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Rue's Walkthrough

Things to Know: The left side is a quick overview: what you're supposed to look out for, treasures you may find in the area, what monsters to expect, any bosses you have to fight, and any important information you have to know. Plus pictures.

The right side will go into more detail; where exactly to find the treasures, directions (if necessary), tips, and all in all more detailed info.

The walkthrough will be sectioned into chapters based on the save game title. Got that? Good. Let's get going!

Chapter 1: Beginning
Treasures in Town:
-2 Bronze Coins
-3 Silver Coins
-Free drink, courtesy of Annette

Treasures at Carona Forest:
-3 Bronze Coins
-1 Silver Coin
-2 Moon Stones
-1 Silver Coin if you beat Elena at race

-Saber Tiger

-Blood & Smokey
After watching Rue's backstory, talk to the townsfolk, get a free drink from Annette if you talk to her enough times, and get those coins lying around town. Btw, get the Root Beer since it heals more MP than the Milk. Who says carbonated beverages aren't good for you? ;D

As for those coins, they're white sparkly dots, and here's where to find them:
#1 Silver Coin - Go to the field at the far end, north of the tent and campfire but east of the cave.
#2 Bronze Coin - Near the double gates of the town, just underneath the overhang.
#3 Silver Coin - The small alleyway in front of the Tavern, between the crate and the two barrels.
#4 Silver Coin - The boxed-in pier all the way to the right at the docks. It's at the traingular corner at the end.
#5 Bronze Coin - Left of the stairs going to the church. In front of the tower, at the corner beside the mesh "door frame".

Finished with everything at town? Let's head out to Carona Forest! The game starts you off on a little training course to familiarize you with the controls. Just follow what it says, kill the enemies, and you end up with 3 Bronze Coins. Once you go through this section, you'll never have do it again.

Keep going into the forest and put what you learned into good use. Eventually, you'll see the two hooligans accosting a girl - it's Elena! Change to a monster and go up to the two freaks and hit one of 'em. Note: You can only change into a Pollywog - everything else will be rejected by Rue.

Boss Fight: Blood & Smokey
Battle ensues so kick their butt. The fight will end once either Blood or Smokey's HP is low enough. Follow Elena to the next area.

Here, Elena will run ahead of you. If you beat her to the end, she'll give you a Silver Coin. Sweet! Move on and you'll meet her parents. Once you've made the jump, you'll have to keep heading down the cliff. There's one area where you can jump to a cliff on the right but there's nothing there but a big boulder. Remember this place for later. Keep heading down and you'll eventually reach the entrance to the atelier.

But before you get there, you have to solve a little riddle at that big rectangular ruin. Solution: beat the gargoyles, get their coin, jump on platform, turn into a gargoyle and face the other gargoyle. Stairs will appear leading to the atelier. Before you get ahead of yourself and go up, recover your HP at the spring on the right side. Then you can go up.

You've made it! But as you try to enter, this huge horse comes out of nowhere.

Boss Fight: Nightmare
Meet the guardian of the atelier: Nightmare! He's tough to beat at first but there's a certain trick to getting past him. Here's how:
You have to run around the atelier. Nightmare will charge after you. If he gets too close, dodge around the stairs or columns so he will be forced to stop since his path is blocked. He'll then jump and stomp you. When this happens, make sure you're still running around the atelier or else he'll hit you when he comes down. Right after he stomps, he'll stay stationary for a bit. Here's your chance to wack him - at most 3 swings - before he charges after you again. Warning: right after he stomps, there's a ring that surrounds him for a second. Avoid it before hitting him or else you'll get hit. Otherwise, repeat the running and dodging process till he's dead.

When Nightmare is defeated, the rest will join you. Here's your chance to explore the atelier! Go around and open all the treasure's. You'll get 2 Moon Stone's and a Silver Coin. Then make your way downstairs and check the vault (the big boxy thing across from the entrance on the 1st floor). Just then, Elena calls you so oblige her and see what she wants... then go back inside and talk to Klaus. Enter Mint, stage up. After the little scene, you'll automatically be transported to town.

Side Quest Info: Ootang and Mandala
If you talked to Marco, he'll tell you about Ootangs and Mandala at Carona Forest. You can check it out but there's no treasure. It's just a shortcut. If you're curious or just want to power up - what you do is go to the face area at Carona Forest. On top of the statue is an Ootang. Do not scare it away! If you do, just go to another screen and come back and it'll be there again. Go near the stairs beside the face and change to a Mandala. Use Bloom and the Ootang will come near you. Once it's close enough - kill it and get it's coin. Change into an Ootang, go up the stairs, then to the tree and climb up. You're now in a new section which at the end, you'll end up at the cliffs. Notice a platform with a big boulder on it. There's a treasure there - if you're Mint. Since you're not, head back to town.

Go talk to Klaus and once you're done, the second chapter begins:
Chapter 2: Underground Mystery

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