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New to Valkyrie Profile? Or not, and you still don't know what DME stands for? Or what that dreaded CT is? Fear not. I set up this section because of VP's habit of breaking the old traditions. That means, you wont find any "GP" in this game, or "Magic Points". VP is based on an entirely renamed and new system. Don't feel bad if you don't get some of the definitions the first time you play through. This section is dedicated to answering minor questions that you should know and are too embarrassed to ask ;)


Option in Memory Camp. Allows you to choose the order of attacks for each fighter Einherjar, as well as their counter attack. You can also view the descriptions for each attack, as well as for their Purify Weird Soul. For mage Einherjar, you can switch the currently active spell; whatever is chosen will be used for their Purify Weird Soul. Note that only attack-oriented spells can be used, for them to be activated.


The gods of Asgard. In Valkyrie Profile, you wont encounter many of them, but a few minor gods will show up during your Sacred Phases. They basically work with your sent Einherjar, and are their superiors. The Aesir are also Valkyrie’s "side" in the upcoming Ragnarok. The Aesir are the dominating species in the 5 worlds of Valkyrie Profile. Valhalla, a large castle like domain, resides here.


Special objects found at the end of dungeons. You have an option of sending them up to Odin, but since almost all of them can be a)converted for wicked amounts of MP b)transmuted into an even better item or c)equipped, you’ll keep them, like the greedy valkyrie you are. Artifacts can also refer to items given to you from Odin, at the end of each Sacred Phase.

Attack Trust

The chance of whether you’ll do full damage with your weapon or not. Higher the attack trust, the more likely you’ll be able to attack with full damage potential.


Sections in the game. There are 8 chapters in all, and in each chapter you will pick up new Einherjar, and visit dungeons. There are also certain Divine Items that wont be available, until certain chapters.


The order and succession of regular attacks regarding one or many Einherjar. Combos raise energy, allowing Purify Weird Souls to be used.


Stands for Capacity Points. CP is acquired when an Einherjar levels up. Used for levelling up or maxing out skills and Hero Value.


Stands for Charge Time. Whenever a Purify Weird Soul is used, that certain Einherjar will acquire Charge Time, or a certain amount of turns in which the clicher can not be used again until the turns are waited out. This has no effect on regular attacks. For instance, a mage has extremely high Charge Time after it uses a Purify Weird Soul, and will probably acquire a Charge Time of 6- which means that magic cannot be used for 6 turns. Fortunately, magic gems that can be knocked out of an enemy will randomly choose an Einherjar waiting out CT and lower it. The more magic gems absorbed by a character, the less time they have to wait before casting or performing a Purify Weird Soul. Note that mages are the victims when it comes to CT (their regular spells AND PWS are effected).


The two top accessories in an Einherjar’s equipment screen. Out of decorations and possessions, decorations are usually more useful and almost always directly affect your battles; this is not true regarding Valkyrie, since she can equip useful possessions in which the rest cannot.

Defend Trust

The chance of lowering your opponent’s Attack Trust.

Divine Item

Option in Memory Camp. It refers to the process of making (getting?) precious tools such as recovery items, armor, weapons, and accessories (decorations and possessions). There are no shops to buy from in Valkyrie Profile, and this is how you will get your materials (other than dungeons and Freya). Making Divine Items require MP, which can run out if you don’t ration it wisely.


Stands for Divine Materialize Energy. These are your Hit Points, in other words. Can be raised with certain skills, level ups, and accessories.


The word used to described mortals slain in battle. In Valkyrie Profile, it is used pretty loosely. These mortals are sent to Valhalla and split between Lord Odin and Freya. Basically, this is the default term for "character". See Mythology for more info.

Event EXP

The Experience points gained through means other than battle. When a problem is solved in a dungeon, or an activity is accomplished, Valkyrie will be rewarded with Event EXP, that is stored in Memory Camp. It can be distributed freely to anyone, by going to Party. Select the Einherjar you wish to give EXP to, imput a number, press O and then Divide. That character will earn EXP regardless of whether they’re in battle or not. A very important fact to remember in regards to playing the game.

Fairy Dust

My own default term. Fairy Dust is the sparkles and energy that appears when Valkyrie shoots a crystal and then destroys it with the same process. Also refers to hovering in mid-air immediately after a crystal is destroyed.

Hero Value

Crucial to the survival rates of Einherjar who get sent to Einherjar. A Hero Value is usually in the negatives when an Einherjar is gained; it can be raised with CP. The Hero Value increases a little bit due to level ups, and when Einherjar traits are maxed out. Freya requests a specific Hero Value during Sacred Phases.

Hit Trust

The chance of whether you’ll hit the enemy and perform a Guard Crush.

Memory Camp

The title I use for the status screen, or menu. Can be accessed in any dungeon, or on the world map. It actually (or also) refers to Save Points in dungeons (when you open up Memory Camp->go to the status menu and/or save)


Stands for Materialize Points. Freya will give you a certain amount after each Sacred Phase depending on how well you performed, and if you met Einherjar acquirements, in the passed chapter. You can also gain MP by converting items, weapons, etc. This is a great way to raise your MP, since Freya never seems to give you enough, in the earlier chapters. MP is consumed by making Divine Items. Think of it as money.


