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Battle 2: Colbo Plain

Enemies: Fire Elemental x1, Ghost x3, Green Slime x3, Zombie x3
Treasure: Palo Nut, Power Apple

Fire Elemental2312932100000Fusion, Bomb Stone
Ghost5310932100000Silence Sacred Water
Green Slime133340000000Split, Poison Herb
Zombie4218040100000Paralyze, Throw Poison Berry

You're still in the warm-up phase of the game, so there's not really anything here to worry about. The Zombies and Ghosts are more aggressive, so focus on them first. Arc's Burn Ground ability can melt away a Zombie's 18 HP in one shot, and Poco can kill the Ghosts with one hit{}.

The Ghosts are also the highest level of all the monsters, so killing them will net the most EXP, which Poco will need. You'll notice that as you go through the game, your support characters won't level up as quickly as your front line fighters, so it's wise to let them get the EXP when they can. On that note, I recommend giving Poco the Power Apple won from defeating one of the Ghosts.

Once the Zombies and Ghosts are out of the way, you can pick off the Green Slimes and Fire Elemental at your leisure. One of the Green Slimes gives up a Palo Nut when defeated.

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