Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Credits and Thanks

I wanted to add this section because I felt I was not alone in creating this shrine. And yeah, also cuz, like, I borrowed some stuff from people and I need to acknowledge that. Um yeah ^.~ Seriously, I just need to thank people, because without their help and imput, the Valkyrie Profile shrine would not have been completed by me. So worship them, cuz I do.

Note that you can view the entirety of the Valkyrie Shrine, HERE. Much of what is not appropriate to list here (such as picture galleries, fanart, etc) is found there.

First off, I'd like to thank Mr. John Anthony Torres. Without him buying me Valkyrie Profile, I would have been stuck with my own crappy version of VP, which did not load certain data sequences. Essentially I wouldn't have written this shrine, and I wouldn't have had access to one of the best RPG's on PSX. So it's only fair ^.~ that my first shout out goes to him, because he was the backbone of my shrine. VP is quite rare nowadays, and if he hadn't have gotten it for me, I'd still be looking for a working copy. So huzzah! You are the godfather of my shrine.

Dalton of Zeal. He's a regular staffer here at RPGC, and one of the first friends that I made here as well. He's a fellow VP lover, and we got to talking about the shrine that I didn't have done a few months ago. I had no concept of what HTML was, I had no emulator for screenshots, and basically I had no encouragement. Dalton took the time to talk to me, and see what I was doing wrong, and essentially was the driving force for this VP shrine. He was also the only person I nagged at often when I couldn't figure how to upload certain things >.> He also wrote the Voice FAQ at so well, that I decided to scrap my own and use his. Yes, that isn't my information, it is Dalton's. He also contributed the Enemies section. Thank you muchly for the effort you put into this =D For a long time he was just helping until I caved in and asked him to be my co-staffer because he's just_that_good.

LMekko.See those beautiful images that I have uploaded everywhere? They came from his site, the ultimate and ONLY place on the net that I found a complete set of Einherjar pics. So yeah, I'm really grateful to him for letting me use his scanned images. You can see them all here as well other kinds of images (minor characters, doushinji, etc).

This site. Lawfer Shrine. I went here and the webmaster(mistress?) directed me to LMekko's site. I asked to used Lawfer images, and so yeah, the rest is history.

Game FAQS Valkyrie Profile Board.The users here answered my little annoying questions on topics such as Brahms, and Lemia and stuff like that. There are quite a few individuals who were nice enough to explain some background stories to me (that were no doubt asked 10 times before) and without those little pieces of information, I'd...feel embarrassed. It's bad enough I forgot some vital aspects of the game. So yeah, much thanks for that, to Captain K especially.

Thanks also goes out to some RPGC Agora members, such as Renan, who helped me modify LMekko's images to be used, and Urkani, who attempted to explain HTML to me back in the day (bless him). It didn't work...-_-;;

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