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This portion of the Dictionary emcompasses any terms that fall in the Political Bodies/Place Terms section of the in-game Dictionary. It is further divided up according to the Term Types, such as City, Country, and so forth. Unlike the Terms page, this page will account for those terms who make up a single Term Type on their own, e.g. Aldian Empire as the only example of Nation-State.


Classified as type:


The capital city of the military superpower of Airyglyph. Airyglyph's land is surrounded by 2,000 meter-high mountains. Due to its high elevation, natural resources such as grain and animals are extremely dificult to come by.
In the past, its finances were covered by large-scale resource mining, the domestication of livestock, and other means, but there have been reports that Airyglyph's mines are nearing depletion.
A major city located in the center of the northern region of the continent of Gaitt, Aquios is not only the capital of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, but also a holy site of the Church of Apris.
Despite the dazzling beauty of the clear blue lake that surrounds this city, the runological force gathered there is greater than anywhere else on the continent of Gaitt.
A town in the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria that lies closest to the neighboring Kingdom of Airyglyph.
It has managed to withstand several fierce attacks by the Airyglyph military in the past, thanks to its garrison, which is skillfully led by Clair Lasbard, and its runological corps.
However, many of the town's runologist defenders have been injured in the repeated battles, and it is rumored within the Kingdom of Aquaria that the fall of this town is imminent.
A city in 4D space-- one of the satellite cities where many of the inhabitants of the 4D universe live. Spacetime Station ties all of the major cities together.
The inhabitants of the Eternal Sphere find the psychological makeup of the 4D beings that live in this peculiar city to be curious creatures-- they make sense in some ways, but not in others.
A city existing for the amusement of the non-working class that makes up the majority of the 4D universe's population.
It was developed and is operated by Sphere, the same company that developed the Eternal Sphere. Within Gemity, it is possible to fully experience the virtual universe of the Eternal Sphere as if you are there.
In other words, it's just like an amusement park.
The 14th Recreational Zone of Hyda IV, Iruba's huge, pristine beach and tropical forest help to make it the most popular of Hyda IV's twenty-four recreational zones.
Iruba is popular with a wide range of visitors from all generations, including families, couples, and a large number of celebrities from various fields.
The town in the Kingdom of Airyglyph that lies closest to the border with the neighboring Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
The number of soldiers stationed here rose sharply after the war started, and its atmosphere is growing increasingly tense.
It is governed by Count Woltar and the Storm Brigade, which reports directly to him.
Lost City
One of the seven major cities in 4D space. The Lost City is actually only of moderate size, but its top-class system of authority allows it to easily concentrate its capabilities. This puts its city voice in various matters on par with the other major cities.
At present, it is concentrating its effort in the information and entertainment fields.
(The only other two cities in 4D space whose names are known are Arkives and Gemity. It is not known if either of them count as 'major cities,' or if satellite cities differ from 'major cities' in any way. While the Lost City's specialty is stated and Gemity's can be assumed, it is not known what specialty Arkives has, if any.)
A city and commercial hub connecting the royal city of Aquios of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria with the three surrounding kingdoms.
Unlike Aquios, with its decidedly religious bent, this town is an advanced center of commerce, and acts almost as a second capital of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
Peterny is the commercial heart of the whole continent of Gaitt.
The former capital of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, a kingdom which pre-dates both the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria and the military superpower of Airyglyph
According to historical texts, in a war 300 years ago, Sirvia I, the future queen, released the power of the Sacred Orb to strike back against the Mechanized Corps of the technological superpower of Greeton. The Corps was occupying Surferio at the time and as a result, the city sank below the sea, along with the occupying forces.
At present, the city is located in territory belonging to the Sanmite Republic, and it is said that many humanoids who are suited to life underwater dwell there.
The village Fayt first arrived at after crash-landing on Vanguard III.
Comprised of farmers and fieldworkers, this village possesses no particular industry.


