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**the following information is laced with spoilers (most obviously). I tried not to include
the major details surrounding the character's death, but there's bound to be some, so
read at your own risk**.

Roughly, in order of appearance (Minor, but important characters are listed below. If
want specific images, please go to here where most of these
images were found, also listed in the Credits section. Much thanks LMekko!!)


Lenneth Valkyrie
Chooser of the Slain
Age-23 (Midgard reckoning)
Obtainable from- the start
Japanese Name- Valkyrie (unchanged)
Lenneth is an old valkyrie awakening from a long slumber.She travels to Valhalla immediately to serve Lord Odin with the order to retrieve lost or corrupt souls who are close to death. Throughout a good part of the game Lenneth is without emotion, or conviction and takes her duty very seriously. It isn't until interacting with other key characters, does she show her inner personality and become more human.
Advantages:Lenneth can equip a bow as well as a sword, which can make her a great asset for
long distance attacks earlier on in the game; you will only have a mage with the same ability. She
can also equip stronger (and more costly) armor made especially for her. Since Lenneth cannot be
removed from your party, you will be glad to know that she is one of the best fighters in the game,
and will often be your strongest.
Disadvantages: None really. The only major issue to complain about is her Purify Weird
Scroll attack which can be insanely long depending on the weapon equipped.
Purify Weird Soul: Nibelung Valesti
Scared Phase: Not an option. You will have control of her most of the game.
Voice: Lenneth's voice is tolerable. Of course it has to be! I really liked it and
her commands never really grated on my nerves. You can never hear "To my side my noble Einherjar" enough :)

Giver of Life
Age-26 (Midgard reckoning)
Obtainable from- Very beginning of game for a short time, can join permanently in the Seraphic Gate.
Mode-All(permanently in Hard Mode)
Japanese Name- Frei
Often shown as cold and almighty,Freya is very much your superior and guide in the beginning of
the game. She's quite stronger than anyone at that point of the game and directs Lenneth in her
cleansing of the undead. Freya will leave at the end of Chapter 0, but you will see her at every
Sacred Phase, as she is your connection to Lord Odin.
Advantages: In chapter 0, it's good to have Freya to fall back on, but she's also not that
necessary if you know what you're doing. Of course, she has to be there in order to progress
through the game and you will learn many things from her. AWESOME clicher, the best in the game.
Disadvantages: Freya's attack is hella slow, even in clicher. She should always be your last
character to finish up the attack.
Purify Weird Soul: Ether Strike
Sacred Phase: Freya does not participate in any of your Einherjar adventures except for in the
beginning of the game. She's also the one to invoke the Sacred Phase, so obviously she can't be used or sent.
Voice: She sounds quite almighty and goddess-like to me. As with Valkyrie's voice,
Freya's also appealed to me, it had power. My favorite female voice overall.

Heavy Knight/Mercenary
Obtainable from-Artolia, Chapter 0
Japanese Name- Aluze
Arngrim dies in Chapter 0 after rethinking his position in the Artolian knighthood.He
unknowingly helped kidnap Princess Jelanda and turned against his fellow mercenaries afterwards.
Your best character in the first chapter. He wields a huge sword with good strength and DME to
boot. After the incident in Artolia Castle he will be yours to use, and will often times be your
leading swordsman and "wall", so to speak.
Advantages: A good source of offence and defence. His high DME may save you in a few
crucial battles, meaning he will probably stay alive while a couple others wipe out. His Purify
Weird Soul is short and to the point and can be usually used at anytime since it charges the
combo meter so well.
Disadvantages: Arngrim is quickly tiresome and despite his strength, his is short ranged.
(Of course, but it isn't really a set back). BAD CT!
Purify Weird Soul: Final Blast
Sacred Phase: Not an option. Freya will inform Lenneth that Valhalla will not accept Arngrim early
on in the game, so basically you're stuck with him
Voice: Another great one. It didn't sound fake except for a few instances, and I like
the depth to his voice.His battle commands and grunts get kind of tiring after awhile, so I change
him everytime after a chapter or two for a new voice.

