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Mint's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 1: World Domination, Baby!
Treasures in Town:
-2 Bronze Coins
-3 Silver Coins
-Free drink, courtesy of Annette

Treasures at Carona Forest:
-3 Bronze Coins
-1 Silver Coin
-2 Moon Stones

-Saber Tiger

The story starts out in the dining room of the palace. Watch the interesting conversation and when you have control of Mint, have her try out the different foods using the X button. After watching Mint's backstory, talk to the townsfolk. Some have interesting things to say and some don't. Tonio's store isn't open yet, so head down to the Tavern. If you talk to Annette enough times she'll offer you a free drink. A little tip, get the Root Beer since it heals more MP than the Milk. Mint will be using mainly Magic, so you might as well get the best drink.
Don't forget to gather the coins around the town! They're white sparkly dots, and here's where to find them:
#1 Silver Coin - Go to the field at the far end, north of the tent and campfire but west of the cave.
#2 Bronze Coin - Near the double gates of the town, just underneath the overhang.
#3 Silver Coin - The small alleyway in front of the Tavern, between the crate and the two barrels.
#4 Silver Coin - The boxed-in pier all the way to the right at the docks. It's at the traingular corner at the end.
#5 Bronze Coin - Left of the stairs going to the church. In front of the tower, at the corner beside the mesh "door frame".

After you've talked to the townsfolk, particularly the innkeeper, you'll know to head to Carona Forest. Head to the big gate and go there. There's only one place available and you guessed it: Carona Forest. You'll start off with a little training area to learn how to control Mint. Just follow the directions and in the end, you'll get 3 Bronze Coins. Remember the pink containers, they hold the trasure in this game. Once you're done with this, you won't go through it again. Eventually, you'll see the two thugs from the dock accosting a girl - it's Elena!

Boss Fight: Blood and Smokey
The two will take turns attacking you. Hit them when their guard is down or just attack like crazy. Don't bother using magic as they attack pretty quickly. Once you defeat either brother, they'll both hike it out of there. Personally I attack Smokey because he's a bit slower but it's up to you which one you attack. However, the quickest way to get this over is to focus on one of them.

Follow Elena in the next area. If you beat her to the end, she'll give you a Silver Coin. Yeah! Continue to the next area and you'll meet up with Mira and Klaus, Elena's parents. Looks like they were stuck due to Klaus' injury. Along with them you'll meet Rue, your rival. In your enthusiasm, you jump of the face of the cliff and head to the atelier first.

Head down the cliff. Note the rock tucked away at the corner of the mountain under an alcove. You'll have to fight a Mandala when you see it. One of your magic types is under that rock but you can't get it now so just remember the spot. Keep going down and you'll end up at a clearing with a big rectagular ruin at one end. Read what it says and it says to face the gargoyles. Two gargoyles will pop up, so take them out quick. If you kill one but not the other, they'll only respawn. Use your blue range magic, Cutter, to take care of both of them at once. If you lost some HP, you can recover them at the pool on the right. Head up the stairs.

Boss Fight: Nightmare
Just as you head to the atelier, the guardian shows up: Nightmare! This is going to be one long battle so be patient. If you're reckless, Nightmare will take you out in no time with some heavy hits. It has two attacks, a jump and stomp attack and a charge attack. To defeat this horse, run around the atelier. He'll jump and stomp right on you. If you're running, he'll end up just behind you. Stop and use your magic to hit him with about three hits. Or you can use a combo physical attack or a jump kick. Then run like crazy cause he's going to charge at you. If you can run around the corners of the atelier quickly, it'll block his path and stop charging you. The process will repeat so run around, hit him, run again. When you run out of magic, you'll have to go up to it and hit him up front to recharge your MP. Then repeat until he's down. If you die, just use a Bronze Coin.

After that long fight, go into the atelier and raid the place. You'll find a Silver Coin, and 2 Moon Stones. Check out the big red thing on the first floor across from the entrance after you get your treasure. Klaus will join you and open it. You'll find some items concerning the relic. You'll head back to Carona automatically.

Before talking to Klaus, get new equipment at Tonio's. Also, go to the field and meet Rod for the first time.

Talk to Klaus, who is in the basementof his house, and he'll mention where to go next. He'll give you Red Magic as well.

Now it's on to the next area - Chapter 2: Underground Trap.

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