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There are three endings in Valkyrie Profile. A is the best and "true" ending, B is the normal ending, and C is the worst ending, and it can be triggered any time during game play. Here is an explanation on HOW to get each ending. There will probably be little spoilers here and there, so be prepared, but other than that, you wont get much from me.

I have listed the endings you are allowed to get, including parts of the extra dungeon, the Seraphic Gate, depending on the mode you're playing:

Easy Mode: B * C- Most of the Seraphic Gate
Normal Mode: A * B * C- Most of the Seraphic Gate
Hard Mode: A * B * C- All of the Seraphic Gate

"A" Ending

To get the best ending, you must lower something called a Seal Rating, that only Valkyrie has. It starts at 100, and will lower and raise during certain events. That Seal Rating MUST be at 37 or below, by the time the end of Chapter 6 rolls around. It can be a bit difficult to keep low if you don't complete certain events in order. These are the events that can lower and raise your Seal Rating:

Recruiting an Einherjar -2
Not wearing the Nibelungen Ring during Sacred Phases -2
Going to Brahm's castle anytime prior to Chapter 6 -10
Going to Weeping Lily Meadow any time prior to Chapter 6 -15
Going to Lezard's tower in Chapter 4 and DEFEATING him -15
Recruiting Mystina in Chapter 5 after defeating Lezard -15
Going to Gerabellum anytime before Chapter 5 officially starts -15
Recruiting Lucian in Chapter 5 -20

Wearing Nibelungen Ring during Sacred Phases +2
Sending an Einherjar to Valhalla +12

Alright. This is my little method of doing things. Don't do ANYTHING prior to Chapter 4. Don't visit Lucian, don't go to Brahm's castle, nothing. Just continue recruiting Einherjar, which will lower your Seal Rating, but it doesn't matter anyways, since you'll be sending them up later on, effectively boosting you back up to 100 in no time. Once Chapter 4 hits, do as you usually do, but following my method, you're going to cheat. Actually it's just common sense, really.

Begin Spiritual Concentration. You will probably pick up Aelia right away, or maybe Nanami. Chances are, it'll be Aelia, so go get her. You may want to put her into the party. If not, train her, and send her up, right away, by means of Event EXP. If you have someone else idling over, send that person up too. Just make sure to have 2 Einherjar prepared very early on, and sent. Now continue with your game and go wherever you have to. Your last Einherjar should be Lorenta, and then after that you'll be in the Tower of Lezard Valeth. This should be your LAST official activity in the chapter. If it's not, well then, do Spiritual Concentration again to skip these events, and complete the others beforehand. Once you have collected two other Einherjar, that do NOT include Lorenta, go back to Flenceburg, but make sure you have sent up two Einherjar to Valhalla before you do so, it's very important. Sending two up this Chapter will ensure that you get more MP and Artifacts during the Sacred Phase. Collect Lorenta, and then go down the stairs and beat the Tower. Do NOT leave the Tower at any time, because Lezard will leave, and you wont lose those precious 15 Seal Rating points. To get them lowered, Lezard has to be defeated. So navigate this wonderful, wonderful dungeon and beat Lezard. Doing so will lower your Seal Rating which is what you want. Your Seal Rating will be at 100, prior before this, because of you sending up two Einherjar. Now it should be down to 85. This marks the beginning of your side quest. Now head to Brahms' castle and navigate though it. To make this a bit easier, click (HERE). When you meet him do NOT choose to fight him. You'll lose anyways, and your rating wont be lowered. So don't fight, and when you are kicked out of the castle, your Seal Rating will be down to 75.

Chapter 4 has commenced. Before you go to Chapter 4-5 Sacred Phase, take the Nibelungen Ring OFF. On to Chapter 5. Seal Rating now equals 73.

Now, before you do anything, go straight to Gerabellum (you can actually do this at the end of Chapter 4 too). Don't do Spiritual Concentration or anything. Just go there, and meet up with Lucian and his band of thieves. You WONT recruit him this time around. You will just watch. Afterwards you will leave Gerabellum. This means your Seal Rating is down to 58. Now, go to Weeping Lily Meadow and watch the scene there. This reduces your Seal Rating down to 43. Remember, you are still not doing Spiritual Concentration. Make sure you are saving your game while youare doing all of this...

