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Mint's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 4: Upstream Adventure
Treasures in Town:

Treasures in Gamul Forest:


-Cloud Whale
Chapter 3: Fancy Mel

Get new equipment at Tonio's Store and head to the gate. But before you leave, Mira tells you how far Gamul Forest is... O.O! She suggests speaking to Rod. Go see the guy but he asks for something first - a fight!

Mini-Fight: Rod
If you haven't gone up against Rod before, you'll go up against one of his weaponry creations called the "Golden Gale". Fight as best as you can. Win or lose, he'll take you to Gamul Forest. Btw, if you don't have 100G to pay him to fight, he'll let you fight free of charge. :)

Whether you win or lose, Rod will still take you to the Gamul Forest. After your battle, he has to get his ride ready so kill some time at town. Recover your HP at the inn, save, and do any power-ups if you have money to burn. Go visit Rod when you're ready. As you're about to leave, Mira will drop by and give you guys lunch. Now it's off to the Gamul forest. How you may ask? By Pinto of course!

After your little trip, Mint will be at the atelier ruins. Look around for any clues. Read Spellmaster Ginema's diary located in the southwest corner of the atelier. Recover your MP at the purple pot on the right side. Now check out the windmill on the northern end of the area. After checking those out, go to the center of the atelier.

Boss Fight: Belle and Hexagon
Belle enters the scene and battles you but this time, she has her machine with her. Switch your magic to the Icicle and when Belle gets close enough, use your magic to hit her. But make sure you don't get grabbed by the Hexagon while you're doing that though. One of her attacks raises the stones on the ground. Don't bother jumping on them. Just stay on the ground and focus on Belle.

Search Belle after your battle and you get Green Magic! Recover your MP at the pot and go to the windmill again. Use your Green magic (Wave) to spin the windmill. If you're too close to it, your magic won't turn on so back off a couple of steps. A wooden elevator will drop down.

You've made it to Gamul Forest! You can fight the people and they will tirelessly come after you or you can just fly by them and they won't do anything to you. I recommend you fight them as it's a wonderful and easy way to build up your Magic and HP stats quickly. This place is a bit big so I'll name each area by letter.

(A) Welcome to the main part of the village. You'll return here quite a number of times. All you have to do is keep going right till you reach the end with a windmill. Spin the windmill and another wooden elevator will drop down. You'll go to area B.
(Bx1) This is what I call the tracks area and is what moves you from one area of the Gamul Village to another and back to the main area (A). Hit the switch so it points right and jump on the lift. It'll drop you at the center area and to C.
(C)Go left and spin windmill. When the moving platform gets close enough, jump on it and to the other side. Watch out for Ootang. Switch the lever to go left. Go back to where you came from and you'll wind back to A. Make your way back to B area again.
(Bx2) Hit the switch so it faces left. Jump aboard and you'll go all the way left and to another area - D.
(D) There are two switches here. Depending on how the switch is turned, is how the trolley will move. Follow the second path for now and do the 1st path for later.
1. Left lever, face right
Right lever, face left
C Area Switch, face left
E Area Switch, face Right
B Area Switch, face right
After you switched all the levers to the above, jump on the trolley, and it'll take you all the way on the right and to the treasure: Brooch.
2. Left lever, face right
Right lever, face right
C Area Switch, face left
When you leave D, you'll end up back in A. Go to B...
(Bx3) Jump on the trolley and you'll move left again but this time, you'll go to second to last turn. You'll end up at E.
(E) Go towards the end. You'll have to spin the farthest windmill from the moving platform before the nearer one to get to the other side with the lever. When you get there, hit it to face right. Jump down on the right side and you'll end up back in area C. If you want to go straight to the boss, hit the switch so it faces right as well. If not, leave it and pursue the Brooch by going back to area D and follow the lever combo listed. Anyways, back in area A, go to area B
(Bx4) **This goes to the Boss. Once you go here, there's no turning back** Hit the lever so it faces right. You'll head right and go to the second to last turn and you'll go to area F.
(F)This is one long walkway where you have to fight a bunch of rabid Gamulians and if you want, Wabbits too. After a certain point, Mint stops and is joined by Belle...

Boss Fight: Cloud Whale
Basically, this fight comprises of you jumping over waves and trying not to fall off the floating log boat thing. When attacking the whale, wait until it opens its mouth to hit the jewel inside it's throat. Use wave to accomplish this. Watch out though because when it opens its mouth, it'll suck you in. If you get sucked in, it'll spit you back out and you'll lose HP. Occasionally, Gamulians will drop down so get rid of them and recover your HP and MP. Once it's defeated, you'll get the earrings.

Back in town, you'll encounter Trap Master. He has a 'suprise' for you. Not even your imagination could think of the horror that is in store for you...Go talk to Klaus and he'll tell you what you have to do next. Rest up and head over to Raging Mountain: Chapter 5: Dragon Battle.

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