Airyglyph, Military Superpower
See the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
Ancient Kingdom of Aquor
See the Kingdom of Aquor.
Greeton, Technological Superpower
See the Kingdom of Greeton.
Kingdom of Airyglyph
A military nation ruling the mountainous souther regions of the continent of Gaitt, which is located in the southern hemisphere of the planet Elicoor II.
Seeking to establish a unified rule over the entire continent, the prowess of its three armies strikes fear into the hearts of those living in neighboring lands. These three armies include a calvary brigade (the Storm Brigade), heavy cavalry (the Black Brigade), and an air assault Brigade (the Dragon Brigade).
Kingdom of Aquaria
A theocratic kingdom located on the continent of Gaitt, on the planet Elicoor II, the Kingdom of Aquaria refers to itself as a "Sacred Kingdom."
The Church of Apris, which has many followers throughout the continent, was born in this kingdom. Ever since the Torastic Religious War that occured seven hundred years ago, an unbroken line of royalty dating back to the age of this kingdom's predecessor, the Sacred Kingdom of Aquor, has ruled the land.
Perhaps due to the recent incursions of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, the current ruler of this country, Aquaria XXVII, is allocating a tremendous amount of resources to research into runology.
Kingdom of Aquor
An ancient kingdom that ruled most of the continent of Gaitt over a period from 700 to 320 years ago.
Aquor-- often seen as the predecessor of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria-- was eventually destroyed by an invasion from the Kingdom of Greeton.
Kingdom of Greeton
Located on the continent of Greeton on Elicoor II, Greeton is well known for its technological sophistication.
Most of the population of Greeton is comprised of humanoids known as Rockfolk, and it is rumored to possess a relatively high level of mechanical technology.
However, details about Greeton are scarce as it closed itself off to outsiders centuries ago.
Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria
See the Kingdom of Aquaria.
Sanmite Republic
A nation located on the continent of Gaitt, on the planet Elicoor II, the Sanmite Republic was created by humanoids in order to resist the three surrounding nations.
The policies of this nation are decided through discussions among the representatives of all of its various tribes.