Obtainable from-Artolia, Chapter 0
Japanese Name- Sherad
Jelanda is your average snotty nosed insightful princess with a withdrawn consience. She seeks
revenge against Arngrim for humiliating her father, the King, but in turn, comes to trust him and
see his side of the story. She seems, however, to give up her bitter hatred for Arngrim until after
she dies, thus letting go of her short pampered life and begs Lenneth to save his soul. From
there on Arngrim takes her under his wing and Jelanda lets go of her vicious and quick monstrous
death which Arngrim, unbeknownst (or maybe not?) to her, is responsible for.
Advantages: She will be your first mage, and your first chance at long ranged attacks.
Basically, be thankful for her until you get another mage- since Jelanda will stick with you for a long
time(depending on the mode).
Disadvantages: She falls into the stereo type, so naturally, she doesn't have any physical
strength, and her DME is frighteningly low. However in the early parts of the game, monsters will
be unable to attack her, so no need to worry there. Focus on building her DME and Defence early
onto prepare. Also, since Jelanda is your first mage, she comes equipped with only ONE spell, the
weakest one in the game at that, and until you start aquiring new spells from Sacred Phases and
treasure boxes, her clicher and regular attack will not be as useful as it should be. Last but not
least, the equipment selection early on is not the best so you wont have much accessories,
especially ones that reduce charge time, so you will be stuck with waiting out a few rounds while
Jelanda powers up.
Purify Weird Soul: Depends on the spell.
Sacred Phase: Good to send up, though you may not want to considering how long you've
kept her. Don't be lazy, Nanami or Yumei is a good replacement with a better variety in spells, and
it wont take long to build either of them up with Event Exp. Since Jelanda has been in your party so
long, you probably wont have to go through a frenzy in up-ing her stats to meet Freya's requirements.
Voice: Another voice you'll be hearing a lot unfortunately. She's a bit too whiney and high pitched for me, but I guess that goes with her personality

Obtainable from-Lassen, Chapter 1
Japanese Name-Belinas
A wealthy and noble widower who lives with his servant Asaka. After a depressing exchange of
worlds with her, he realizes the type of life he has and how many other unfortunates have to suffer.
This realization allows him to sympathize with Asuka and other slaves like her and it is shown how
deeply he cares for her. He keeps his feelings hidden, however and never gets a chance to admit to
them as his house is attacked by a slithering undead, and claims his life (with a little help from
Advntages: His strength is pretty good for such an underestimated character. and he
has good DME levels as well. His clicher is short and to the point, and quite powerful at that.
Disadvantages: Short ranged (duh, but not really a problem), and his attacks only
gives off average energy, making it more difficult to build up the combo meter.
Purify Weird Soul: Extreme Void
Sacred Phase: Belanus is a good character to send up within the first few chapters. This
doesn't give a lot of people to get a feel for his character sadly, so Belanus is often overlooked.
Voice: He's a bit boring, in my opinion, although his slight accent provides something
new to listen to. Sounds a bit fairy-ish.

Obtainable from-Crell Monferaigne, Chapter 1
Japanese Name-Rourry
He's an archer who promised his sweety before going off to battle, that he'd return to marry her.
Unfortunately, Llewelyn does not come back to her alive.He and his girlfriend Milia have a cute
scene in their special forest place (hehe) which makes his death a bit more heartwrenching than
the others. As an Einherjar and personality, Llewelyn is a bit withdrawn and hesitant, but it fits his
uber girly voice. Probably the weakest archer in the game.
Advantages:Long distance attack of course. His Purify Weird Scroll hits nice and fast and
LOTS, so obviously he's a good combo charger. His CT is low too.
Disadvantages:His stats are a bit on the low side, and he's quite frail compared to most other
Einherjar, which means you'll probably be trading him off in the early chapters. His attacks hit
mainly,big enemies, so he misses often against smaller ones. The attacks are also quite weak.
Purify Weird Soul: Layer Storm
Sacred Phase: Well rounded character to give up when Freya calls for an archer. (or even
suitable to send up for Chapter 1's Sacred Phase)He's easily surpassed so you'll probably transfer
him up anyways.
Voice: I liked Llewelyn, just not the way he spoke; his apprehensiveness got a bit irritating
sometimes, though it was exactly in character I suppose. Could've been worse though...