The term described for elapsed term during a chapter. In Easy Mode, there are 16 periods, in Normal mode, there is 24, and in Hard, there is 28, per chapter. Depending on the mode, Spiritual Concentration, visiting towns, and beating dungeons may take up Periods. An example being; when you visit a town, you are using 1 period. Most dungeons require 2 periods. Once all your periods are up, then that chapter is over, and Sacred Phase begins. This means you have to budget your time wisely.


Just what the title says. The last three accessories in an Einherjar’s equipment screen. Excluding Valkyrie, the Einherjar possessions have little to no effect on anything (save for a select few) . Possessions are usually only good for sentimental value (meaning your preference) or for reinforcing requirements from Freya (example, when she asks for an Einherjar who can swim, it is wise to equip the Einherjar you wish to send up to fulfill this request, with a Pearl of Karula)

Purify Weird Soul

The "finishing" or "special" move that is unique to each Einherjar. Excluding mages, all Purify Weird Soul’s are different. These moves are usually used in succession, creating an even greater array of attacks, not unlike combos. Purify Weird Soul’s can only be activated when the Technical Arts Energy meter (or combo meter) is charged to 100. If an Einherjar manages to raise the meter back up to 100 after they perform their Purify Weird Soul, another may be used immediately after. For mages, a Purify Weird Soul may be different, depending on the selected spell in Abilities. Example; if Mystic Cross is selected as the active spell, Celestial Star will be used as the Purify Weird Soul. If Frigid Damsel is selected, then Absolute Zero will be used. Take note of the wand equipped; if a wand that doesn’t allow Greater Magics to be performed, is equipped, then a slightly more powerful version of the selected spell will be used instead. Also called a clincher, or finishing move.


The last chapter (8), in which you prepare for the invasion of the Vanir. The end of the game. In Norse Mythology, it is the apocalypse, in which all will do battle in.


Stands for Reduce Damage


Stands for Resist...

Sacred Phase

Your war briefing with Freya. These meetings occur at the end of every chapter, and during them, you can check up on your sent Einherjar, learn Freya’s new requirements for future Einherjar, earn MP and Artifacts. Not to mention you get to see the war status.

Seraphic Gate

The end and hidden dungeon that can be accessed after you save your game at the very last save point in Jotunheim Palace or Asgard Hill. Reset your game, and then when you go to continue, you will see an option allowing you to enter. You need to choose what data you’ll be playing from, and you’re in. There is only ONE save point in the Seraphic Gate- at the very beginning. Be sure NOT to save over the data you’re playing from. The Seraphic Gate holds familiar battles, and especially if you have played Star Ocean the Second Story.


Option in Memory Camp, and also refers to the techniques and abilities that will allow Einherjar to get stronger, or fill requirements for Freya. Each skill raises a status point, or becomes a new technique to be used in battle, such as First Aid. For most skills, there are 8 levels to surpass, that require CP, before they can be maxed out and be used to full potential. Techniques have to be equipped or junctioned, in the Set Up screen, which can be seen when you distribute CP, to be used.

Spiritual Concentration

The process of determining who is going to be the next Einherjar. It is done by pressing Start on the world map. Valkyrie hovers and concentrates, seeking out a worthy soul and/or being drawn to someone who may not even be worthy at all. This can also be a shorter process, when Valkyrie finds a dungeon to cleanse.

Technical Arts Energy

The results after an attack is pulled off. The TAE meter is in your lower left corner, and fills up with Hits and Energy. Different Einherjar attacks result in different energy raising. Once the meter is filled with an energy value of 100, then the TAE is charged, and you can now execute Purify Weird Souls. You have to select fast however, because the meter will drop with astounding speed; effecting your chances of executing a chain of clichers. The TAE meter must be charged back up to 100 to pull off another Purify Weird Soul. This is why it is important to have at least two Einherjar who have high energy-attacks to raise the TAE meter with ease. This can also be called the combo meter.


An option in Memory Camp. With this, you can send Einherjar to Valhalla. Einherjar who are not accepted or have negative Hero Value, will be greyed out.


The ability to change one item into another. You can do this by going to Item in Memory Camp, and then to Transmute. Transmuting requires a tiny bit of MP. Very VERY useful, especially if you have either the Creation Jewel or Gem equipped.


A battle-maiden that scouts the battle field for worthy souls and warriors that would meet Odin’s expectations. In this game, there are three valkyries (it is never explained if Freya was one) and they are apparently directly connected to the control of fate and destiny as well. Valkyrie is also the default name that the Einherjar know Lenneth as. Extremely different role than the ones in Norse mythology.


The pacifistic, nature-loving and second group of gods. They are the enemy in Valkyrie Profile. They reside in Vanaheim.

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