Airyglyph Castle
The royal palace of the military power of Airyglyph. Airyglyph Castle was carved out of a mountainside, and resembles a fort more than a traditional castle.
It is said, however, that the castle was not built in this unusual fashion for defensive purposes, but rather because there was not enough flat land to build on.
Ancient Ruins of Mosel
Mysterious, old ruins located in the Mosel Dunes.
According to the scriptures of the Church of Apris, the sun god Apris and the three moon goddesses (Irisa, Erinia, and Palmira) flew off into the sky from these ruins.
The scriptures also state that the eight children of these gods (Dima, Elena, Leiria, Shar, Aire, Folstar, Oreas, and Solon) who are also gods in their own right, gather together here.
According to those living in the Sanmite Republic, these ruins mark the beginning and end of all.
In other words, they believe that this is the place where all gods appear on this world, and the place from which all gods leave this world.
(What the people of the Sanmite Republic think actually isn't too far from the truth; the Ancient Ruins of Mosel house the only worldly entrance to Firewall, where the "gods" disappear to after having made changes to the worlds of the Eternal Sphere. Luther both appeared and disappeared on Elicoor II from this point, and Fayt and his friends followed him-- with the help of many of the other 'gods,' who just happened to be Sphere programmers.)
Aquatic Garden, Surferio - Non-mandatory: obtain by visiting the Aquatic Gardens between Suferio and Irisa Fields. You don't have to beat the Garden to obtain the term.
A great ruin found underground between Surferio and Irisa Fields.
It was seemingly built in the early years of the Ancient Kingdom of Aquor, which makes it not as ancient as most people would think.
It still stands, with no hope of repair, after being destroyed in the war between Aquor and Greeton.
Castle Aquaria
The castle where the queen of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria dwells, a holy site for the Church of Apris, and the most advanced runology laboratory on the planet.
Many religious people and scholars flock to this castle to research its rich history and traditions.
Emergency Shelter
See Evacuation Facility.
Evacuation Facility
In an emergency, any of the transporters located throughout Iruba can be used to go to the Evacuation Facility. (To evacuate... duh.)
Although there are several emergency evacuation facilities of this nature located in civilized cities around the Pangalatic Federation, this is the first time such a system was ever used on Hyda IV or anywhere in the Hyda system.
Federation Station #5
See Moonbase.
Federation Station #8
A Pangalactic Federation space station located in the Alpha Sector.
Since there were few powerful hostile forces in the surrounding sectors, this base was accustomed to peace and is thought not to have been combat ready.
Although it may be true that no one could have successfully defended the base against the attack by the Executioners, there is no doubt that the base's commander, Lieutenant General Vaughn, was responsible for the unexpectedly rapid defeat of the base.
Federation Station #9
A Pangalactic Federation base located in the Alpha Sector. It was the first military base attacked and destroyed by the Executioners.
Federation Station #16
A station that suffered serious damage when attacked during the invasion by the Aldian Empire at the time Federation Station #17 was destroyed. This base was reclaimed from the hands of the Aldian Empire by Commodore Wittcomb, hero of the Pangalactic Federation military.
Federation Station #17 
Pangalactic Federation base that used to orbit the planet Rahva III. 
As the closest military base to the territory of the Aldian Empire, it suffered endless and devastating attacks by the Aldian forces.
Seven years ago, in 765 SD, it was brutally attacked by a fleet of the Aldian Empire. Damage sustained in the attack caused the Creation Engine inside the base to malfunction, completely annihilating it.
Federation Station #17 (Part 2)
A Pangalactic Federation base where Maria lived as a young child.
Seven years ago, this facility was vaporized by a Creation Engine that malfunctioned during a vicious attack by the Aldian Empire.
A swarm of asterods routed from deep space smashed into this base.
The small number of ships comprising the base's defense fleet were unable to alter the course of so many chunks of ice.
Federation Station #18
A station that suffered serious damage when attacked during the invasion by the Aldian Empire at the time Federation Station #17 was destroyed. It was reclaimed from the Aldian Empire by General Reed (who was a lieutenant general at the time), a famous military leader of the Pangalactic Federation.
Federation Station #20
A Pangalactic Federation space station located in the Alpha Sector that had the unfortunate fate of having to take on responsibility for defending the entire region after the sudden annihilation of Federation Station #8, which was torn to shreds like so much paper.
Federation Station #31
A doomed station easily destroyed by the Executioners, along with Federation Station #9, Federation Station #36, and Federation Station #42
Federation Station #36
A defeated station easily destroyed by the Executioners, along with Federation Station #9, Federation Station #31, and Federation Station #42.  
Federation Station #42
A pitiful station easily destroyed by the Executioners, along with Federation Station #9, Federation Station #31, and Federation Station #36.
See Shrine of Kaddan.
Kirlsa Training Facility
An ancient, abandoned fort south of Kirlsa converted by the Airyglyph military into a garrison for the Black Brigade.
Hundreds of innocent men and women, especially believers of the Church of Apris living within the territory of Airyglyph, have been executed here in order to serve as an example.
Maze of Tribulations - Non-mandatory: obtain by visiting the Maze of Tribulations after Game Clear. It is located below the stairwell in southwest Kirlsa. You will need the Ring of Disintegration to disintegrate some rocks that block the passageway to the teleporter that will take you there.
A hellish maze that seems to have been designed by a mischievous god.
(This maze is SO3's equivalent to Star Ocean: The Second Story's Cave of Trials. Like the COT, it also features some familiar faces: Puffy the Inventor (who is still holding a grudge), Santa, and Gabriel Celesta (formerly known as Iselia-Queen, Indalecio's female counterpart; in the original Japanese game, "she" was known as Gabrie-Celesta, because Indalecio's original name was Gabriel).)
The widely used nickname of Federation Station #5, which was built in orbit around the moon Luna, in the Sol System.
Moonbase (Part 2)
The space station containing the research lab where Fayt's parents, the Leingods, and Sophia's father, Dr. Esteed, used to work.
This place holds the key to the secrets hidden in the genes of Fayt and Maria.
Moonbase (Part 3)
The space station containing the research lab where Fayt's parents, the Leingods, Sophia's father, Dr. Esteed, and Maria's foster mother, Dr. Traydor, developed the three powers aimed at fighting back against the 4D beings: Alteration, Destruction, and Connection
This is why this base was directly attacked by the Proclaimers, who specialize in thorough destruction.
Moonlit Bridge
A gigantic bridge connecting the city of Aquios with the Irisa Fields
You'd think there would be a story behind the name of this bridge, but there really isn't.
Remote Station #6
A Pangalactic Federation base located on the borderline between the Gamma and Lambda sectors that is home to eight battle-class ships (with the most powerful and honored ship of them all, the Aquaelie as the mothership), thirty-five combat explorers and research explorers, and twenty-five transport ships.
More ships are stationed here than in typical space stations in order to counter the hostile Aldian Empire.
The current commander of this base is Commodore Wittcomb, the most famous hero of the Pangalactic Federation.
Remote Station #7
Pangalactic Federation base orbiting Hyda III that patrols and protects approximately half of the Kappa Sector (including Hyda System itself), as well as part of the Iota Sector.
This base includes three battle-class ships, with the GFAS1144 Argyll acting as the mothership, ten combat explorers, and twelve research explorers/transport ships.
This base is smaller than that of other Federation space stations because there are no powers in the region that are hostile to the Pangalactic Federation.
General Birmingham (male, age 54) is the current base commander.
Ruins of Coffir
Ancient, abandoned ruins located near the village of Whipple. The locals believe that these are the ruins of the tombs of aristocrats that used to rule this area in the distant past.
Runological Weapon Research Facility
The Runological Weapon Research Facility of the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria is led by Dr. Elena Frahm and her protector Dion.
It is truly unfortunate that the war with the Kingdom of Airyglyph has added the word "Weapon" between "Runological" and "Research Facility."
Shrine of Kaddan
A shrine located near Aquios, Kaddan is counted as one of the holy sites of the Church of Apris, and the structure on its top floor is said to be one of the most ancient pieces of architecture still remaining on the continent of Gaitt.
Since it is forbidden for anyone other than the unbroken line of Holy Mothers to enter the shrine, nobody knows who made the shrine, or their reasons for doing so.
One thing that is certain, however, is that powerful runology was used at the time of construction, and this has protected the shrine from major wind and rain damage over the millenia.
Spacetime Station
A place where inhabitants of 4D space utilize spatial conjuncture technology, which is the preferred mode of travel in this universe.
At first glance, the technology resembles the transporters used in the Milky Way, but in actuality, the two systems are completely different. Transporters simultaneously delete and create matter at two separate locations to mimic transportation, but within such a station, spatial conjunctions that lead to other locations are actually formed.
To prevent crime, however, use of this Spacetime Station is restricted by requiring governmental approval for each specific destination coordinate. The system does not allow anyone to freely travel wherever they want.
Sphere 211
The headquarters of the gigantic company Sphere, which controls almost all of the Lost City
Sphere 211 sports countless defense systems and private guard units, under the pretext of protection from terrorism.
Urssa Cave Temple - Non-mandatory: obtain by discovering the entrance to the Temple in Crossell's lair after Game Clear.
Ruins found beneath the Urssa Lava Caves.
It is rumored that ones who enter here are never seen again.
But since no one has actually gone in yet...