Obtainable from-Artolia, Chapter 2
Mode-Normal and Hard
Japanese Name-Rofar
Lawfer is Arngrim's battle comrad, and (presumably) knows Celia, Aelia and Kashell, as well.
He is present at the beginning of the game, and shows up later, to halt a certain execution. He
handles the situation as a compassionate man, and not as a solider, and it is unknown how he
actually died. He is the only other spear-weilder in the game, which makes him quite special =D
Other than his interaction with Arngrim, not much is known about him other than the fact that he
is patient, and extremely loyal to who he fights under.
Advantages: His attack power is excellent once you build him up, and his CT is as low
as Llewelyn's (which is GOOD!). He is also great for charging up the combo meter, and his clicher
can cause massive damage. Very good DME.
Disadvantages:: The usual short ranged thing...I find that he has trouble breaking combo
guards, but that's probably just my attack order. Lawfer is quite under rated!! Meaning there's
nothing worth nitpicking over, besides the fact that he's more difficult to hit with.
Purify Weird Soul: Justice Stream
Sacred Phase: He's good to send up anytime actually, and you'll probably be using him
a short time, so he wont be as much of a pain to prepare and send up. Though keeping him for
good is not regrettable.
Voice:'s alright. The accent is a nice touch, but sometimes he sounds a little fruity ^_~

Obtainable from-Crell Monferaigne, Chapter 2,3,4
Japanese Name-Jake
Janus was once a knight and left 10 years ago due to some unmentionable incident. Upon returning,
he is greeted by death. It doesn't say in the game what he did, but it ties in with his great respect
and love for his father. Janus is actually a kind soul, and gives off the impression that he gets kicked
around a lot. Despite this, he's the best archer in the game.
Advantages: As an archer, he's obviously long ranged. His attacks make it more easy
to build combos. If you're lucky, his Diseased Needle may poison the enemy. I consider him the best
archer in the game, so he's the only one that you may want to have sticking around for Ragnarok.
Disadvantages: His DME and stats are a bit low considering the type of fighter he is.
Purify Weird Soul: Guilty Break
Sacred Phase: Good to keep in the first three chapters. I find it fun and also challenging to use
he and Llewelyn both in Chapter 2. Llewelyn should be the one to go first though. Janus is quite
useful in the early chapters, and is the only archer still useful later on. I usually transfer him early though.
Voice: Decent. Nothing really hit me as outstanding, though it's original.

Obtainable from-Hai-Lan, Chapter 2,3, or 4
Japanese Name-Nanami(unchanged)
Nanami comes from Hai-Lan (where else?) and lives with her adopted family. We see her
contemplating over an ascension that she must go through to wield her family's power, but her
parents believe it wont work because the acceptee must be of the same bloodline. Nanami intends
to change this, stating power has nothing to do with blood, and everything to do with spirit. In her
quest to do so, she meets with her parents' real, and long since-deceased daughter, Minayo, whose
spirit is not at rest. This is where Valkyrie intervenes, and it is quite sweet how Nanami becomes
an Einherjar.
Advantages: Nanami will probably be your second mage and comes with a nice Lightning spell.
She just seems to outclass Jelanda and every way. being a mage, she is long ranged, of course.
You'll probably have better staffs by this time, so Nanami will shine.
Disadvantages: Standard mage. Low DME, low defence, no attack, Charge Time is more
important, (and longer) than the offence-Einherjar.
Purify Weird Soul: Depends on the spell.
Sacred Phase: You'll probably be sending her up almost as soon as you get her, because you
might get Yumei around the same time. I always prefered Nanami over Yumei. Whenever you feel
that you have a better mage in your party you'll be sending Nanami up anyways.
Voice:Nanami doesn't sound quite 17; she's very feminine and quiet when she speaks, only to pipe
up a little with a very girlish giggly undertone. I didn't mind her voice at all, but her fortune-drawing
got on my nerves quite a bit. Still prefered over Yumei though.