Now begin Spiritual Concentration. You may pick up Lucian, or Badrach/Jayle/Grey (only two of the latter though). You won't pick up Lucian first- it will be one or two of the above; (and if you do, skip him until you get Badrach or Jayle or Grey then come back for him, just to make things easier. This means leaving Mystina and Lucian till last.) to lower your Seal Rating by 4 (39). Only send ONE. Yes, you can send one Einherjar during Chapter 5 and 6 each, and you'll still be okay. Hey you need to impress Freya even a little bit. This will raise your rating to 51. Don't worry. Continue playing till you recruit Lucian. This will lower you back down to 31. Now, you will finally recruit Mystina. This puts you down to 18-16. If you get Mystina at the very beginning of the chapter, do the same thing as I advised with Lucian-skip her until everything else is done and then go back for her. If you want to play your own order, well, go ahead, but you can follow mine for organization. Just acknowledge the differences in our Seal Ratings, which will be reversed during the chapter, but when you have completed the chapter, your Seal Rating and mine should still be the same, or very close to it. Keep in mind, the amount of Einherjar you and I pick up may be different- I got Mystina, Lucian, Badrach and Grey, during this chapter, in that order, this time around, but I left Lucian and Mystina for last. That should lower your Seal Rating by 39 points this chapter, so remember that. You'll get Lucian and Mystina for sure, but the other two Einherjar will be random. Either way, you should lose 39 points.

Chapter 5-6 Sacred Phase will begin. Make sure your ring is still unequipped. (16-14)

You will probably lose 4 points due to the recruitment of Shiho/Grey/Jayle (only two of those will be up for recruitment), which is what you want. That puts you to 14-12 Seal Rating Points. You may only be able to afford to send 1 Einherjar up this Chapter, and it HAS to be Lucian. Lucian has to be sent in Chapter 6 (and 5, but well, that's not my Method of Operation.) to get the A ending. If your Seal Rating is 12, or somehow lower than that you CAN SEND UP TWO EINHERJAR. However if it is above 14, you can only send ONE. When Lucian is sent, your rating will go up to roughly 26; or 36 (if you sent Lucian and someone else; the rating must be under 37 remember), if your Seal Rating was 12 or below before you sent anyone. (But make sure Lucian is sent after you aquire both Shiho/Grey/Jayle, whichever two you end up with in Chapter 5, so the rating is at it's very minimum.) Now, you will watch a scene involving he and Valkyrie.

Do whatever to waste the rest of the periods, and then go to Sacred Phase 6-7. If you were successful, then you will watch a scene involving Lucian and Frei. This is the confirmation if you did things right or now. If you see this scene, you'll definately get the A ending. If not, well...don't blame me.

After this scene, you are free to send two Einherjar up every Chapter, and whatnot. The process of lowering your Seal Rating is over.

During Sacred Phase 7-8, you'll watch more scenes, centering around Lucian and Loki.

In Chapter 8, after a Spiritual Concentration, you will be sent back to Weeping Lily Valley. This scene only occurs if you have done everything correctly. If you see this, pat yourself on the back and enjoy the A ending.

"B" Ending

This is the standard type ending. To get it, your Seal Rating has to be above 37, and/or Lucian is not sent up when he is supposed to. Your enemy, in the end will steer away from the trickster Loki, and you'll go directly after Surt, a Jotun. Despite the entire war being waged against the Vanir, you'll only them in flanks, and the Giant leader, will be your target. The B ending focuses more of the events happening, rather than an actual "end", because the end is pretty much non existant...

"C" Ending

The bad ending, of course. You really have to work to get it though. This depends on your evaluation level. It has to drop to 0. To accomplish this, just rest a lot, I mean, A LOT, and go to into dungeons and do nothing but fool around. Leave them undefeated, until Freya finally shows up and warns you. Your Evaluation level will be at 1. Be brave, and rest a lot until your Evaluation level drops to 0 again. Now you'll face Freya's wrath XD You'll battle her, and it wont make a difference whether you win or lose.

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