Government or Force

Pangalatic Federation
Established by the third planet of the Sol System in 12 SD, the Pangalactic Federation was the first multi-planetary alliance-based government.
Originally known as the Terran Alliance when it was founded, as it grew, its name was changed to the Pangalactic Federation.
Currently, several hundred races of sentient life forms belong to this government.
Terran Alliance
The first multi-planetary alliance government, established by the third planet of the Sol System in 12 SD.
This government currently goes by the name "Pangalactic Federation," but its activities and principles have changed little since the time of the Terran Alliance. At some time in the past, it was also known as the Earth Federation.


The moon of the third planet of the Sol System, Earth.
In this day and age, when people speak of Luna, they are often referring to Moonbase, which was built in orbit around Luna.


Aldian Empire
A gigantic military empire that controls a total of seven sectors, centered on the Nu, Xi, Omicron, and Psi sectors, it is the only force equal in power to the Pangalactic Federation. First contact occurred in SD 710.
The Aldian Empire attempts to colonize surrounding star systems by force, and is therefore incompatible with the multiple state philosophy of the Pangalactic Federation.
This is why the two forces have been in a state of constant warfare since first contact, over sixty years ago.
The state of the Aldian Empire's home world and the total number of Aldians are unknown at this time.
Aldian Empire (Part 2) - Permanently missable: obtain after defeating Biwig and before resting on the Battleship Aquaelie. Talk to the Communications Officer on the Bridge.
The Aldians were wiped out when an Executioner attack destroyed their home world, and the planets that had been under their control gained independence.
However, none of the former subjects of the Aldian Empire have the power to stand up to the Executioners, with their empire-smashing strength, and the Executioners are currently massacring the empire's ex-subjects far and wide.


