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Main Characters


Rue is a mysterious young boy. He has no recollection of his name, any family, his purpose, or even what he is. Passing out in front of a house, Rue was taken in by it's inhabitant - a woman named Claire. One night, an intruder disrupted their dinner and Claire was killed. Devastated, Rue has been tirelessly searching for a [relic] that can bring her back.

Rue's a serious boy who isn't oft to smile since Claire's passing. His determination never wavered in his search for a [relic].
Rue's Polymorph list

Beginning Stats:
HP: 60/60
MP: 00/60
Str: 032+000
Def: 032+000


Due to her unprincess-like conduct, Mint lost her right to the throne of East Heaven Kingdom to her younger sister, Maya. Furious, the only things on Mint's mind are world domination and vengeance against her sister. To achieve these two goals, she seeks a mysterious [relic] to help achieve her ambition.

Mint's crass, out-spoken, quick-witted, spunky, and wholly without shame. She's a top-notched magic user and isn't afraid to use her powers.
Mint's Magic list

Beginning Stats:
HP: 60/60
MP: 00/60
Str: 024+000
Def: 016+000

Important NPCs
An avid archeological researcher, or more like hobbyist, Klaus runs a business at Carona selling items he has excavated. He's very passionate about this field and quite determined to find as many artifacts as he can. He is also a kind person and doesn't mind helping you with information as you search for the [relic].
Klaus's understanding wife, Mira is the rock that supports Klaus in his quest to find artifacts. She's a kind, fair person who see's to your lodging at the local inn and helps run the family store. To boot, she's a good cook as well.
Klaus and Mira's only daughter, Elena is happy-go-lucky bordering on airheadedness at times. When her parents are out on an archeological trip, Elena looks after the store. She takes a quick liking to you and forms a fast friendship.
Part of a treasure hunting team, Duke is more of the follower than leader as well as more brawn than brain. He has an ability to "become" any role which he is currently inspired.
The leader of a two-team group, Belle travels the world in search of valuable artifacts with Duke. She's bossy, loves luxury and expensive items, and is quite a decent fighter as well. But don't ever call her "old" or you'll really get it.
Arm of Death
A mysterious being who came to looking for something one evening. In a scuffle with Rue, he killed Rue's guardian, Claire. Not much is known about him.
Maya is the heir to the East Heaven Kingdom after Mint lost her right to the throne. She may be Mint's younger sister, but she takes her duties seriously. She is basically everything Mint is not particularly well-mannered.
Rue's guardian and only family. Claire found Rue when he wandered near her home, helped him recover, and allowed him to stay with her. She perished when the Arm of Death unexpectedly visited them one night.
A vagrant who settled in the field of Carona with his best friend, Johnny Wolf, to perfect his swordsmith abilities. He fights to test his weapons and perfect it but you have to cough up 100G. If you win, though, he'll reward you with 1000G. To him, money means nothing - it's all about "Heart".
Blood & Smokey
Bandits who made their way to Carona the same time as you did in search for the [relic]. They're both scruffy, unkempt, and have no qualms pilfering anywhere and accousting anyone.

Carona Townsfolk
Annette is the waitress at the local Tavern. She's talkative, kind, and makes sure patrons feel welcome. She dreams to open her own store in the city one day.
Davis is the town docksman and handles any cargo and ship that makes its way into Carona. He also greets newcomers into the town.
The town priest, Doyle may be found in the church. If you pray and donate, he will give you Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Coins, depending on your generosity.
Graham is a wandering traveler who's made his way to Carona. He has a lot of fighting experience and doesn't mind sharing it with you if you ask.
Hobbs operates the store next to the Tavern. He specializes in selling stat increases but charges a hefty price for his service at 30000G each. He's feeling his age though and is considering retirement.
Jargen is the Tavern bartender. Accroding to Annette, he's also a wonderful cook... and if you can give him certain items, you'll find out first hand.
Born and raised in Carona, Leeson mans the front desk in the hotel. He runs the hotel along with his twin brother Solin.
A young boy who loves to wander around the fountain. He's a wealth of information including going-on's in town, stories, and trivia from his grandfather.
Marcum is a trader who's stopped at Carona. He's modest about his situation but according to Davis, he's a big-shot merchant and all the cargo at the docks are his. Marcum is on the look-out for any rare item.
Ms. Cartha
Ms. Cartha runs the local inn. It may not be fancy but it's comfortable and personable. She will later let you stay for free.
Neil travels around searching for rare items and collect them.
Solin runs the hotel with his twin brother, Leeson. He guards the wing to the guest rooms quite studiously.
Tonio is the local item shop keeper dealing specifically with bracer's and belts to help your attack and defense. He opens shop once you save Elena.

Other Characters
Appearing only in Mint's story, Gramps acts as an advisor, escort, and general man-of-all-duties when it comes to the royal family.
Fancy Mel
A powerful witch with an eccentric taste, Fancy Mel helps you with valuable information on your search for a [relic].
Trap Master
A mysterious person who showed up one day and challenged you to a fight. He's got a cocky attitude and has a knack with things that go "BOOM!". His hair resembles that of a porcupine.
Mode Master
One of Doll Master's underlings, Mode Master may be feminine but she's got power to rival Rue... literally.
Psycho Master
He looks like a harmless butler but don't let his cool demeanor fool you! He's a tough opponent and a faithful servant of Doll Master.
Doll Master
A mysterious person with a hidden agenda, he commands several underlings and has an ulterior motive to those of Princess Maya, whom he serves.
Prima Doll
A lively mechanical doll created by Magician Elroy to open the seal to the Lakeside atelier and to a powerful relic. He's kept in a cube and can only fully operate with several attachments...
A long-lived and powerful being, Wylaf makes his home at the top of the Raging Mountain.

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