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     This section is dedicated to all the mini games you can find in Treasure Hunter G.

Playing the piano

    Through the game you can find a piano in a couple of pubs and using the Action button on it will cause Red to play it. Deppending on what you've done you can achieve a total of 4 different levels playing it:

  • Skill Level 1: You start with this.
  • Skill Level 2: Play the piano 3 times after Ruuri's fire.
  • Skill Level 3:
  • Skill Level 4:

Frog Casino Games

In the game you'll find in some towns a big golden building with statues of frogs, this is the Frog Casino. Inside you can play several mini-games, where you'll be able to win a prize.
To play you need to have at least one frog, but if you haven't got any don't worry, you can buy them inside.

Froggie Race

  • Game Explanation: Here you'll have to win all the other frogs in a race within a limited time.
  • Controls: Use any button to advance jumping. Use Up and Down to change of race track.
  • Suggestions:
    • Don't press the button quickly, you have to hold the button for a short amount of time, release it, and press it again when you reach the ground.
    • If you jump over another frog you'll win a short distance, and the other frog will loose a few seconds.
  • Prize: Poison Ring

Fly Catching Game

  • Game Explanation: Here you'll have to eat every fly, you have a limited number of "shots" and time.
  • Controls: Use any button to throw your tongue, use Left and Right to move through the field.
  • Suggestions:
    • While your tongue is out you can move to the sides, take advantage of it.
  • Prize: Strange Boots


  • Game Explanation: You have to dodge every ball coming from the front of the screen. You have to do it until the time concludes.
  • Controls: You only have to use Left and Right to move.
  • Suggestions:
    • None, this is the easiest of all the mini-games.
  • Prize: Heavenly Ring

Ribbit of Darkness

This is a secret mini-game hidden in the Frog Casino of Akrass and Gorgobania. To access it head to the golden statue of the frog you see inside, it will ask for a password, it is: 3131. This mini-game is a combination of every mini-game in the Frog Casino, plus a new one: Giv Shower.

  • Game Explanation: You have to catch every coin possible within a time, there is no way you can loose. Cupper coins give you 1 Giv, Silver coins 10 Giv, and the Gold ones 100.
  • Controls: Left and Right to move, any button to jump.
  • Suggestions:
    • Don't worry if you don't catch a money when it falls down, it will bounce one time.
  • Prize: The money obtained

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