Dragon Road
The only road that leads to the Urssa Lava Caves, which are located in the northernmost region of Airyglyph.
There is a legend that Airyglyph I, the first king of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, climbed this road in order to negotiate with the air dragons. This was done to enlist their aid against evil demons.
Gravitic Warp Space
Space that is surrounded by a gravitic warp field, and which is compressed much more than ordinary space. See gravitic warp field.

Place Name

Aire Hills
Both Airyglyph and Aquaria claim sovereignity over this hilly region, which lies between Kirlsa and Arias.
Each country wants this vast land for different reasons-- the Kingdom of Airyglyph for growing crops since it never freezes, and the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria for the wealth of resources hidden underneath its soil.
Airyglyph Aqueducts
A system of gigantic ice cavs that sprawl throughout underground Airyglyph. The Airyglyph Aqueducts are so vast that neither the spies from the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, who use them like a highway, nor the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Airyglyph, who live immediately above them, are aware of their true size.
Barr Caves
Innumerous caves that are scattered about the Mountains of Barr. Only one of these mountain caves is the legendary Dragon Road, which leads to the Urssa Lava Caves.
Bequerel Mine
One of the Kingdom of Airyglyph's mines.
In the time of the first king, this mine mass-produced enough copper to support the kingdom's finances, but excessive mining over a long period has depleted all of the copper ore except for remants very deep in the mine.
To make matters worse, fifteen years ago, many flying dragons made this mine their home, preventing all but the most foolhardy from ever visiting the place.
Bequerel Mountain Path
A mountain path between the Kirlsa Caverns and the village of Arias that is also a second road connecting Airyglyph and Aquaria.
However, since this path between the kingdoms is much more roundabout than the usual roads, as well as precipitous, this route is hardly used.
Continent of Gaitt
A continent in the southern hemisphere of Elicoor II.
Gaitt is divided into three regions. The mountainous southern region is ruled by the military superpower of Airyglyph, the plains in the northeast are ruled by the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria, and the hilly region to the northwest is ruled by the Sanmite Republic.
Continent of Greeton
A huge continent located to the east of the continent of Gaitt, Greeton alone accounts for 40% of the entire land surface area of Elicoor II.
However, there are only two landmasses on Elicoor II that are large enough to be called continents-- Gaitt and Greeton. Elicoor II's northern hemisphere has a number of island chains, but no continents.
Duggus Forest
A forest located in the middle of the Sanmite Steppe in which many medicinal herbs and flowers grow. 
Recently, a band of thieves that calls itself the Moonshadow Clan has been using this forest as a base of operations, while growing in strength.
Granah Hills
A region noted for its deep gorges connecting Kirlsa with the Kirlsa Training Facility. It is the only part of the Kingdom of Airyglyph used to grow crops.
In actuality, however, the areas flat enough to use for agriculture are no wider than a soldier's shield.
Irisa Fields
A plesantly breezy expanse of plains thar lies between Peterny and Aquios.
Merchants, runologists, and devout followers of the Church of Apris pass through this region every day on the way to the holy land of Aquios.
Kirsla Caverns
A gigantic tunnel through a mountain range connecting Kirlsa and the Bequerel Mountain Path.
These artificial caverns were built over the course of ten years, in order to make it easier to access the Bequerel Mountain Path, which contains many veins of ore.
Domesticated Hauler Beasts allow large shipments of materials to be transported through the caverns.
Kirlsa Hills
A barren, hilly region between Kirlsa and Arias that contains rich mineral deposits. Sovereignity over this region is a point of dispite between Airyglyph and Aquaria, and there is still no precise boundary between the two kingdoms in this area.
Mosel Dunes
A parched desert region located in the eastern part of the Sanmite Republic in which a constant wind blows from the east.
Ordinarily, a tall mountain range the likes of the Mosel Dunes will have an arid climate, but this is not always the case on the continent of Gaitt.
For instance, the water flowing around Surferio and Aquios never dries up for some unknown reason.
Mountain of the Gods
A mountain beyond Duggus Forest and one of the few remaining locations where Palmira's Flower can still be found within the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria.
The fact that Ameena and her friends can so easily travel there would seem to indicate there is a back road to the peak known only to a few people.
The mountain itself is considerably distant from human habitations, so Nel cannot be blamed for not knowing of his back road.
Mountains of Barr
A gigantic mountain range located in the northern region of the Kingdom of Airyglyph.
These mountains lead to the legendary Dragon Road, which Airyglyph I is said to have climbed.
Palmira Plains
Fertile plains between Arias and Peterny that are cut in half by a river that runs east to west.
Every several years, the river overflows and causes flooding, but this process also has the effect of naturally replacing the soil, and thereby maintaining the richness of the land.
Passage from Parch to Plenty
A passage leading to the Mosel Dunes region in western Surferio.
Only those who can breathe underwater or fly can travel to the hinterlands of the Republic of Sanmite without passing through this area.
Pesotto Forest
The forest region where Fayt crash-landed in his escape pod.
This is a very secluded region, even for the underdeveloped planet of Vanguard III, and there is little reason to visit it. Only a few local inhabitants ever do.
Ruins of Barr
A complex of ruins located deep within the Mountains of Barr.
It is said that a very long time ago, humans and dragons used to live there in harmony.
Sanmite Steppe 
A semi-arid gras-covered plain between the Sacred Kingdom of Aquaria and the Sanmite Republic, the Sanmite Steppe is surrounded by mountains that cause the altitude to vary dramatically within the region.
Around the time the Kingdom of Airyglyph invaded the Kingdom of Aquaria, armed bands of thieves began infesting the forested areas near this region. 
Sealed Cavern
A secret, underground passageway connecting Castle Aquaria and the Shrine of Kaddan.
Very few people know of this passageway, even in the Kingdom of Aquaria.
Traum Mountains
A snowbound, mountainous region between the royal city of Airyglyph and the town of Kirlsa.
The jagged cliffs and mountain walls of this area make for a great deal of variation in altitude.
('Traum' means 'dream' in German. Do you suppose there's any significance between these mountains having a name that may sound similar to that word?)
Urssa Lava Caves
A complex of torrid caves in which air dragons congregate. The air dragons gain power as they age, and are under the leadership of Crosell, who is known as the Lord of Air Dragons.
It would be no exaggeration to say that every last soldier in the Kingdom of Airyglyph dreams of the day when they sign a contract with one of the air dragons living in this cave complex.
The Dragon Brigade in the Kingdom of Airyglyph boasts a large number of knights who ride air dragons, but as of yet, only two people have succeeded in taming one of the air dragons living in the Urssa Lava Caves-- King Airyglyph XIII and Duke Vox (the commander of the Dragon Brigade). 