Obtainable from-Hai-Lan, Chapter 2,3, or 4
Japanese Name-Yumeru
Getting Yumei is the second longest sequence in the game. Yumei is the product between an affair
of a married Hai-Lan man who fell in love with a mermaid. She had a rough life because of the
hatred between the two races. Her mother's decision to love a human was bitterly resented
by the mer folk and when she died, Yumei wasn't allowed to cry. She set off in search of her
father, and along the way meets a fisherman named Fuyuki and his father. Fuyuki becomes her
friend (and the unrequited love? sets in as usual) and he tells her of his quest to find the
Cerulean Lapis, a gem that grants any wish.
Advantages: She comes packed with magic, and is long range. What more is there to a mage?
The DME seems to go higher with every mage you get, so Yumei's DME and stats may be a little
higher than Nanami's (and obviously more than Jelanda's) but it depends on who you get first.
Disadvantages: Like before, standard mage. She's not too bad starting off, but of course her stats
are still on the weak side considering she's a mage. However if you take the time to build her up,
you may (HEEHEE)be impressed. The best mage in the end will be a random decision, depending on
stat growth, so.
Purify Weird Soul: Depends on the spell
Sacred Phase: It makes sense to send her up when Freya requests a swimmer, but you don't
have to send her up at that time at all. Valhalla isn't that picky, and the way that works means
you can never use Yumei. So just chill, and send her whenever you feel like it.
Voice: She's alright. I never used Yumei a lot, so I kinda of forget what she sounds like, but
what I did hear didn't really impress me. I usually compare her to Nanami's voice- both aren't
impacting or overly cool.

Obtainable from-Hai-Lan, Chapter 2,3, or 4
Japanese Name-Jun (unchanged)
A samurai from Hai-Lan who is very close to his twin sister, Ai. When her vision starts to
cloud, Jun sets off to defeat a demon who apparently is the cause of this and past murders (one
has to assume, considering what happens...) I believe it's safe to say Jun never sees his sister
again and is enlisted into Lenneth's Einherjar. Jun is particularly unique because of his sword-
fighting style and the heavy Japanese influences that shaped his character.
Advantages: Jun is really quick with his attacks and has pretty average to great stats.
His battle presence is a refreshing change from most other Einherjar, as noted before, and his
clicher hits 15 times! A good second-in-command to someone like Arngrim or Kashell. His CT is low too.
Disadvantages: Jun can't seem to cause any damage to certain enemies with most normal
katanas equipped, which sucks, especially in Ragnarok, where I couldn't seem to get him to hit
properly and when he did, he only caused 1 or even 0 damage. This depends on the circumstances
I guess, and I had the same problem with Suo as well.
Purify Weird Soul: Senko-Jin
Sacred Phase: He's good to send up whenever, especially when Freya asks for a swordsman
but don't let that stop you from keeping him. Jun is a good, quick fighter and I used him many
times. The only downside is, that his katanas can start to suck in the late chapters which REALLY
brings him down, because he may do the no-damage thing.
Voice: He sounds rather Asian, but still a bit fake in that department. As for expression,
Jun is top of the list; he's one of my favorite voices (probably my third) and it's nice to hear some
Japanese sounding samples especially in the actual language. It fit his role quite well and made Jun
more believable.