till The End of Time: Director's Cut). The Dictionary explains some facets of the game that aren't described in detail elsewhere, as well as changing facts from previous Star Ocean titles. Like the in-game dictionary, certain entries will link to others, so you can find the most information possible.

This Dictionary is arranged just like the in-game one, which is by category first, then in alphabetical order. The "term type" is listed in parentheses after each term; if you want to see all items of a particular term type (for example, all Ships), then just click on the term type to be taken to a new page that organizes all the terms by their term types. Note that not all terms HAVE term types, so only those that do can be found on that page. Further, if there is only one term ("one term" refers to a single term that is different in its name; for example, "Aldian Empire" would be considered just one term, even though the in-game Dictionary features it as a two-part term) in a term type, it will not be linked to the Term Type sorting page.

The actual "definitions" or explanations from the game are sorted out into their own pages, according to their section. Any commentary, especially regarding contradictory information from the different Star Ocean titles, or from other "official" material, will be noted in boldface text.

There are three types of terms, whose names I borrow from DarkElf99's Dictionary Completion FAQ on GameFAQs.com:
Since the vast majority of terms are mandatory, they will not be indicated in any special way. However, non-mandatory terms (including the Permanently missable ones) will be indicated by an underlined message next to the term name. For those type of terms, instructions on how to obtain it will follow the term itself on the definition page.
If your dictionary is missing terms, it is typically for a few reasons:
  1. You have yet to get to a certain point in the game, explore a certain area, or talk to a certain person.
  2. You have yet to read other Dictionary terms. Sometimes by reading other entries, you can discover new terms!
If this Dictionary is missing any terms that you have in your dictionary, please don't hesitate to email me so I can complete it!


Total number of terms: 475
Total number of terms you can only get through PAs, speaking to NPCs, etc.: 105 (4 from Political Bodies/Places, 66 from People, 11 from Races, and 24 from Miscellaneous)
Total number of terms that you can only aquire in or between PAs, thus rendering them "missable:" 20 (1 Political Body/Place, 8 People, and 11 Miscellaneous)

Political Bodies/Places