Called Frozen Arakh, as its surface is covered with nitrogen ice, it is the seventh planet of the Estoch System, which is located near Federation Station #17
Arakh's axial tilt is 87.6, it is 7.6 AUs from its parent star, and its surface gravity is 1.4 G.
The thin atmosphere of this nearly uninhabitable planet is mostly comprised of helium gas.
In spite of the harsh environment, a mining station has been established on Arakh since mass quantities of precious metals can be excavated from beneath the thick ice.
The third planet of the Sol System.
Do you need to know any more than that?
The presence of two races has been confirmed on this underdeveloped planet. One is a marine race known as the Edifians, and the other is a race of Humans that is very similar to the Earthling race.
Since Edifice is an underdeveloped planet, there have not been any detailed investigations, but the existence of an advanced ancient civilization has been conjectured due to the so-called "Gift" they left behind as a legacy.
(This planet is the setting for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, the Game Boy game that immediately followed Star Ocean: The Second Story. The humans on Edifice are descendants of the Moorians, a civilization of highly advanced humans that lived on the continent of Mu on Earth before it was destroyed by a meteorite. The Moorians left the continent prior to its destruction and were scattered on three planets: Edifice, Roak, and Fargett, three planets on which Star Ocean 1 takes place.)
Elicoor II
Other than the fact that most of its atmosphere is composed of neon and other noble gases, the second planet in the Elicoor system has an atmospheric composition that is similar to that of Earth.
Elicoor II has an axial tilt of 32.6, is 0.8 AUs from its parent star, and has a surface gravity of 0.9 G.
The planet's technology level is estimated to be equivalent to 17th century (1600s) Earth.
Although this planet is registered in the Galactic Atlas as an underdevloped planet, since its people are constantly at war, no data is available for the total population of sentient life forms.
A planet located in the Arkula System of Sector Theta that has an atmospheric composition and surface gravity approximately identical to those of Earth.
This naturally beautiful world is currently enjoying a period of stability, but at one point in its past the high density of Energy Stones distributed throughout its atmosphere polluted the entire planet.
This mysterious pollution, which began in 366 SD, continued for several years, and affected the psyches of many of the planet's wild animals, causing them to ferociously attack the native Expelians.
However, in 371 SD, Dr. Neuyman succeeded in developing his Neuyman Purifier, a device that was able to remove this pollution.
This cleaner worked wonderfully, removing most of the pollution by the very next year, and thereby eliminating almost all of the negative influence of the Energy Stones.
Recognizing the value of this technology, Expel was invited to join the Pangalatic Federation at the end of the same year.
Because Expel is one of the few planets that generate Energy Stones --a necessity in the creation of Quadratic Keys-- the planet is an extremely influential voice within the Pangalactic Federation.
The current Prime Minister of Expel is Ms. Eleanor T. Kross (age 36).
(Expel is the planet on which the bulk of Star Ocean: The Second Story took place. The "pollution" mentioned in the Dictionary entry is the falling of a large Energy Stone that Expelians at the time called the "Sorcery Globe."
Given the short span of time between the start of the Sorcery Globe's influence and the invention of the Neuyman (Neuuman) Purifier, it is reasonable to assume that the Dr. Neuyman in question is the NPC father of Precis F. Neuuman, one of the playable characters in SO2.
Of note is the fact that Quadratic Keys and similar technology were in the hands of advanced civilizations such as the Milokeenians and the Nedians, millions of years before Earth. However, because Energy Nede and its people were destroyed at the end of SO2, leaving only three Nedians alive, there is no mention of Nede or its people anywhere within the Dictionary. It is likely that those three Nedians did not breed with each other, and therefore the species died out altogether.
Eleanor is the name of a sickly child that appears in the Star Ocean 2 game, while Kross is a perversion of Cross, a kingdom on one of the main continents of Expel. It is likely that this 'Eleanor' is a descendant of the royalty that ruled over Cross Kingdom, perhaps even of one of the player characters!)
Hyda IV
Blah Blah
Klaus III
Blah Blah
Klaus IV
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Styx (Part 2)
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Vanguard III
Blah Blah
Blah Blah
Vendeen (Part 2)
Blah Blah
Vendeen (Part 3)
Blah Blah

