Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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The Heroes

    Guardian Peak
    Palencia Castle Dungeon
    Ancient Monolith
    To Alatos
    The Forbidden Ruins
    Azenda Highland
    To East Amaidar
    Amaidar Temple
    Amaidar Mountain
    To West Niedel
    The Tournament Arena
    To Zariban
    Saryu Village
    The Water Shrine
    The Return to Touvil
    Palencia Castle
    Sabatico Falls

Side Areas & Secrets
    Amaidar Temple
       The Proving Grounds
    Optional Battles
       Colbo Plain
       Nicarus Forest
       Ruvag Woods
       Sembara Marsh
       Karagan Plains
       Quina Hill
       Ishima Rocks
       Raiden Ruins
       Salyan Desert
    The Forbidden Ruins
    The Forest Spirit
    The Tournament Arena
    The Water Guardian


Anti Hemo-jiPrevents Hemo-ji condition
Antidote RingPoison protection
Armor Stone+10% Defense ability
Book of CravisGlobal Status protection
Book of FlowerIncrease Hit ratio (Tosh only)
Confusion Amulet+Hit Ratio
Counter BraceletCounterattack Level 1
Deity Fist+Strength against certain foes
Diel's Fang+Counterattack damage (Iga only)
Elder's Charm+10% Defense rate
Fiend Statue+Dodge ability
Fire CharmFire attribute protection
Flay's Crest+Strength against certain foes
Goddess Amulet-50% Magic Consumption
Great Cane+70% Offense (Gogen only)
Hawk StatueSilence protection
Healing Charm+HP recovery
Hell Scope+Shingan-ho range (Iga only)
Hero CrestRecovers MP every turn (Arc only)
Hit Scroll+Attack hit success
Hyper Boots+30% Agility
Ice CharmWater attribute protection
Insomnia CardSleep protection
Jump BootsLevel 1 Jump ability
Junk BraceletGrab Level 1 ability
Kaiser GloveLevel 1 Throw ability
King's ImageGet Exp of the Guardians (Chongara only)
Magic Card+10% Magic ability
Magic Ring+30% Magic ability
MirrorStone protection
Monolith CrestParalyze protection
Monster's FangCAUTION- Unknown effect
Music Book+30% Magic ability (Poco only)
NecklaceHP boost on level gain
Phantom Gauntlet+50% Offense
Phantom Ring+50% Magic ability
Phantom Shield+50% Defense ability
Phantom Sword+Attack range
Power Gauntlet+30% Defense
Power Wrist+30% Offense
Prayer Beads+30% Magic ability (Gogen only)
Raila's HairpinRecovers full HP (Kukuru only)
Romancing Stone 1Unknown properties (1 of 4)
Romancing Stone 2Unknown properties (2 of 4)
Romancing Stone 3Unknown properties (3 of 4)
Romancing Stone 4Unknown properties (4 of 4)
Rune RingCAUTION- Unknown effect (Arc only)
Sea Breeze HarmonyHeals all friends each turn (Kukuru only)
Senior Bandana+Attack Hit success
ShellMakes foes leave items
Short Sword+10% Offensive ability
Silk BeltDoubles battle exp.
Skill BraceletGrab becomes Throw Back
Sun HatRecovers HP each turn
SunglassesDarkness protection
Throw ScrollChanges Throw ability
Toy RingShift Flute hits entire map (Poco)
Tragedy GlassesCAUTION- Unknown effect
Unicorn Horn+Monster treasure rate
Violet Necklace100% Hit success
Warrior Charm+30% Defense ability
Whirlwind Bandana+10% Agility>
Yukari's Crest+Paralyze to Ouka raibaku zen (Tosh only)

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