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Basics & Tips

     Read this section carefully, you may find some interesting stuff.


  • If you are playing this game with an emulator never use the savestate function... it doesn't work right currently. Save the game normally.


  • The space you have to keep items is very limited, you can't even have a group of a same item listed in the same space. Be careful with which items you keep.
  • You won't get money by killing monsters, you only can do it selling the items you find or finding money itself, so beware of buying compulsively.
  • You can only save at Recording Statues and Churches.
  • Some items may seem bad even to sell, but in some towns you'll find people who buy those items at high prices.
  • You can raise your SP at Churches for a little amount of monney. Later in the game you can raise your SP in a few other places for free. Your SP will raise 1 point per new level gained.

Towns and Dungeons:

  • Always break every bush and barrel, and examine wardrobes and pots, you can find very useful items in them. You can even find some items in the ground of houses.
  • Talk with everyone in towns, they can give you items sometimes.
  • You may find frogs in some bushes, they are more valuable than you may think at first, they can be sold at high prices, and they are used as currency to play Mini-Games in Casinos.
  • Once you beat an enemy in a dungeon he won't appear again unless you return to the World Map, so you can go back to Recovery Statues without a problem.

Battling & Leveling Up:

  • Characters level up when they get 100 experience points.
  • The ammount of experience points received deppends on your level and the enemies level.
  • You win experience points for every hit and Technique done. You can level up in the middle of a fight.
  • You can hit partners to get some extra experience points.
  • Sometimes is a good to toss heal items to enemies, so you can hit more times and win more experience.
  • After a battle each character recover some HP. The HP you regain is 1/2 (rounded to the lowest number if 1/2 of HP = #.5) of the damage received in that battle or you'll recover the same quantity of HP if you aren't damaged in a fight.
  • You can win some easy experience points with Rain using Cure 3, each time you do it you'll win 8 points.
  • Each character and enemy has its own Front Deffense and Back Deffense, this last one is usually lower, so try to attack your enemies from a side or from the back.
  • Attacking to an empty space don't cost any Action points, so don't worry if you make a mistake some time. Take in mind that if you are confused every action will cost Action points though.
  • If a character is poisoned every action will low his HP, you can end his turn so you don't loose HP.
  • Don't worry about the items in the battle field, you'll get them automatically after the fight ends.
  • All Blue's axes push the enemy some spaces backwards, have it in mind always, it's useful to move away the enemies, but not when you want to attack constantly.

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