Planetary System

Estoch System
Blah Blah
Sol System
Blah Blah


Alpha Sector
Blah Blah
Eta Sector
Blah Blah
Gamma Sector
Blah Blah
Kappa Sector
Blah Blah
Lambda Sector
Blah Blah
Theta Sector
Blah Blah
Zeta Sector
Blah Blah


4D Space
See Fourth-Dimensional Space.
Blah Blah
Fourth-Dimensional Space
The universe where the 4D beings, who are thought to have created the universe of Fayt and friends, live.
No information is available on this universe.
According to the resarch of Dr. Leingod and his team of scientists, the relic on the planet Styx known as the Time Gate is actually an entrance to this 4D Space.
Spiral Tower
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A powerful security zone created to protect the data of Luther Lansfeld, president of Sphere and lead developer of the Eternal Sphere.
This security zone includes powerful defensive barriers to prevent the entry of hackers and viruses backed by governments, so only the best programs can break through.
(This Dictionary entry is interesting in that, while it doesn't say explicitly that Firewall exists because of prior incidences, it does imply that there is tension between Sphere and outside governmental bodies, as well as individual hackers. Therefore, the Firewall was not created by Luther 'on the fly' to counteract what he saw as a threat from outside --Fayt and his friends from the Eternal Sphere. Rather, it existed beforehand, to counteract the hacking and virus attempts of other parties.)